Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Again...

Well if weirdness or odd ideas bothers you cast your eyes in another direction. Please, don't call a priest or demonologist.....I am fine, trust me, maybe.

I guess I should start by saying I have never ever felt I was born into the right time. This is not a "poor me- I don't fit in, boohoo"....indeed it's more of a wonderment. I have found as I have grown as a person and spiritual being this is so of quite a number of people, at least in the circles I sometimes run. I find the concept interesting and really and truly think it needs more investigation rather than being called silliness and brushed off.

I know, I can't be the only person in blogaritaville that feels this way.

I have had a past life reading half for fun and half to answer some dreams that have been with since I was a tot, perhaps born. The reading said that this birth is my first appearance on Earth since 1057 bc.....I however can't buy that. The reading also said I was a shaman type, male with a nomadic tribe in the what is now known as Nova Scotia. This reading did not answer my dreams questions....darn it all to the fiery pits of hell....

These dreams haunt me still and I wish I wouldn't close myself off from them when things get touchy {within the dreams} then I might be able to learn more so that I might investigate. I mean, crap, what's the internet for?

So,I know, I am rambling and probably not making much sense...but for some reason the dreams are becoming more frequent and taking a more of an emotional toll on me...I literally wake up sweating, crying and aching from the physical things "I" go through in this dream.

Tarot and runes...I won't tempt....for some reason I think I need to learn the meaning of the going ons myself with no interventions.

Please, know this isn't a plea for pity or what have you but a invitation to open discussion.

So, the main dream is this: I awaken within the dream to the smell of smoke....I have a long skirt on and shoes that make light tapping noises as I run. There are rushes under my feet on part of the halls. And in the rushes lay sleeping dogs. I can smell the flesh of some of the dogs burning and them yelping and whimpering...I run holding a long slip or dress in one hand and covering my mouth with the back of my other because I am gagging from the smells. I keep running and running but can't find my way out...then I wake up.

I have tried to look at this logically...HA, joke, I guess...but really let me pick it a bit apart for ya.....I was born in the year of the dog....maybe I am the burning dogs, who knows. I am not afriad of fire and rather am a pyro. I have an drive to save dogs, hence the animal rescue , now housing 15 dogs. When I was small this dream made me want to be a "dog doctor" I was two and held this desire until I was 17....So I wonder am I shaping the dream or it shaping me....and did something I saw when I was a tot burn itself into my cortex and I am reliving it again and again?

BTW, I am draw to SCA and enjoy many of the events. And when I am excited or sad...out of the blue since I was a anklebiter I have spoken with a Irish and Welsh accent.....Infact, the OM thought I was an Irish when we met, but I am German and Native American ethnically with a wee bit of Irish thats not enough to matter...

So was I born at the wrong time, or are these memories from a life past? I haven't a clue....Maybe I just have an overactive imagination....

Okay so I am probably madder than a who knows what but.....Ya know I take no meds, so it aint the drugs folks...LOL

Thoughts, idea, sharing are more than welcome.


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

hmmm this could be past memories.. or it could very simply be an axiety dream..

stressors in your life .. you are running trying to rid yourself..

sometimes i over thing my dreams.. sometimes they have deeper meaning but sometimes they are just fairly simple.. not saying my answer is THE answer just saying.. that could be..

and i totally believe in past lives..

7:00 PM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

fire is all comsuming and has added urgency.
you are unable to escape it most likely means it is something you must face or do.
being in the past without technology to deal with the fire leaves you vulnerable.
axiety dear, slow down breathe you don't have to do everything right now all at once.

8:57 AM  

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