Monday, January 30, 2006

Meme and ponderments

Here is the meme that I got tagged to do by Deneen and Lynlee.

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
2.Physical therapy assistant not a PTA mind you
3.Science Teacher, taught girls at risk (gangs, teen pregnancy,drugs) science through a school program in inner city schools. Was hired based on being a science major in college. And no I don't have a teaching certificate.
4.Chef, private, public and catering

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. The Piano
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Babe
4. The Commitments or The Full Monty...TIE

Four Places You Have Lived
1. Troup, Texas,
2. Rosenberg, Texas
3. Franklin, Texas
4. Co, Ca, Ut, Az, NM, Al...not enough spaces people.

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch
1. X-files
2. Stargate-sg1
3. CSI
4. Monk

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation
1. Ca
2. Fl
3. Co
4. Mt

Four Places You Want to Visit
1. Nepal
2. Boston
3. Ireland
4. Wales

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1.Tons of Blogs
3.News feeds
4.Porn, I mean eBay

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. Fresh baked bread
2. Big flakey southern style biscuits
3. Homemade flour tortillas
4. Sauteed green beans, olive oil, garlic and sea salt lightly tossed around in a skillet...Foodgasm

Four Things Currently on the Floor in Your Car
1.Dog hair
3.a receipt or two
4.Hmmm, maybe a offspring book

I it if ya want too....

Okay, so even when I am resting I ain't resting, mind goes 110 mph even while one can only do so much thinking before you start thinking about odd things or things thatsound like a 5 year old might ask....

1. How do ants make love? If they even do. Think about it.

2. Why do we accept doggy kisses knowing that not even an hour before we saw our beloved furball licking it's ass?

3. How come the smartest among us is often the most stupid?

4. Why the hell do full grown women say things like: " My husband *allowed* me to purchase two skeins of yarn"? I don't get this concept...

5. Why do I buy more fabric knowing I have about 2000 yards already? Ha, sad, but true.

6. Do girls/women think they look good in pants that ride right on the pelvic bone and allows the fat to flop over? Worse yet, why then add a baby tee to the look? Hey, I'm fat so I can say FAT.

7. Why do some people not allow others their victory or agony? Why must they then compare their own life to that of the person in need of support or encouragement? IMO this sucks...HA, take that.

8. Why don't people value eachother as they are....take it or leave it is all I'm saying.

9. How come has this list gone on so long?

Other news seems I really ruffled some feather with my "friends" comment last post. Let me remind everyone, no names were used so please don't assume they were about you. Unless you indeed feel that way...I got several e-mails wanting me to explain myself. Well let me do just that.....I am by nature a loner, a solitary. I find it hard to make friends but when I do you are pretty much stuck with me. I am not the up your butt constantly kinda friend but I am loyal and forthright and tend to bleep off the radar screen on occassion. Also keep in mind, I homeschool, run a farm, run an animal rescue, sew, crochet and some other online stuff...I know I am there when people need me, I don't give opinions often times even when asked for them. I would like to think even if I am not the chatty in your face kinda gal I am the type anyone of you folks could call on if you needed help or a shoulder to cry on or just needed to visit. If this is not the type of friend you want or need then best to move's all I got. I do not whine about my life to any one of you guys who I have developed a friendship with.I don't ask question of yours. If you want me to know something you will tell me. I think my willingness to not be nosy comes across as not caring or interested. Well I am done.....why I feel I should have to defend myself or state my case is beyond me....

FOODIE FRIDAY will be posted by days end....Deneen I did not see one on your blog girlie! You did say to remind you. hehe

Funniest damned thing I heard my offspring say all week was this:
The girls were in the van talking and the eldest is very animated in her speech kept wacking her sis in the boob with her hand. Finally the wacked tells the wackee " Geez, stop touching my boob already" She is then given an apology and promise the it will not happen again. Once again the wacked gets wacked and yells "GOOD GRIEF! What makes you think I want you playing with my boobs, I can do that myself, thank you"...
Ha, well it was funny if you were there I guess....LOL


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

umm your kids ARE funny..

and i have to agree with some of the things you said .. actually almost all fo them .. i dont understand some of those things myself.. as for the kind of friend you are.. i swear to alpaca.. you were describing me as you typed.. i thought i was the only one .. but i suppose i am not and glad to know i am not the only "freakshow" in the universe.. and i say that in the very best way possible.. cause i consider myself one LOL..

i dont get alot of things in life.. but am content in mine so that is that .. and at least i can say i have made my life my own and i am responsible for the choices i made.. and dont feel i need to air those things in public for approval .. and i am glad to see you are the same .. i think it makes you even more sane than you think..

wow i am in a roll.. sorry didnt mean to high jack your blog and make a post myself LOL .. have a great day Cordeila !

2:01 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Hey Cordi, I didn't see or read anything wrong in your previous posts. I am much better at my on-line friendships than "real" life ones. I am bad about returning phone calls, etc. I like solitude a lot and most don't get it.

Foodie Friday wasn't forgotten, I was a bit "under the weather" and have a recipe for this upcoming Friday.

I love the comments your girls made-kids are funny no matter what age.

PS-At C'ville, I think I know who you are talking about. She annoys the living piss out of myself and Elizabeth and I'll email ya her name and you can tell me if I am right.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I have never really analyzed myself about what kind of friend that I am, but I think I go through phases of trying to be more involved in poeple's lives and then completely submerged in my own life. They either accept us or they don't, right?

2:13 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

omg your kids are funny!
I am kinda a friend like that, tend to do my own thing sometimes. I don't believe you need to have someone hold you hand with everything you do. that's not a friend thats a babysitter!
anyway You by far haven't offended me!

2:38 PM  
Blogger goldi said...

I think the internet was made for folks like us. Yup, I'm a rabid loner myself, find it much easier maintaining friendships online than in real life. Even then, I'm rather spotty because I'm such a space cadet. The older I get, the more the concept of "lonely" becomes alien to me. Nice to know I'm not the only one, lol!

5:01 AM  

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