Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bead There, Done That!

Come sit a spell and look over my few poorly lit pics of crafty goodness....I have loads more to share but decided to do a few at a time rather than all at once....WHEW!

This is a clay and glass bead bracelet...much nicer in person. At least I think so!

This is a turquoise and coral set...special order...I really like working with the natural looking , rough and earthy, beads.

This is the close of of the fabric for the tote in the photo below this one. Its a nice paisley flannel.

The handles are wooden beads on metal, and thats a tiny mohair crochet flower there on the front. Its closure is velcro. Its large enough to hold a hardback book, glasses, cell and a few other doo-dads.

Guess I should mention on the necklace of the rabbit set, I use a toggle clasp. The lady who wanted it travels a lot for her work and without her husband finds it hard to put on necklaces and bracelets with regular clasps. Was happy to hear that it was easy to get on and off without assistance.

ANNOUNCEMENTS!....if you have the breast club button up on your blog, ditch it the group or maybe I should say lack of, is now defunct...I just ain't a leader me thinks...

Jane it was nice to talk to you the other night....Glad to hear you are in good spirits.

The movie Restoration had arrived.....I haven't watched it yet (again) because I need to not be distracted.

Currently reading Mira,'s actually a teen book, but I love me a Faerie Tale especially of the Grimm variety and this is very much that.


Blogger Deneen said...

It all looks great Cordi-I should really do my beading, just can't get into it lately.

The bag is super!

9:45 PM  
Blogger craftsbyjo said...

Great work Cordi!!! Now tell the truth--are you starting to "fondle the beads" too??!!!! LOL

8:07 AM  

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