Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bibliophile Me

As one gets older and reflects on the important parts of their lives...I would hope that the time spent with loved ones, blood related or not be at the top of the list.
Maybe a pleasent memory of how your childs small fuzzy head smelled the first time you held them. Maybe the memory that captures you is the first time you made love to someone you felt you had known all your life and had been waiting for since the beginning of time.

But I know I would have to add my love of books to my reflective memories. Not to bemoan my life as a child, but when one hops from home to home never knowing where they will end up, books seemed to me to be the only constant.

I carried a tattered copy of Pippi Longstockings everywhere I went. I've long since lost the book, but can remember reading it and the comfort it brought each night as the words lulled me to sleep.

As a child I read everything and anything...devouring books cover to cover and then all over again. E.B White, and Judy Blume were companions.

When I was a pre-teen, I'd read those big Readers Digest condensed books. They were good for 4-5 stories. And this is the age I discovered James Herriot and his tales of being a veternarian in soggy England. I'd laugh out loud at his tales. He swooped out of the pages and carried me to the mucky old wet barns to deliever calves with him. I was there. Edgar Alan Poe fasinated me too at this time.

Then as I grew older more was available to me. I read gothic romances, which somehow I still find pleasure in, even though I dislike romance books. I read Dorothy Gillman, and "Gone with the Wind", Margret Mitchell's one and only novel. My grandmother who is also an avid reader, bought me a copy of Marquis De Sades , "Justine" . I was shocked but also totally captivated. (she had no idea what it was, lol) I also read J.D. Salingers "Catcher In The Rye", I was Holden. "The Tale of Two Cities"....ahhhh, nothing to be said about it really, it speaks for itself.

I could, back then, read 5-7 books a week, if not more....drinking in every word as if I were thirsty and the words were the only thing that could quinch me.
Becoming and adult and falling in love with the portrait, painted by words that could make me laugh or cry or see the world so differently than I had before, opened a whole new world for me.

Now when I open a new book and hear that soft cracking noise of the spine or open an older book that has lost the crisp ping of pages being newly opened, and a musty smell lifts and finds its way to my memories...I know that I will be on an adventure shortly.

So books are a very big part of my life and I hope that my love for them will grow in my children.

Surely I'm not the only one who feels this way......

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

On the homefront....

I have now three, count them...THREE, 1,2,3, projects on hooks now. (scarf, bolero and baby bonnet)

Still searching for my textures in tuscany colors.....

My heart goes out to those terrorized and left devastated by Katrina.

Still dt. pepsi free, seven days now!

I think I will only post new projects in my blog from now on.

I've yet to set goals for this week...who am I kidding I never set them anyway and if I do I rarely go with the program!

August 30 is . . . . National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Found an interesting site or two:


Scroll down until you see the crocheted hat...guys shes getting bids of over $50.00 USD....

I want to go here notice the crocheted mention...

What the hell? People pay good money to see this! Joking...I wouldn't pay more than 2 bucks!hehe

Monday, August 29, 2005

Dudley Do-ed Right By Me

Deb over at Dudleyspinner had a little contest. She asked a questions, several of us answered, she pulled a name for a jar, and it was MINE! Muahahahaaha! Can you beleive it? I won some yummy hand dyed spun yarn fresh from the farm! Thanx Deb. Although, you do realize this means you're a fibre pusher, you give me my first little taste free then I'll come crawling back for more, oh but there will be a price! Oh yes! Dirty pool that, Deb, dirty pool! Hehe...I'm going to pet my yarn lots and lots of times...

Okay, so now do I not only stalk poor Swapna over at C' poor overworked Kimberly is a target. Yep...I have cybernapped her a few times. But I must say Kimberly is no where near as polite about giving me the push off as Swapna, oh no indeed not. Kimberly bluntly says, "I have work to do. Bye" LOL.."Yea and don't let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out!" Well she didn't say that last bit, but she might as well have! LOL Just joshing ya ladies! I think its fun! Kimberly no need to file that restraining order...LOL!

I did not smoke hashish...I'm on an upswing, so sue me!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Leaf Me Alone...hardy har har

This is as productive as I was today! It was fun and I can't wait to make some more, but not sure I'm ga-ga over it.

On to other stuff....YIPPIE!
I learned that Landscape yarn does's around 6 bucks for a ball....and I also learned that Lion brand fisherman 100% wool can be dyed and felted and its 9.00 for a skein, can't remember if it's 6 or 8 ozs.

I need texture guys...loads of texture....and for some reason there is a project in my head but I can't find the items needed to make it come to life....the search is on, I guess! Now if I can find eBay folks who take money orders I will be shopping for sure!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturdays Sigh Fest

Ramblings from a whiney, slighly off center, sub-human.
Listed below will be the things I noticed this week. Should be easy to follow.

1) I had to pull out my fat pants and actually USE them.
2) A human can actually say the "f" word every other word in a sentence and it still makes sense.
3) Dt. Pepsi and I got a divorce, 4 days aspartame free
4) No one likes sperm, especially the crocheted variety, so I must make more!
5) I want to see Brothers Grimm, and then again I don't
6) I wished someone would die and felt no guilt
7) I covet more than I realize
8) I hate women bosses who use their female wiles to get there way
9) I need to cry and I can't
10) That I really don't like many fellow pagans any more than I like fundementalist christians. Different song, same tune.
11) I want to go back to school, for what I don't know
12) That I want to erase this but wont......

Friday, August 26, 2005

In The Stars

Here is my horoscope for today:

While normally you're the height of sociability and graciousness, right now you rise to even greater heights of social genius with only the slightest provocation. Go ahead and indulge your rampant curiosity about different people, places and things. To your delight, you discover new hobbies, toys, interests and a wide-ranging circle of friends who might just end up developing into lifelong connections.

I think they gave me the wrong "scope"....Notice the bolded part? Who they talkin' 'bout? The curiosity part, yea okay, I'm down with that...but the other!!!???

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

Look I made sperm, all by myself!!! No don't call the vatican or the tabloids! It's a yarny sperm. It is probably why my yarn stash reproduces, I dunno!

The Old Man didn't think the sperm needed eyes or a mouth...I gave it blue eyes. No mouth....yet. I did although ask for a live model of a sperm and got a hearty chuckle............well I did try anyway, sigh!

Now I want to make a big giant pillow sperm!

Monday, August 22, 2005

And We're Off....Well Almost

Well folks being the dingbat I am thought we were to go to Houston Wednesday, well guess what? IT'S TUESDAY! So at 4am central time while the majority of you are snug as a bug in a rug.... we will be braving Houston traffic.

But rest assure it will be an educational trip for the offspring. Oh yes, The Old Man will teach them the proper way to shoot the bird. And I will no doubt teach them the correct cadence to say HEY, WATCH IT YOU FRIGGIN A**WIPE! (we don't really do this, much!) hehe, it's really funny The Old Man is from Jersey and when he gets stressed his accent gets heavy, so damned cute! Ahem , but like I said we try to keep it clean, sorta.

So while you all are drinking your lattes remember to send us out some postive, non-carjacking, non-road rage shooting vibes please!

Oh and I am hoping we all aren't so whipped that we can't stop by the SUPER Hobby Lobby or Micheals in the area. There just might be light at the end of the tollway!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well Crap!

Well folks I need a few minutes to whine! Look, I said folks assuming anyone reads this tripe!
I dislike when folks go on about poor them, so being a hypacrit, I'm gonna do just that.
I got shingels, I hate it, I feel like crap. Could be three more weeks of this shit and I have a trip to Houston Wednesday that must be kept. I want to cry out of anger and just plain feeling crappy. Well I'm done whining now. It could be worse so thank the powers that be that I'm blessed. All in all three weeks is nothing compared to what some folks deal with!

On to better things. Those that guessed scarf, are right. I designed, I use that term loosely, a scarf and am almost done, I want to finish typing the pattern up before I show it. Although it's not fabu I do like it very much! Not so much the workmanship but the overall look.

Lynlee, I don't think your life is boring, I think it's wonderful. And I think you rock! So there, I'm the boss of me and I said, so it's so! Neener neener.

Okay, I got a question real quick then I'm off. When someone says they want "witchy" items does this mean, comical green faced witches, wiccan stuff, or pellar (cunning woman or traditionalist, *my branch of stuff btw) stuff? I'm afraid to ask , that I might offend. Opinions greatly appreciated.

Well Emily Dickinson is calling me to bed...hey, that sounds naughty! :snort:

Friday, August 19, 2005

Leapin' Lizards

See the pretty cat above? Ain't she a doll? Okay so shes a scaley old lizard, she thinks she's a cat! And I ain't telling her no different! This is Iggy, she never told me she wanted a new name different from the one she was dubbed when she was with another home, so we kept the name Iggy. She is so sweet! I can honestly say I love her. She listens and she loves to lay on me. If I stick my hand out to her she lays her little head in my hand! I cut her nails once and made her bleed I cried like a freak. Anyway that's my Iggy and she's wonderful. My cat can kick your cats ass, so there!

Also take note of the crimson crocheted thingy's not a money shot BUT it's proof I am doing something. Wanna guess what it is?

I am currently reading: The Good, The Bad, and The Mad, some weird people in American history By E. Randall Floyd, and Reincarnation, exploring the Concepts of Reincarnation in Religion, Philosophy, and Traditional Cultures by Nevil Drury, and finally There's a Little Witch in Every Woman, discover the magickal powers to create the life you want By Midia Star.

Ya Flake!

Well since I can't show you my project on the hook....I am not lollygagging!
I thought I'd share a cookie plate I painted. Was hoping the "wintery" theme would cool this blasted heat! Well it didn't help, sadly!

I've been window shopping at eBay for yarns. Ya know I want to know something.....where do these people find thse yarns on the cones? They are getting them for deep wholesale somewhere. I have a tax id number....hook me up someone ! HELLO... I could so do some RAOKS! I did a search and found nothing...I must have worded it wrong. "Wholesale Yarn" must not be the right search!

Okay back to the heat for a come you can never get naked enough to be comfortable? HMM? Forget fantasy of being chased around the maypole by some strapping young stud named The Old Man....Forget fanstasies of frolicking in the woods playing hide and go seek striptease! Forget fanstasies of walking in the the LYS and saying "I'll take everything on your shelves. Pack it up and have it delievered" and flouncing out! Forget the fantasy about being able to eat a whole package of Little Debbie's brownies and not worry about a new patch of cellulite! My one and only fantasy now is to stand stradle over a nice cool vent, naked, and arms spread, like the little man in Grey's Anatomy and little mist of cool water and very powerful streams of cool air bathe me, ahhhhhhh yes thats it. Well I can dream can't I? Aaron Lewis turning up at my house lulling me to sleep will happen before I find relief from this damned heat!
I can't even cry all my moisture is gone....

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Can't come up with a witty title! Oh well..
Above is Wolfgang, he is a silver miniature schnauzer. He really is pure white but they call them silvers for some reason. He is such an excellent fur kid. Minds, listens, very kind and has manners. Oh no, he is no crotch sniffer, no sir-ree!
This photo was taken by me, I am experimenting with black and white. I have fantasies of being a photographer.... just go with me on this!

Over on the side bar you will see a new if you will!

On the crafting homefront, I am still plucking away at the mohair on my hook. It looks so wonderful in my head, lets hope it looks marginally similar once done.

I set up a photo album seperate from my photobucket and flicker. I don't know why I just did! Here's the link! Album It's just not crochet!

I leave you with this parting hint....When buying dental floss read the package to make sure you do not pick up the sweet minty tasting kind....Unless you like that kind, but no semi sane person would.....RASPBERRIES ON IT!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dear Secret Pal

I do not think you're being neglectful at all...Honestly, I thought you were still stuck like me. I swear this SP thing is hard. I can't decide when its too much or not enough, you know? I have been sending e-cards but I must admit coddling someone really isn't in my nature. WOW, now I sound like a bitch! LOL
There should be a book Being a Secret Pal For Dummies! How do you people do this SP thing and not reveal too much and not be overly spoiling and not be absent?
I'm all about balance and can't seem to find it with this, sigh!

Secret Pal you're doing great! I was a total whinebag in my previous post, I so shoulda worded it differently!

Feeling like an arse,

Squirrely Diarrhea

Loverly title , eh?
Well guess what my fur child, disguised as a blender with fur, AKA a squirrel, had the trots today! Yes, it seems homegrown sunflower seeds don't agree with his tum tum.
The little bloke, shite all over my laundry, fresh from the dryer.
It isn't his fault but it sure was a mess. I am ever so grateful it happen in the laundry rather than my new project, which was about 2 feet away from his erruption!
Wonder if I could have cleaned runny rodent poo from mohair?

On to other news...I have had some orders people...YES! Can you believe it? HELLO!
Seems someone liked my bucket purse and wants the one in the pic, and two more! And a poncho, maybe she's getting back to me, and a kufi! Okay I don't think this is bragging but excitement!

My Secret Pal sent a nice e-mail a while back and now I'm worried shes MIA...I don't think shes being neglectful at all! I think she is stuck as to what to do! Ya know?
SP I hope you're well! Hugs to ya!

Does anyone like light mysteries? If so I just finished a good one. The basis is a nice jewish girl lawyer represents a league of feminist prositutes....Yea interesting huh?
Anyway alot of of who killed so and so and twist and turns! Its called
Death Turns A Trick By Julie Smith.

If you've not seen Hide and Seek what you waiting on? You must, really! I loved it! Sigh, I love thrillers!

I want to send a giant thank you and shout out to Swapna! The poor woman puts up with me in the wee morning hours when I'm bored shirtless! I pm, she pms, I pm back, she pms back.....poor, kind woman should block me!

Monday, August 15, 2005

5 Things

Seems Swapna has tagged me for another sharing thingy!

If you want to participate the chain-letter part works like this: remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; just check to make sure the links are still attached if you copy n' paste.

1) Yarns and Musings
2) Addicted To Crochet
3) Home Burrough
4) Where is she now?
5) Craftycritter

5 Things I Miss From Childhood:

1)The smell of Saturday morning breakfast being cooked by my grandfather.
2)Reading Pippi Longstocking 80 times in a row and never getting bored.
3)Thinking $5.00 was a whole lot of money.
4)Being less cynical.
5)Having better instincts when it came to people, kids know stuff us adults don't!

I tag Dawn, Lynlee, Deb...... do it if ya wanna, if not no worries!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hold me...I'm Scared!

Well I finally saw a totally rockin mentally scary movie! I watched SAW. I gotta tell ya my muscles ached at the end from being so tense! I held my breath, I yelled NO, NO, OMG!, NO..... I did the feet running thingy while laying down....Okay well it wasn't boogie man scary it was totally psychological! OMG, thats the best kind! Okay, the acting wasn't stellar BUT I'm telling ya I really enjoyed it!

On to other entertainment news...Rob Zombie has a cd out called
Past, Present, and Future Okay so his stuff sorta sounds all alike but I likes me some Zombie!

Yet more entertainment news, I saw a book today I need, yes need, it's called
Mira, Mirror can't recall the author. But I NEED IT! I will go back (to the city) Friday and pick it up!

I did absolutely nothing on the craftiness front except buy some fabric! I know I'm a loser but whatevah!

I am so friggin stressing about the doily package I sent to my swap partner....She's not recieved it yet, or hasn't posted about it! Im gritting my teeth I do not want to be seen as a slacker for swaps.... I'm giving it until Tuesday if its not there I am making a new one and sending it priority!

The old man and I had a day to ourselves was pretty nice. The only thing we didn't do, that we wanted to do, was go to Freebirds, for those not familiar, Freebirds is a uber cool burrito place, the burritos come in a few sizes, reg, monster, and SUPER monster. Let me just say a reg fills me pretty damned fast. You tell the server what type of tortilla ya want, spinach, cayenne, wheat or reg, and what size you want the tortilla. Then you pick what type of beans, rice and cheese, veggie, meat and sauces. I get a reg siz, cayenne tortilla with beans (refried), rice, mixed cheese, onions and pepper grilled, tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, and mild sauce! Yummy! Well I guess we can do that next time we go out!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Kufi and stuff

Here is the kufi I've be on about for 3 days! Yippie, it's done! Now what to do next....hmmmmmm! I have a top in mind and skirt and stuff and things!

I have been trying to break out of my comfort blogging zone today! There are many blogs I visit but never post in! I took the step and made a post or two! Granted they probably care less but I do like reading good things about my crafty stuff... so whats it gonna hurt to tell someone you like what they made or liked what they said!

I had to edit to add my horoscope! Yes, I'm one of those freaks that read it daily BUT I just take thingas they come and dontlook for them to be true! However sometimes they make me giggle! Anywhy here it is, check it out!


Daily extended (by
Right now, your desires are right on the surface. You're like a snake shedding its skin -- you're ready to shuck off anything that inhibits or restricts you, whether that means purging your wardrobe of items that don't fit, giving a boring friend the boot or ridding yourself of bad habits that you know hold you back. You're feeling rebellious and ready to rock, but it's no pose -- these impulses come from a deep and trustworthy place.

Well sounds like I'm in for a grand ride! The not fitting part isnt too cool! So I had a bowl of ice cream, shoot me!:)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Telemarketers SUCK

So ya ready for a rant?? Sure go grab some coffee, come back and read.

Remember my FIA day the other day? Well here is a tale of one event that day that sent me over the edge.

One of the events that happened that day was, the phone rings, I answer, a dude starts a sells pitch, I said I'm not interested thank you and I hung up. He calls back and said , why did I hang up, again I said because I'm not interested. He then say, I'm trying to sell you something and I said, Yes I know but I don't want it. He then says you're a bitch! I said yes I very may well be but I can comprehend basic english which it seems you can't. He then told me I was gonna buy his M****** F***ing product and I'm a f***ing loser and I could eat shit and die and yo stupid was my new name....he called back no less than four times, YES I said FOUR!

Gosh, ya know I think since he called me names and belittled me I want to buy something from him! Amazing customer skills stupid poopoohead!

This was the good thing that happened the day of the FIA! We shant venture into the not so good things!

WOW, my shoulders are tense just reliving that.... don't ya hate that feeling?

On the crafty~crochet~sewing front, I am still working on my kufi, but I have made a million drawings! Okay, well not a million but you know what I mean! I also was looking thru Annies catalog, ya know its not to impressive to me. I found maybe three things I might want to try. And one I will never buy cuz it was totally ripped off from someone over at craftster. org. I haven't read anything about it being a rip off but trust me I feel it in my gut, the moment I saw it. But Annies does have these Teacup ragdoll angel thingies...not sure I would ever make them, they are a bit cutesy BUT I can so see them all gothed out or something. So I think I will mail off for them tomorrow...I'll sleep on it. I want to make a friend a shrug, but I'm having trouble find a stitch I like. It should be so complicated to decide, should it?

I recently watched Constantine, it was so-so and Ladder 49. Out of the two I prefer Ladder 49. I bawled like a freak. It was really good. I usualy dont do tear jerker type movies. Oh yea and I watched The Curse... OMG, I was so ready for some blood and gore and just plain old heebee jeebees.....well it didn't give me nothing but a laugh... not once did I inhale loudly and hold my breath. It was good but not what I expected. I wanted HORROR damn it! Where's good old peeking under your bed scaredness when ya need it?

And lastly the poll is over, aint ya glad? Check it out on the side bar! I'll have to dig in my few brain cells to find another poll. I sorta like doing them, why I dunno, but I do! If it feels good , do it right!? RIGHT!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Idiosyncrasies a 'la Cordi

Well I've been tagged, and Kimberly is the letch who took my tag virginity. Well couldn't think of anyone better for the job! HEHE...without the extreme sexual overtones, btw! Kimberly got tagged by The Lady herself.

Let's pluck this duck!

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy - a structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group. Write down 5 of your own idiosyncrasies, then if you wish, tag 5 people.

1. I can not eat my food unless I eat one item at a time, for example, corn then my carrots, then my pasta. Unless its a salad then things can touch, but I still tend to pick out items in groupings.

2. I refuse to wear underwear, I do infact own three pair of black thongs I wear( one at a time, not all three at once) if and only if I must disrobe in front of strangers. Like a doctor.

3. I work better if I do several things at once. I can read books better if I read 2-4 rather than one.

4. I work a room in a horseshoe method. Starting at one end of the horseshoe usually the lefthand side and work my way around to the right.

5. Although I have lessened my counting, I do still count, steps, tiles, etc, and make endless list.

Now I get to tag......hmmmmm Dawn,Lynlee, Swapna, Veronika, and Kaity.


I received a lovely RAOK today... Thanx to you whoever sent it!

Here's the deal....I'm sure everyone has had those days where they just want to yell "forget all this bullshit" and head to somewhere alone. Well this is my day for this...Let's call this.... Fuck It All Day, shall we?
It seems no matter what I type or say, you know it real life, I piss someone off. I must have this extra gene that is a piss anyone and everyone off gene. Wonder if there is genetic tagging for that?
Ya know I went 3 years without speaking nary a word...perhaps I should reinstitute this policy.
Do I worry about offending , hell yes it part of my Southern upbringing. But I was also taught to have a sharp tongue and too sting someone before they realized what was up, all the while grinning coyly and batting my friggin eyelashes.

So this is my FUCK IT ALL DAY, welcome to it!

It's Official

I'm the scary woman.....

I think I've frightened my SP away! She was stalking me and I enjoyed it!!!! Come back SP, I'll try and be good. Look, see how deperate I am? I'm bargaining already and we just got this SP thing going!

I think as far as me being a SP, I'm trying to do the best I can. Not real sure what to do, and I'm not really an impish personality so I am straining my brain for entertaining things to do for her. I've done the e-card thingy, I've done the e-mail thingy, now what? And sadly shes smart, my sp, oh yes indeed, so I can't play fast and free with hints. If she were a bit dimwitted I could toy with her a bit! Damn smart people!

On the craftiness front, I am working on a kufi. It's being made of #3 thread. I must say I have fallen in love with #3 thread! It works up quickly but still looks delicate. I really don't have a plan as far as the pattern of the kufi but instead just going with the flow. We will see if it look alright.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Purse, Bucket Style

I made a purse...thats it on the crafting/crochet front!

How many of you Freecycle? I do!I have requested once but so far no givers but thats cool becuase I have given loads of stuff I wasn't sure what to do with. I really like the freecycle concept. Freecycle does have off shots too, they go by various names. I came across this place FreeForAll.

Okay, so I don't watch TV, but I still concider myself a entertainment junkie, sort of (not the Hollywood gossip kind, could care less whos doing what to who or any of that crap), music, movies, books, even video games. So when I ran across this site I had to bookmark it. I rarely listen to critics, no one is gonna tell me what I should like, you know? But this is purely for entertainment in itself...Hilariously written reviews!
Go check them out Pajiba (pronounced like vagina).

Speaking of 'ginas....LOL, scared ya didn't I?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Freeze Frame

Just sharing a kitty pic. I can't get my opaque text to work so....this is the best I could do! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I'm's scary man, scary.
I have been noticing for the past couple of weeks I'm changing. Not sure I'm welcoming the new me. I like the old me. Seriously! I noticed, I am wearing my moccosins more than my 4 inch heeled black boots (think K.I.S.S on a smaller scale). I am opting for gauzey tunics rather than tanks with saying like "Keep Music Evil". What's happening to me?
I've always thought I was earthy, but damn I am getting EARTHY. Pretty soon I'm gonna be mama a la Dharma's mom.
I still have a nose ring, my navel ring died last year, I vowed to replace it, I have yet to do that. My hair is all black rather than streaks of violet, vampire red and blue. Is it age? Or something else? SIGH! Am I having an idenity crisis? Well crap!
All this newness made me reflect to a time when I was a small human. I can recall wanting to be Morticia Addams, then when I saw Elvira, well hell yea, I need some Elvira essense, or so I thought. I never wanted to be Mrs. Brady or even later in the teen years, Molly Ringwald (although I did want to shave her head and stab her with a spoon repeatedly).
OMG, when I saw The Cure... and then Aimee Mann, hey and I can't forget who made me wanna do naughty things before I even knew what those were, Adam Ant, WOWZERS! I can remember oooo-ing and awwing over Greenday and Metallica before they became "sell outs". I even did my do like the chick from Thompson Twins. Seems I had a clash going on already, New Wave or Metal...hmmmmm
I remember sneaking Ozzy's tape "Bark At The Moon" and Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil" And this is weird, I had a groovy kinda love for Don Williams. You know I don't seem to recall trying to find a label.... then why is it so uncomfortable , this new transition? Oh well! Where's a rolling the eyes smiley when ya need one. I guess I will just go with the flow..Even if now I'm listening to Lisa Thiel singing "Warrior Goddess" to get me going and chill out during the day. I still mix it up with my reggae and alternative and punk. Guess the new me ain't so bad. Hey, I wonder if I can get a new sleeker model of me? And do they finance?
And the gratuitous crochet mention: I made something again. Look or not, no worries.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Look Ma...I've be productive!

Well I made something, well completed something, I guess! Its not fab but its done!
Check it out!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I have a ton of gmail accounts to give away. If anyone is interested plz e-mail me. Link is in profile.Thanx!

Ummmm, well, interesting....

So I was surfing the www for some adult crochet patterns, yes I giggled as I typed it in because I just knew there would be the ever so popular crocheted crotch or phallus....well I didn't see that but I saw several of what I was looking for adult size hats etc...The reason for googling the wording "adult crochet" rather than free crochet patterns was because I wanted to see what other sites popped up , I kept getting the same ones! And I did find sites I never have seen before. None perv-ed out. But I noticed that there were several ads on the side bar for XXX stuff...
Well flashing back to middle school and recalling thumbing through the dictionary for words like damn, and hell and sh*t and as* and of course the big and mighty EFF word. I had to put crochet porn in google..well I bet you wouldn't be surprised that 246,000 things came up! Who woulda thunk crochet was so erotic! Seriously, google crochet porn....Well I've had my 12 year old fun for the next, oh let's say day or two.

I really need to get my stuff together....I've been playing at crafting..what's up with this? It's rare that the hands aren't painting, cutting, sewing, crocheting, writing, hmmmm , interesting is blogging concidered creating?, anyway I must be in a slump...I think I need a date. Probably should drag the old man out to a concert or movie and then a tiny little diner with sticky tables and the best damned coffee in North America. Can you smell the coffee and big slabs of pancakes? How about that mint gum the waitress is chomping on or that vanilla musk perfume she wears heavy to cover the smell of cheap cigarettes? You're there with us, yes?
You look to the corner table and a man sits and looks worn, he has a wedding ring and a tired smile of a man who recalls his children giggling as he lifted them above his head and threw them in the pool. One more day and he will be home.
Looking toward the bar a woman in too tight jeans, thin, and sad looking, her nails are painted a soft pink and her hair is stiff from a heavy hand with the Aqua Net... sits and drinks black coffee and wonders why she let one more man tell her she's beautiful, knowing they didn't mean it.
This is what our dates are like, when we can go, silently sitting, observing, breathing the surroundings in. No words, just glances to guide one another around the room. Eccentric? Maybe. Odd? Yes, no doubt. Perfect? Definitely.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


That's right I'm posting nothingness....Gotta have something to post, right?

So let me tell ya about my lastest new thingy I tired. I went to Starbucks and got me a big ole Green Tea Frappachino...I was so wanting to try this drink!!! On our trek into town, have I mentioned us going to town is like the Ingalls in Little House going some place (very pioneer-ish), anyhoo, I wanted to try this yummy drink as I am a tea/coffee freak and really loves me some green tea (take a breath because this sentence apparently has no end). On first sip, ahhhhh refreshing, cool, a tiny hint of cream, hmmm not bad, second sip, hmmm taste a bit like a freshly mowed lawn, nah its my imagination for 4 bucks its good, GOOD, I tell you. Third sip didn't improve. Needless to say I was bummed, darn it! The girls did enjoy eating the whipped topping off though! For four bucks I coulda bought some yarn, and I know that don't taste like freshly mowed lawn, or does it?

Have I mentioned we don't watch tv, can't get tv out here without a satelite, and after having one for almost ten years decided it sucked and chose not to have tv programming. We do own a TV and can watch DVDs but not network or satelite programming. Infact the tv sometimes is untouched for 3 weeks or more. People find this odd, but I must say it's rather liberating. Having said that let me add we don't see any ads for upcoming movies so when we see something we have no expectations. We rarely go to the movies either. So we watch DVDs when they become available. The latest we purchased is National Treasure, I gotta say I really, really enjoyed it. How accurate it is? Who knows? But being someone that reads everything they can about mysteries of ancient times, it pretty much sucked me in. Sure I guess it could have had more flash, like gratuitous boobage or cussing but I liked it anyway. Infact I enjoyed it so much I've dragged out all my books on supposed hidden meanings in text, and pictures throughout history. Wonder if DH will mind sleeping on the sofa so I don't have to put them all away? LOL!

I'm reading a really good book too, it's a college text book a newer addition sociology book. I found it at Goodwill for $1.29....What a steal!!! I got it for homeschooling and for me! So much info contained in it's cover, I will certainly be able to make up a test and make assignments for it! Poor child better get her writing hand ready.

I leave you will a question to be answered or not....Do you feel that when one does things for a charity, that those deeds are taken away from if the do-er must bellow from the roof tops all the marvels they have done? Guess you can tell my thoughts by the way the question is worded....

pssssst... I am too crocheting!!!! Really I am! Hey I just reread my post and I have a lot of "really"s in there.... weird.. I must really, really be tired!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Okay, so my name was given to some poor unsuspecting soul for the Autumn Secret Pals!!!! I hope the person didn't see my name and flinch! Or worse yet lapse into a mild coma! Honestly, for a more mild mannered person I seem a bit rowdy, I'm sure!!! Sorry SP, I gotta be me, warts and all!

I must say I spent the better part of this early AM reading my SPs blog! And I didn't have to MAKE myself read it , I really wanted too!!! How about them apples?
Very interesting woman , she is!

Well I've decided to learn Welsh...hell if I know why, but I have a yearning to do so! It looks complicated! But I think I will get it once I can hear it.

I'm still crocheting, I promise, just have nothing to show right now! I will tomorrow night tho!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Well I'm excited.... I got my secret pal's name! hehehehehe!
Ignore the childish laughter! It's just when I saw the name I let out a big old ,WOOT!
I so know what I'm getting for this person already! Is skipping like a 6 year old allowed?

Okay well even with Kimberly's pleas to join the square swap I bowed out! I was strong I tell ya, STRONG!

Please keep Swapna in your meditations, prayers and thoughts, India is having awful flooding. The death toll raises daily!

Alrighty! I am also stoked that Xmas in July is extended!!! WOHOOO!!!

You know one thing I love about seeing the peoples pics of their work posted at C'ville? You see peoples house, no not in some stalkerish sort of way! But if you really look you will see real living spaces, crap on coffee tables, toys in the floor, piles of newpapers by chairs!!!! I love it!

One last thing. Im not sure if anyone is familiar with Lisa Lichtenfels but sadly she passed this year...but I wanted to share her site. I must say I am in awe of her creations each time I look at them. One can feel the love and care flowing through her heart and hands as she worked. Enjoy! Lisa