Saturday, January 21, 2006

An Actual Crochet Related Post!!!!

Okay I haven't really "talked" about crochet much so I guess I should.

I have been busy and plan on posting pics tomorrow over at C'ville of some of my goodies, not all but some. For the additional pics, check my album tomorrow if you are interested.

I am not buying any new big lots of yarn until I use some....I will indeed still have a massive stash Kimberly so no worries. But I am frugal by nature, pssst frugal does NOT mean 'cheap ass'. And in the spirit of cleaning my home, heart, and head I really need to go back to being a mininmalist. Hobbies as such are not for minimalist however I do make a few bucks here and there off my work(s) so can justify some hoarding of materials. Also I have discovered I am rather becoming a yarn snob...yep it is true. I am not the extreme high end snob as of yet but honestly I can't stand the feel of RedHeart or Mainstays. Yuck! I do have some I need to use up and will be making that a priority. I am also a project snob....and freely admit that....I hate TP covers and will cut my eyes out with a spoon before I make one...well unless my Grandmother ask for one, but that ain't likely. I know there are several things that make me cringe when I see them that are crocheted...and even sometimes think WTF were they thinking? LOL OMG I am going to crochet hell now aren't I?

About the chain 91 thingy from the other day, let me explain. I bought a pattern book per my Kiddos request. It had a cap and capelet set she wanted in it. The design is basic but nicely put together and should be easy. However once I got the foundation chain made and made the circle, by slip stitching in first chain as the pattern says to looked like it would fit a toddler. The pattern says the size is ladies one size fits most. I dont know if we just have massively wide shoulder or what, hence me asking for some of you all to do the same to see how the slip stitched chain falls on you. The booklet is Crochet Young and Trendy by Mary Jane Hall, the pattern is Scallop Shells, in the green. Anyway I am just baffled....91 chains aint cutting it for us...I will just wing it I guess but geeeez! Now I am curious if it's just an "us" thing. lol

Also I want to hire out a project but have no idea how to go about it....I want "The Whole World Coat" from Crochet Fantasy winter 2005 issue no. 183....I havent the knowledge or time to make it and since I am allergic to wool dont know of the appropriate yarn subsitution. If anyone is wanting to make the coat for a fee or have any suggestion on subs and such, fill me in please.

Priscilla HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you ate some cake!

Deneen why don't you barter for that dresser scarf for Elena? Maybe a thready and you can make a deal of some sort....unless it's just something you want to make.

I have gotten into the routine of making one project before moving to the next.....I have no UFOs...however I had to ammend the law and have began two projects at once. One will be done by days end and the other will take a month perhaps. In trying to use up some of my RH stash I decided to make the Monet Afghan by Drew/The Crochet Dude. So far so good....Yucky feeling but once washed should soften a bit. Did I mention I hate making afghans? LOL! And I am working on a baby jacket which is almost done sans the buttons. I don't know any extra small humans however think my niece will get it for her dollies.

Jo I am working on that list to e-mail you. Jane miss ya. Yvonne miss you too! Lynlee perhaps you should show up to class wearing leather and carrying a cat o' nine tails...hehe BDSM my arse! Where the heck is Kimberly? And the hell do you expect me to make it through the day without a gazillion pms back and forth?


Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

i promise.. you arent going to crochet hell.. i feel the same !!

and frugal does NOT mean cheap ass .. kudos ! lots of ppl dont get that .. i am frugal as well but you will not find me using cheap yarn ..

and that ch 91.. that wouldnt fit around me .. but i am a BIG girl LOL

12:43 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

You know, the chain 91 should be okay. The reason I am saying that is the Amore poncho I just made was only chain 46 to start. It goes over the head snugly, but then sits nicely at the shoulder as you would increase.

I have become a yarn snob too-I still like Caron Simply Soft and the TLC Amore for "lower end stuff", but won't touch the Caron One Pouncers, Red Heart or Mainstays if it was the last yarn on earth.

I love the Monet afghan Drew did, hate doing afghans with a passion and never did squares or motifs before. I like the colors of Drew's-must find suitable substitute yarn.

You can work with the mohair blend, but are allergic to wool?

I am going through my stash too-no big yarn buys til I go through most of it. I have a few WIM, but am really crunching. Now today, I bought a ball of Matrix yarn to make Mimi's purse and once I got home, realized I needed acrylic thread for the bottom-argh!

I am frugal too-it has to be on sale or I am not buying it. I saw some of the LB Suede today for $5 a ball, I need 9 to make the project I want and won't pay the $45 cause I shouldn't, but damn that yarn feels great. It's the only "store" yarn I have been coveting lately-I don't even care what colors either, I like em all.

I am buying some variagated thread in purple, pink and white from Mimi and figured I would try a dresser scarf for Elena-I WILL TRY-doesn't mean it'll work.

What is the type of yarn for the "whole World Coat" that it calls for? email me the specs and I will help you figure a substitute.

Did ya think about the "Foodie Friday" thing????

I love the shawls you did on C'ville, nice job-

Aren't we all so rambly and chatty today??????

4:56 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Whew Beth....Glad I aint going to Crochet Hell...although sometimes I *feel* like I am there, lol.

I might go ahead and make that capelet set..if it is too small I do have a niece in Co. that would use it.

I am allergic to wool and wool blends, mohair....but I love them sooooo. I get hives on my face, hands and legs if wearing shorts. I jump in the shower to get any loose hairs off me then take a allergy pill. I had thought about wearing vinyl gloves or some sort of gloves but too lazy beside I love the feel of the stuff...

Deneen I will send the coat info to your email addy.

I love Mimis threads...and lust after them myself. I know Jackie doesnt take money order and figured Mimi didnt either. Sigh! I have paypal just hate using it.

I did think about the foodie thing. I love the idea of a button but do you know I feel so stupid apparently I cant run a webring. But would love to visit other foodies.

Rambling and chatty is good...I sometimes go a day or two without speaking, or at least speak very few words, so typing is my outlet. I really should cut on yahoo or msn or google messenger more often, lol. Crap I even have aol, icq and did have paltalk, or do I still hmmmm. Damn I am connected and dont even "use" anything.

5:45 PM  
Blogger craftsbyjo said...

Hey Cordi ty but for the patterns i need copies. printer isnt hooked up and i am afraid it will blow my compute programs off--this has to be a man computer for sure lol

7:34 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

K...Jo I will send the links to places to sell and snail mail you the patterns. I am researching several places right now and thus far have a tiny list of places to sell.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

What? Stash decreasing?????? lol I keep saying that I am not going to buy anymore yarn...but...well, you know what they say about good intentions! lol

I love Mimi's threads! I've not ordered the Canon / Anchor threads from her - she was selling some Monacco which I loved! Very friendly and a great transaction!

6:18 PM  

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