Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fun Stuff

Let's do something fun...Let's have us a little contest....

What you gotta do: Find the most horrid God-awful crochet or knit creation and e-mail me at Simplewitchery(at)gmail(dot)com with the link or pic. Only one creation please.

What I do: Look 'em over and me and the family will pick the worst one in our view. And then the winner will get a 2006 Knit Pattern A Day Calendar... Yea, 2006 already started..so what....free patterns folks....

You have until Sunday to send in the links...get hopping!

In other news, look what I went mad buying! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Still ISO:
1)Bits and Pieces (whole or partial skeins) of Paton's Divine and Lion Brand's Thick and Quick Wool Ease
2)A willing soul to crochet me the jacket from the most recent Crochet Fantasy...it's tapestry crochet, submit fees/cost to email above if interesting...
3)Thin/Fine Black Mohair or Mohair blend

Danke and have a good one!

Totally Crafty 2006

Here is an on-going list of finished projects. This is to remind myself I am not as lazy, craftwise, as I sometimes feel. Will update this post as projects are completed...

hats: 6(c)


shawls/stoles/wraps: 3(c)

purses/totes: 1(s)

doilies: 3(c)

scrunchies: 5(c)

jewelry: 2 bracelets, 1 set of earrings, 1 necklace, 6 stitchmarkers




toys/doll clothing: 1(c)

garmets: 1 poncho (c)

Birdhouses/candle holders/misc:

Key: C...crocheted, S...sewn, P...painted, K...knitted (hey, it could happen)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Foodie Friday...Sorta late but here...

When one is a foodie there seems to be nothing we won't try at least once. Foodies in general are a outgoing bunch at least when it comes to "exploring" foodage.

Okay, well there are SOME things I will not try like raw seal liver and for some reason menudo and haggis irk me..LOL

Granted something just sound horrid.....sheep cheese sorta made me think twice about trying it, but I did and surprisingly I rather enjoyed it, although it was salty.

Don't be afraid to try something that's not in your norm....couscous instead of rice. Or maybe batter and deep fry some slices of bell peppers and serve with bleu cheese dressing or ranch dressing for dipping.

Eggplant is wonderful raw thinly sliced and added to a common side salad.

I want to share a couple of my oddball things I just love that most people may turn their noses up at.

First is the yummy and fragrant garlic pork ring sausage, cut off a hunk about 3 inches long. Slice it open but not all the way through. Brown in a skillet serve between two pieces toasted raisin cinnamon bread. Best when it's nice and thick bread and as fresh as possible.
I rarely eat meat but when and if I do this is what I go for. The smell is wonderful, the taste is even better.

Next, I think is fairly common but I loves me a banana and peanut butter sandwich....good stuff.

One of my favourite salads is baby spinach with dried cranberries, walnuts, and a red wine vinegarette.

Thats it for Foodie Friday today next time I will post about gadgets or leftovers and hopefully have a recipe for you to try.

BTW, this is one of my fave food places to visit online: Allrecipes , Look for me there...LollieY or Lollie1 I am both....

Meme and ponderments

Here is the meme that I got tagged to do by Deneen and Lynlee.

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
2.Physical therapy assistant not a PTA mind you
3.Science Teacher, taught girls at risk (gangs, teen pregnancy,drugs) science through a school program in inner city schools. Was hired based on being a science major in college. And no I don't have a teaching certificate.
4.Chef, private, public and catering

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. The Piano
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Babe
4. The Commitments or The Full Monty...TIE

Four Places You Have Lived
1. Troup, Texas,
2. Rosenberg, Texas
3. Franklin, Texas
4. Co, Ca, Ut, Az, NM, Al...not enough spaces people.

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch
1. X-files
2. Stargate-sg1
3. CSI
4. Monk

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation
1. Ca
2. Fl
3. Co
4. Mt

Four Places You Want to Visit
1. Nepal
2. Boston
3. Ireland
4. Wales

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1.Tons of Blogs
3.News feeds
4.Porn, I mean eBay

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. Fresh baked bread
2. Big flakey southern style biscuits
3. Homemade flour tortillas
4. Sauteed green beans, olive oil, garlic and sea salt lightly tossed around in a skillet...Foodgasm

Four Things Currently on the Floor in Your Car
1.Dog hair
3.a receipt or two
4.Hmmm, maybe a offspring book

I tag...no one....do it if ya want too....

Okay, so even when I am resting I ain't resting, really...my mind goes 110 mph even while sleeping....now one can only do so much thinking before you start thinking about odd things or things thatsound like a 5 year old might ask....

1. How do ants make love? If they even do. Think about it.

2. Why do we accept doggy kisses knowing that not even an hour before we saw our beloved furball licking it's ass?

3. How come the smartest among us is often the most stupid?

4. Why the hell do full grown women say things like: " My husband *allowed* me to purchase two skeins of yarn"? I don't get this concept...

5. Why do I buy more fabric knowing I have about 2000 yards already? Ha, sad, but true.

6. Do girls/women think they look good in pants that ride right on the pelvic bone and allows the fat to flop over? Worse yet, why then add a baby tee to the look? Hey, I'm fat so I can say FAT.

7. Why do some people not allow others their victory or agony? Why must they then compare their own life to that of the person in need of support or encouragement? IMO this sucks...HA, take that.

8. Why don't people value eachother as they are....take it or leave it is all I'm saying.

9. How come has this list gone on so long?

Other news seems I really ruffled some feather with my "friends" comment last post. Let me remind everyone, no names were used so please don't assume they were about you. Unless you indeed feel that way...I got several e-mails wanting me to explain myself. Well let me do just that.....I am by nature a loner, a solitary. I find it hard to make friends but when I do you are pretty much stuck with me. I am not the up your butt constantly kinda friend but I am loyal and forthright and tend to bleep off the radar screen on occassion. Also keep in mind, I homeschool, run a farm, run an animal rescue, sew, crochet and some other online stuff...I know I am there when people need me, I don't give opinions often times even when asked for them. I would like to think even if I am not the chatty in your face kinda gal I am the type anyone of you folks could call on if you needed help or a shoulder to cry on or just needed to visit. If this is not the type of friend you want or need then best to move along...it's all I got. I do not whine about my life to any one of you guys who I have developed a friendship with.I don't ask question of yours. If you want me to know something you will tell me. I think my willingness to not be nosy comes across as not caring or interested. Well I am done.....why I feel I should have to defend myself or state my case is beyond me....

FOODIE FRIDAY will be posted by days end....Deneen I did not see one on your blog girlie! You did say to remind you. hehe

Funniest damned thing I heard my offspring say all week was this:
The girls were in the van talking and the eldest is very animated in her speech kept wacking her sis in the boob with her hand. Finally the wacked tells the wackee " Geez, stop touching my boob already" She is then given an apology and promise the it will not happen again. Once again the wacked gets wacked and yells "GOOD GRIEF! What makes you think I want you playing with my boobs, I can do that myself, thank you"...
Ha, well it was funny if you were there I guess....LOL

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pokey in more ways than one....

Okay so I have been MIA....no posting anywhere for a few days....well life does happen ya know....lol or something akin to life.

Foodie Friday will be done tomorrow as well as other things like a MEME that I got tagged for not once but twice....

Seems I have upset/pissed off (?) two online friends....I apparently abandoned them....not my intention but I have been told thats what they think....Anyway I think I am giving up on this friend thing all way 'round, sticking to my dogs, offspring and old man...I'm just not cut out for it. I guess my concept of friendship ain't what other peoples are....oh well...like I said I can't do it right so I think I'm done trying....someone stick a fork in me. Not sure I understand the rules.

So that takes care of one type of pokey....here's the other....

And I think I am done piercing for a while.....Got that one done last night....I looked for a while at the tats and picked one out for the top of my foot....Gotta go get it soon....

Well I'm out, have a great one y'all....

Hope you are well Deneen...Jane loved talking to ya on the phone the other night...Swapna I hope you are well...I appreciate the cat pics.....they make me smile!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Things and Such

Ya know, sometimes there just isn't anything worth blogging about is there?

But I am gonna blog anyway..HA!, take that blah boring life!

I finished another doily this AM and am starting square number two of the Monet Afghan.
Deneen, the way the stitches lay on these blocks are so pretty. I don't care for afghans as I stated before BUT I think this one will be well worth my slight annoyance at even making an afghan, ANY afghan.

Update on my packages, I think several have found there way to there owners....for this I am very happy! I was starting to wonder if there was some sort of conspiracy to keep my packages from getting to where they belong. It's no secret I desire in many ways to be "off the grid" and sure in some freaky politicians mind I am an anarchist....not so...just self relient living is my choosen way of life...a goal that will hopefully be reached within the next few years. Anywho even of my paranoia LOL....

I am curious about something, input greatly appreciated. My curiousity lies in this.....is it presumptuous to post a list of finished products. I feel sometimes I am not as productive as I *know* I am so have started keeping a running list of completed works, sorta like a total board. Doilies: X amount, Hats: X amount so forth and so on.....does it seem a braggish thing to post this list where its viewable? I dunno.....the reason I ask is I saw a list on a blog somewhere after I started mine on Notepad....and thought, "where's the race? " LOL but am I not doing the same damned thing? Oh well...contradictory.

I have a very unkind thought and must share it well cause I am a bitch sometimes....but there is a poster at C'ville that I think should change her user name to IMO.....seems shes full of opinions even if she has had no personal experience with whats being asked, but she sure as hell puts IMO often enough. I wanna say "Hey who asked you, you big ass bozo"....Seems like she gotta type just to see herself speak LOL, Okay, okay I will stop now.

I haven't been able to comment on blogs lately although I read tons daily. Most aren't on my side bar that I visit, but I do visit them like I said daily.

BTW my friend Jo does beautiful X-stitch work and I have seen it up close and personal.....She does sell her work but does not have it posted anywhere....However if anyone would like dish towels or something I am sure she would love to hear from you and work out a deal. Email me at Simplewitchery (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get the info to her....This may be updated with direct contact info as soon as I work out where the heck she wants to have it sent. I have seen her dishtowels and coffee mugs with x-stitch, very nice work. Names etc....I know weird with no pics but maybe it will work, connecting, it's worth a shot. Think about Mama's day coming up.....

A new rag quilt is in the works, this one will go up for sale somewhere....I am rather excited to see what if any interest it generates. I sell word of mouth usually...so we shall see.

Fran sent me the most lovely giftage.....A wonderful hookcase, note cards, notepad, yarn, pet food coupons and a donation for our work with animals. I cried like a freak....we have never ever gotten a monetary donation, I usually set up at a flea market to get the needed funds for spaying and neutering, selling garage sale type items. I had mixed feeling on seeing Fran's very kind money gift....I was uncomfortable but grateful. BTW our first spay of the year was done the other day! YAY!!! Thanx Fran...we all appreciate your kindness very much!

Kimberly, I was a Rowan Tree.....scary close I gotta say!

Okay I am done rambling now......have a good one!

I almost forgot, there is a poll on the sidebar, vote if ya feel like it....thanx!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bits And Pieces

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! May many bags of Snow Pea Crisp find their way to your tummy! Have a good one!

Here is some crap I posted yesterday at C'ville:

Anyone know of any places to sell your crafty goodness, other than Etsy, eBay, and eCrafter? Maybe an online craft mall or something you have tried out?

Found some interesting links, just sharing:

Peace Fleece

Taste Of Home Party Program Thingy

I want that swirly shawl pattern, cool huh?

Some meme list thing

I finished that baby jacket...had to rework the whole blasted pattern but fixed it how I wanted...short cap sleeves and one button hole. And started a doily last night, about half way done. Will this cranking of crap continue? Nope, I have some issues, thats a nice way of saying I'm nuts, and have highs and lows and when in an upswing I am very productive. When on a downswing basically I hibernate...perhaps thats tmi, oh well.

Have a great one y'all! Or at least semi-pleasent!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

An Actual Crochet Related Post!!!!

Okay I haven't really "talked" about crochet much so I guess I should.

I have been busy and plan on posting pics tomorrow over at C'ville of some of my goodies, not all but some. For the additional pics, check my album tomorrow if you are interested.

I am not buying any new big lots of yarn until I use some....I will indeed still have a massive stash Kimberly so no worries. But I am frugal by nature, pssst frugal does NOT mean 'cheap ass'. And in the spirit of cleaning my home, heart, and head I really need to go back to being a mininmalist. Hobbies as such are not for minimalist however I do make a few bucks here and there off my work(s) so can justify some hoarding of materials. Also I have discovered I am rather becoming a yarn snob...yep it is true. I am not the extreme high end snob as of yet but honestly I can't stand the feel of RedHeart or Mainstays. Yuck! I do have some I need to use up and will be making that a priority. I am also a project snob....and freely admit that....I hate TP covers and will cut my eyes out with a spoon before I make one...well unless my Grandmother ask for one, but that ain't likely. I know there are several things that make me cringe when I see them that are crocheted...and even sometimes think WTF were they thinking? LOL OMG I am going to crochet hell now aren't I?

About the chain 91 thingy from the other day, let me explain. I bought a pattern book per my Kiddos request. It had a cap and capelet set she wanted in it. The design is basic but nicely put together and should be easy. However once I got the foundation chain made and made the circle, by slip stitching in first chain as the pattern says to do.....it looked like it would fit a toddler. The pattern says the size is ladies one size fits most. I dont know if we just have massively wide shoulder or what, hence me asking for some of you all to do the same to see how the slip stitched chain falls on you. The booklet is Crochet Young and Trendy by Mary Jane Hall, the pattern is Scallop Shells, in the green. Anyway I am just baffled....91 chains aint cutting it for us...I will just wing it I guess but geeeez! Now I am curious if it's just an "us" thing. lol

Also I want to hire out a project but have no idea how to go about it....I want "The Whole World Coat" from Crochet Fantasy winter 2005 issue no. 183....I havent the knowledge or time to make it and since I am allergic to wool dont know of the appropriate yarn subsitution. If anyone is wanting to make the coat for a fee or have any suggestion on subs and such, fill me in please.

Priscilla HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you ate some cake!

Deneen why don't you barter for that dresser scarf for Elena? Maybe a thready and you can make a deal of some sort....unless it's just something you want to make.

I have gotten into the routine of making one project before moving to the next.....I have no UFOs...however I had to ammend the law and have began two projects at once. One will be done by days end and the other will take a month perhaps. In trying to use up some of my RH stash I decided to make the Monet Afghan by Drew/The Crochet Dude. So far so good....Yucky feeling but once washed should soften a bit. Did I mention I hate making afghans? LOL! And I am working on a baby jacket which is almost done sans the buttons. I don't know any extra small humans however think my niece will get it for her dollies.

Jo I am working on that list to e-mail you. Jane miss ya. Yvonne miss you too! Lynlee perhaps you should show up to class wearing leather and carrying a cat o' nine tails...hehe BDSM my arse! Where the heck is Kimberly? And Swapna.....how the hell do you expect me to make it through the day without a gazillion pms back and forth?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Foodie Friday

Deneen is a foodie, I am a foodie, who the heck ain't a foodie?

At Deneen's request or urging or cornering of me...LOL, just kidding! I will post food thingies from now on on Fridays. Foodies Friday is born!

Somethings maybe common knowledge to many and I am no expert at anything, infact fairly mediocre at most, and I am happy with that, I do love food and made a pretty damn good living at it for the majority of my adult life. The Old Man was also a chef for 13 years.

I also want to point out I love gourmet foods for the most part however I believe good food can be made from the most basic of ingredients. No need to spend a fortune to feed yourself and your family filling, yummy food. I began writing a cookbook several years ago and well it has been doing a grand job of sitting in a drawer gathering dust. The basic concept was practical cooking for busy people.

Foodie Friday is gonna start slow with just a few tips. Soon I will add recipes when my wheels get greased again. LOL

Tips on fish:

Do not ever be afraid to ask to smell the fish in the market. Most people either buy it prepackaged or from the seafood market. Of course prepackaged you can't rightly rip it open but when purchasing it from behind the glass unwrapped, ask to smell it. Also look at it closely...and as much as I want to say feel it, I know ya can't. Fish should be firm and not slippery/sticky and surely you can sniff out a bad fish.

Also have ya ever noticed when you take a bite of fish sometimes it taste as if someone squirted a tube of fish oil in your mouth, ya know just really fish almost sickening. The night before you cook your fish,no matter what method you are using, soak the fish in milk overhight. For some reason it absorbs the overly fishy taste.

Try not to defrost frozen fish at room tempt. Do not run hot water over it. Either the night before soak in cold water in the fridge or kill two birds with one stone and soak it in the milk as described above, it will defrost.

Around the kitchen:
Several things should always be in your cabinet, fridge, or spice rack:

All purpose flour
Corn meal
Course Sea Salt
Raspberry Jam
Instant chocolate pudding
Penne or elbow pasta
plain rice

Sounds silly, I know it does and I guess it looks wonky with no context. But some people just dont keep these things on hand. I think the all-purpose flour is self explanitory. Corn meal is used for baking certain breads, stretching pizza dough out over, and if added to the flour mixture for skillet fried chicken, totally rocks.
Cummin is a very nutty flavored spice, most often used tex-mex and curries. Don't be afraid to try this spice on things...make a dip for tenders or fried mushrooms or maybe soften butter add some cummin a bit of garlic and chili powder and use it to flavor a steak.
Raspberry Jam is something I keep on hand all the time. I make a mean moist chocolate cake and slightly melt the jam and put it between layers of the cake. Also its great for breakfast muffins...take a plain Jane muffin, make a tiny valley in the top of each unbaked muffin and put half a teaspoon or a full teaspoon depending on the size of the muffins, bake and there ya have it. Also Raspberry Jam makes killer dips when mixed with other goodies, sour creme, on and on...play around with it, see what happen.....
Course sea salt, just looks pretty...visual appearance of food is our first impression of food.
Instant chocolate pudding is great for a couple of things....boxed cake mixes and homemade cookies...When added to a boxed cake mix it adds depth and density. When in a pinch I dump the instant pudding a couple of handfuls of chocolate chips and sourcreme in cake mix and bundt it....makes a very rich moist cake. I added a box of instant cheesecake flavored pudding to choclate chip cookie mix and it was a nice compliment to the basic cookie...
I think the pasta and rice are self explanitory too.

Okay Im done rambling, Im starting to make myself sick,LOL!

Final tip:

Never be afraid to try something...you have an idea, you have a craving....go with it. Even if something doesnt seem like they "go together" try it....what's the worse that could happen?

Thanx Deneen this was fun....(insert hugging smiling smileys here)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Know I Left It Around Here Somewhere.....

My brain...has anyone seen it? Wait, don't answer. How can something be found that doesn't exsist?

There's lotsa catching up to do so let's start, shall we?

I've had busy hooks..yes, indeed....hooking like you wouldn't believe! Okay well, maybe not Elves and The Shoemaker busy but busy.....Will post pics soon.

Okay, I took this little quiz thingy from Tickle, and oddly it was pert near accurate. Check it out! LINK

Here are my result:

Cordelia, your true color is Brown!

You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.

So I know most of ya know we don't have tv service of any kind, even network. And so when we see a "show" (series) its usually on DVD. Well we purchased Scrubs/season one, never had seen it before. I gotta tell ya, it was funny...I laughed so hard. Okay some of it was annoying, but really what isn't, sometimes. Not even sure what season is running now or if it still is. But I hope to pick up season two soon. We also are up to date dvd wise on Family Guy, LOL...gotta love Stewie. Brian and Stewie are THE bestest. "Damn you, you vile woman!" I also order something called "Wonderfalls" and "The Oblongs". I totally love The Oblongs....never seen WF though. Sounded quirky so thought we'd try it.

I wanted to make soy candles....can't find the crap locally...meaning with-in an hours drive. So guess I will order online.

My anniversary was yesterday...I don't really get the whole marriage thingy anymore...but we did meet the 3 year marker as married folks. Love ya Old Man you rock my sox! And you're hot and stuff...MEOW! *Wink-Wink*


Reads: Not a blasted thing, tried reading "The Ghostriders" and me no likey...started it like ummmm, 5 times. Got past the first chapter and just can't get into it.

Music: Driving Mix...I put it together. A nice mixture of Celtic, pagan, southern rock, punk, metal, old school rap, and opera....Sorry, like it all with a couple of exceptions, gangsta rap and new country YUCKY POOPOO CACA....

Munchies: Craving biscuits lately, not the english kind but the fat flakey southern kind most people Memaws useta make. Haven't made any or bought any, psst, store bought just ain't the same.

Bafflements: Life is good folks...live it, love it, take the good with the bad...Would the sweet parts of life be as sweet if you didnt have a taste of the bitter on occassion?

Goals: Re-focusing on being positive, learning to hold my tongue when its best and to unleash the pointed devil when needed. Silence isn't a sign of weakness folks. Odd my fingers say whatevah, whenevah and this from a person who didnt speak for almost three years, LOL.

Grateful for:
Friends who e-mail and keep me up to date on themselves and their lives...And also for asking after me.

Can someone/s do me a big giant favor? Can you take WW yarn and a h hook and chain 91. Tell me how long it is please. Also if you slip stitch it to form a big ring will it fit over the top of your shoulders? Ya know right where they begin to slope.

So what have y'all been up too?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Ho hummmm...

I have nothing interesting to post, no drama, no fires (today), no deep and thoughtful insights...

But in the hopes of being a more dedicated blogger, I am blogging.

Jo and Lynlee I am so glad you got your boxes..that leaves around 6 still floating around out there....sigh! Jo I will send you the patterns, gimme a week or two please. And I miss you and Jane too...after this quilt, shawl and one hat that was just ordered I can chill out and visit again!

Yvonne, my address is indeed the same...and I have a box here for you too! Got to get it repacked and hope to mail it out Friday, if not the following Monday!

I did make progress yesterday....sewed 144 quilt squares for the queen size rag quilt that was ordered. I so love batik fabric! Of course the money aint to shabby either!
Still plucking away on my shawl, usually it takes me two days to make these blasted things...it's been a week..think I am shawled out, LOL.

Does anyone have that 200 crochet blocks book? I detest making block afghans. HATE THEM....however I think my grandmother would love that Waterlily Pond Afghan...I was thinking about seeing about making it a CAL...but not sure if enough people own the book to do that. Figured if I had a buddy or two making the same afghan it might make me start and complete it..My grandmothers birthday is May 5th, yep Cinco De Mayo. Would love to complete it by then if I decide to undertake the task. Let me know any and all thoughts on this please!

Still working on my wording for the "arty" thing I was blogging about a few post back.

We have 4 new puppies born Dec 24th..that will soon be up for adoption. We took the mom in and she was with furbabies. As soon as they are house trained and fixed they will be ready for new moms and dads....I gotta post a pic they are so friggin cute!!!
As soon as the mom is done nursing shes off to be spayed...Our goal this year is to spay 5 dogs, neuter 5 dogs, hoping we can meet this years goal!Our vet gives us a tiny cost break...gotta love vets that work with ya.

Ummmm whatelse.....ahhhhh.....

Well soon to post a poll, hopefully....and more about the "art project"...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Divine me thinks!

My horoscope for today! SO very cool!

Today's astrological agenda has got you thinking about how to add a bit more cash to your wallet -- and you've got some ideas. One of them is quite good -- it involves making money by turning your hobby into a part-time job. Nice. The best part is that since eclipses don't mess around, you may eventually end up doing the hobby fulltime and your 'job' part-time. Even better, hmm?

Priscilla I tried to post a comment for your blog but you have it set to team members only. But I have been reading...

It's official the post office has lost a package I sent to Kimberly...I still have a few floating around out there, if ya have gotten one recently, let me know, please...any of y'all.

Alright off to sew....someones got to crack the whip and since it's not for fun, The Old Man isnt the whip master this go! hehe...Where's a devil smiley when you need one?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Warning, Drama Ahead!

Well, I think I will be digging a mote right about now...

Again we have wildfires or had(?) this time on either side of us....one was just under a mile away and the other about 2 miles...we are packed and as silly as it sound I ain't unpacking! Geeeez, I feel like the boy who cried wolf, already!

This time the kiddos totally wigged out....but only because as we were driving by the biggest part of the fire they saw a corral with calves in it...with no friggin were to go....people were fleeing, really how do you explain to kids that sometimes people are to frightened to open gates so that things might run off and stand a chance?

I have scoured the internet for mention of our fires, and could find nothing...but if someone likes to google, here are some key words....Franklin, Texas...Hearne, Texas....Bryan/College Station, Texas....Roberston County, Brazos County, Wheelock, Texas.....Blackjack....Pin Oak & Bucksnort Roads.
I dont even know the television call letters for the area...but here is a link to the newpaper Theeagle.com and I've been reading here, not that it's helped any.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ummmm, okay....

I was so psyched..I was really I was....Let it be known I am not a Tom Cruise fan and I wasn't long before his need for mental health treatment...
War of The World in it's title alone, is so much more than promising until you settle in to actually watch it...

The premises is and will remain fabulous...hello...60 years ago people were freaking out over this story. It was reduced to a pile of steaming crap! Tom was lacking...Dakota Fanning rocked as usual.

Tom looked as if he had got into Brooke Sheilds stash of meds....very calm, too calm...Ummm like you're gonna die and stuff, have some emotion man! GEEEZ!

I kept hoping the movie would turn around, I had to, right...Hollywood, special effects....ummmm the acting and holes in the story, (put to film) took away from what should ahve been a gut wrenching story...I was ready to find myself in deep thought over the movie...I wanted to be frightened like those people that heard the broadcast by Orson Wells..granted we have been "special effected" to death but come on folks....Saw totally freaked me out , drug me in and the acting sucked in that...I've seen Faces Of Death, so even the sawing off of a foot wasnt THAT big of a deal and I still was squealing!!!

Alas, it didn't happen...

From now on I think I prefer Tom snarling at the camera like a massive leopard in heat pissing on Katie, oops sorry Kate Holmes to show ownership!

From Top Gun to this and not to mention fluffing Oprahs sofa with your feet, TISK, TISK! SIGH!

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed here within are not neccessarily that of the management, or lack of!

Now to other news, how many of you feel your are repressed artist, perhaps not trained per se but like to try your hand at a vast medium of possiblities?
Let me know , my two brain cells are in overdrive , HAHA Pinkie I have a plan, TO RULE THE WORLD!!!, I mean I have a plan...let me know something and I will let YOU know something.....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Well I did the webring thingy: Check it out! Think I did it right, who knows!

Also I am such a happy camper...I got in the mail today a notice of the new professional rate for Bon Appetit!!! Hello! This year $12.00, not $50! Perks are loverly!

Still having some tiny flares of flames, but the fire dept. has been here all day checking and rechecking, digging and cutting things down.

Back with Photos

We are back!!! I have photos to share....Check 'em out!

The first photo is of our yard with some smoke....Next is us packed up, or in the process of packing rather....both vans were loaded btw....Then the next photo is that of a heli with a bucket getting water from our pond...I must say that was rather exciting to see....Then there is a photo of a smoking tree right around the bend from our gate and lastly a field right past the tree...

I am so very, very proud of my offspring...they did what I asked, when I asked it and the packing and gathering of family (furry variety) went very smoothly...All we gathered were two sets of clothing each, pjs, toiletries, photos, homemovies, each girl grabbed their cd player and cds and a few books. I grabbed a shawl I was working on for my grandmother and my marriage certificate which is framed. And of course The Old Man and I grabbed our cameras...being the repressed photographers we are.

We didn't freak out until after the fire was over...and it wasn't a reaction like OMG poor us it got so close it was more like....the realization that comfort can come and go so quickly....cozy in the bed one minute and then having to choose what and whom is most important to take....

The fire was started by a spark from car exhaust. We have been under burn ban since before Thanksgiving, can't even mow our lawn, for fear of a spark from the mower...But you can hardly not drive, ya know?

Anywho...thanks to all for the wellwishes and kindness of words and thoughts...we are home safe and sound and unpacking.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Burning Ring of Fire

Well no sooner than I whined...then we must no evacuate...seem there is a fire two fields over...fields are big here folks...not sure when I will return to the pc or home....gotta load my dogs and cats and ferrets and hope the ducks and geese can fend for themselves....

Take care y'all! Love and peace!

Just Too Friggin Tired...

Here's the deal....I am so tired and the war has just begun. I sit here and can dig up no strength to battle....and I really must garner it from somewhere...

Little known fact about me...I like balance and justice and will fight for an underdog and have the rare ability to see all sides of an argument. Even when I am sure I am right or have a very firm stance on an issue I can see and understand the opposite side or sides.

Again I rarely battle for me, only me...a group as a whole or an indiviual who seems a lost cause, but me, nope...

After much rambling here's the deal...big oil and me...

We were approached last year about a oil company coming onto the place and doing so surveying...Although the thought of the land being raped and sucked dry makes me ill, I also know that rigs mean much needed work in the area.....hungry babies verses ruined land and animals being displaced or worse, in the name of money.

So we agreed,and I will not apologize for agreeing to it or explain myself...however I had one request when they come onto or leave the farm, that they shut and latch all gates so that none of our animals get out into the woodland behind the house and barn. It is fenced and crossed fenced, but barbed wire fencing rarely keeps dogs in.

The surveyors showed up this AM to do a structure mapping....they left the gates open...one dog left through the open gate following the surveyors. I called the head office and reminded them that I asked that they please just close and latch the gates...I was told "it's no big deal....she'll (the dog) will come back" and ya know she will, I know it, but that's not the point...I said you told me you would shut the gates. The guy laughed at me and again said its no big deal...I then told him he isn't to come back onto the place as he cant follow the simple request I made...mind you no papers have been signed as of yet...now they wont be...I was informed the oil company is getting a court order and will return if I like it or not...

Oddly, oil bought the very place I'm on...I just dont think this is a battle I'm gonna win...I too tired to fight...I havent the funds to battle them...I haven't the mental strength right now...I feel like such a whimp....I know oil, money talks, jobs talk....very much needed income for the area verse some eccentric witch in the backwoods...ummmm yea.

~Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.
Owen Arthur~

I so want to believe the above quote....My heart says it's so..but my head knows better.

Taking leave,
Cordelia the Coward

Which battles to choose?
Words take no form,
My tongue has lost its edge,
Spirit collapsed,
My armor is weak,
From warrior to pathetic in no time flat,
Cowardly, I sit with head hanging...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Lop-sided Boobie Club?

Empress Busy Bee...still don't know her real name!, made these loverly buttons (below). So what do ya think? Make a blog thingy? Or just post a button to show your pride in being a real woman, saggy boobs, stretchmarks, cottage cheese tighs...What ya think?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Compilation of Crud!

Oodles to go over, grab a cuppa and let's getting banging shall we? Let me get the bitching and whining out of the way so I can get to the good stuff!!!

Things that make ya go WTF?

#1 Even after having it pointed out about the massive amount of whining and negative crap one post, they continue just the same...Even very dull subjects are turned into poor me....Such as: "Oh what a lovely project..I would love to make that but I can't afford it and my arm is only hanging by a thread, boohoo poor me, but lovely project!!"

#2 The horse is dead people, move on!

#3 Why can't I find Manamal on DVD? HUH? Is that too much to ask?


Why is it that several of my packages haven't got to where they were going, after I paid for priority or air mail? WEEKS AGO!

How come when I asked the LYS if they would be ordering or can they order Sirdar Yo-yo I was told it's too low end for them to carry. And then got the explanation that as a mainly knitter shop and catering to knitters that as a whole they choose to use better materials than crocheters as crochet is for minimal income people and knitter is for those with more means.... Why do I not hate knitters for this? I still am going to learn come hell or high water to knit...I rarely use red heart unless its something that will requires massive amounts of washing. I know I have trekked into the "high end" yarn this past year and will continue to do so. I however will never ever turn my nose up to those that knit or crochet and can only use the cheapest yarn....you gotta do what ya gotta do. Off the soapbox, lol.

How come I continue to use wool and wool blends even though I break out in hives? Yes, I am allergic! LOL, what a hoot, huh?

Rib splitters:

My oldest offspring is not a twig and refers to herself as a "real girl" she's a size 13-14 junior. She most the time seems very comfortable in her own skin and on occassion cracks jokes about being "chunky". Well there is the set up, here is the crux: We were in Houston driving by a strip centre and Emily burst out laughing and saying " OMG, I am such a fat girl"...why you ask? As we passed the strip centre she saw a sign that said "24 hour Baking", ummmm only it wasn't 24 hour baking but banking....Okay well guess ya had to be there...it was cute anyway, so there!!!

New plan/s:

I am trying to train myself on a schedule...I am very much a "going about willy nilly" person and must at least on some level make me mind. I have dedicated myself to 2 hours a day sewing or painting....and then as I am "lounging" crochet. I hope to keep this up during planting and harvesting and crawfish season.

I reworked a budget for our home resources! YAY!

More planting and canning this year.

Cool thing this week:

Em was wearing a hat I made at Joann's and one of the ladies who works there asked if I would make her one....I did and she gave me $15.00! HELLO! I just made it cuz she asked....didn't think much on mulah! I really don't think I undersold myself on this hat, took about an hour and used minimal yarn.

New crave:

Cinnabon has come out with cookies...holy hell they are so friggin good...I inhaled the box all by myself...not really but I might have if I wasn't sharing. HAHA!
Truly orgasmic!

Major upcoming purchases:


I ordered Erika Knights Simple Crochet...remember this is my own personal opinion, but it was horrid, just blah! Good thing I wasn't required to purchase it, I got to look it over first.


Cozy Crochet
So Simple Crochet
24 Hour Crochet Projects
Essential crochet
Fun and Funky Crochet
Bead Crochet

Will I keep them all? Probably not.

Accomplished today/overall:

Completed one blanket
made the body of a custom tote (gotta add the handles and embellishments)
made proto-type of mini Goddess doll

I can now start a project, complete it and move to the next guilt free! YAY! Really it was hard but so far so good!

Thank yous:

Kari, Swapna and Yvonne for e-mailing with business name ideas! I so appreciate it! I may put up a poll, who knows!

Okay, bringing this drivel to an end.......have a great one!

Oh one last request, if anyone knows of a reliable fair minded webpage designer let me know...I need something I can easily add images to...Danke!