Sunday, March 19, 2006

Howdy Stranger

Okay first, put down your stones and clubs...I know I said I was gonna send pressies/packages out as soon as I got to the city (during the open hours of the post)....well I haven't made it yet....

Things are so whack here.....I swear if I could take a vacation even via a coma at this point I would......SIGH...I know woe is me...boohoo!

Long and short my craft room nay my and hubby's craft shop (read: two br, one bathroom, huge woodshop build on, mobile home, completely refurbished)is now being packed away...all my walls of yarn and fabric and painting stuff to be tucked away or dropped at goodwill as I have no where else to house it. I am looking into having a "cottage" looking shop built nearer the main house but it's costly. Anyway I am sad and pissed and even more than that I feel guilty and a shit for feeling sad and pissed. I know I am a selfish ass.....But on the up side my grandmother is moving in to it so she will be close....I really have missed her since she moved to Colorado, she is after all my mama, she raised me so she is even if she didnt push me out. Shes a fairly healthy independent 72 year old. Infact she is in Vegas partying like it's 1999 as I type this. I just hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

I am also working on that book list.....meaning today I am making the list with links to read about them and once they are claimed I will register them with bookcrossing and then mail them out. HA, yea when next I get to the city. Geeez, I sound like Blimpy with his friggin "I will gladly pay you on Tuesday"....

Thus is my recent new life path as a slug....I am pushing many deadlines with this new slug routine.I have a baby quilt I was trying to get over to Beth for the friggin silent auction....ummmmm it's cut and sitting on the sewing table. I have a gourd ready to be painted....sitting beside my bed, no paint no nothing, but it *is* ready. And I signed up for that damned stole swap over at the 'Ville, cuz I am just so smart like that....and now can find not one pattern that pulls me in, wait that is a lie I found one but the yarn would cost over $100.This is gonna sound mean but I can't see sending a $100-$200 item to someone I don't know. Mean? Oh well thems the facts of my truth. If it were to be a gift for a friend or family member, not a problem at all. Yea, once again I am a selfish as...sigh!

On to good not so whine stuff.....Last night we had to go to one side of the city and we happened upon a petition signing thingy for Kinky Friedman....he is so friggin funny, gotta love a jewish cowboy, anywho I went over to sign the petition and there was a dude sitting at the table wearing a crocheted hat...made of wool ease, I asked him who crocheted his hat for him and he said one of the radio personality ladies did for a fund raiser they have yearly. She makes them he buys them. I said cool I make those...he said I will be here next Saturday all day bring me some of your hats please I really need more....HELLO! A radio dude wants a hat plushe works for the Kinky Friendman for governor campaign. I read his books, I eat his salsa, I totally got a groovy luv for him for his animal rescue ranch in Austin, so why not vote for him?

So here is to hoping I get all done this coming week I need to plus get to the post before I need a loan to mail this shit...LOL

Deneen, Jane and a special someone you are in my thoughts...

Be well y'all and if you are interested in the free books list just drop me an email at simplewitchery at gmail dot com....will be sent in the order of the emails received....Thanx!


Blogger Deneen said...

Love ya Cordi

9:19 AM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

WhooHoo on the hats thing, good luck.
I had seen Kinky Friedman on TV almost makes me want to move to Texas just to vote for him.

9:32 PM  

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