Friday, April 21, 2006


Just wanted to remind those that visit me on occassion or dare I say are linked to me, please change your linkage to my new blog site: House Of Muses

Make haste! I don't think I can miss you for very long!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And Then....

So I have a new home now.....check it out.

I really like the option for wordpress....I like the catagories and the ease at which to add links. Still working on adding some of you guys plus the webrings.

I need to say one thing then moving on to my new digs, my new outlook and hopefully my new tude.

First, I do not feel too awfully bad about any mean things I have said, I know I should but I don't. I can't take them away anyway, they aready have life and either hurt someone or pissed them off or both.

I do find I don't like me much lately....never had a problem with being honest, still don't, but now I am just down right mean when it comes to pointing out someones, what I believe, to be their wrongs or their cruelty.

Now the way I figure it is, find the old me who was upfront but not so vile or keep on keeping on with this mean bitch I am toting around. Those that have been with me since I have started blogging will have noticed the change as of late. So whats the root of my slipping over to the darkside....being unhappy someplace but hating to leave because I might lose the couple of firendships I have developed there. Solution? Getting the hell out of Dodge. Does this mean no snarky comments? Hell no....but I need to work on my delievery of said snarkiness! LOL

Anyway hoping for a fresh new blog life and online life....dumping the garbage and moving on.....

This is in no way condemming those that are a bit more bitchy than even know who ya are...LOL, I likes ya the way ya are. This in no way apologizes for those few creeps over at the place I left, it's was becoming anti- everything....and although I havent brought this up before but it was a tad...ummmm how do I say this, "Americans Only"...Diversity rocks folks....the internet has countries? Whodda thunk it?

The whole downfall was dirty pool....

*Dusting myself off* lets get on with weird observations, odd news stories, social commentary, talk of family and critters and oh yeah, creation! And I miss Dawn , she's way above my bitchiness...maybe I can lull her back now LOL, a girl can dream.

Now where's Swapna? LOL I need a dry humour, editor friend....

Perhaps I am drunk and will awaken and wonder who the heck typed think?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Say, what language you speaking?

That is the question I am asking me. Lesser primates have better spelling skillz! I type, in my head it is a coherent flow of words mashed together into something profound, deep, silly, whathave you. Then I read it after I submit, no matter how many times I have proof read, and I have a gazillion typos. Really blows when I am passionate and trying to get a point across.....

I need my own personal editor....Swapna where are you when I need you?

Wrap Me Up In Your Love

Okay, so I freely admit I have a big hankering love from shawls and wraps and thingies of that sort....Check this out. I really, really, really, really gotta learn to knit properly. Sigh! I will cast on tonight and post a photo of one of my hang ups...and no, no stitches are falling off the end of my needle...but I get this string, growing ever so slowly, in between my needles. Back to that shawl, ain't it purty? I enjoy browsing that site...sigh, oh, to become a knitter.

I still have that free book list, some have been claimed but anyone is welcome to eyeball it and request some read-age.

Our furry kids are due for their summer time shaving , if anyone would like some schnauzer hair to spin let me know and I will send it. We have black, salt and pepper, white, and blacks and silver schnauzers. Hair will be clean and mat free...And we will *try* and keep it seperate colourwise. The hair is about 1-1.5 inches long, very soft with a slight wave to it. Let me know! Similar topic: I saw some raccoon fur spun yarn the other day, fasinating!

Check out this blog...Been reading it for a while, not sure I've ever shared the link.

I feel the need to make a rasta hat....damn, you stole for the swap! Me and commitment, like oil and watah...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Forward Fest 2006

Today was a good day, no, a GREAT day!!!

The Offspring had asked to go to a fest being held in historic downtown Bryan. Love the buildings there!!! We went and although it was small-ish it was fantabulous!

Odd as it seems I have never, since moving to this area 6 years ago, got to mingle with "artsy" types...infact I had no idea there were so many! Forgive me if I giggle like a child....when you live where football reigns as THE past time and arts are looked down on as "summin them longhairs'd do" , it was nice to be around kindred spirits.

It cost nothing to get in and there were tons of activities for small humans. Plus I was shocked, yes, SHOCKED, to see several booths to causes we find important. Animal welfare, womens rights, well too many to list, but think "hippie-ish" type things..LOL

At the League of Femininist Studests...I think that was the name. Anyway, we found the coolest buttons..I will post photo tomorrow. Also they were taking instant photos of folks and telling them, after taping the picture on a paper, to write three things that make you beautiful. Very interesting! The girls put things like, "I am kind" and "I am thoughtful".

We got to watch some drumming....again wonderful.

There were local artist set up, I bought some gifties for some of you peeps! Shhhh don't tell... Oh and some fair trade organic hazelnut creme coffee, for me, YUM!

And the bestest thing to happen was as we were strolling a woman kept eyeballing me, and I thought maybe I had a booger hanging out or something, she approached me and asked if I was an artist...I said yes, of course a tad sheepishly, and she said great, come join us on the art council. She said my memebership included my business link on a website, plus GRANTS!...She said the council gets grants from the league that is rebuilding the historic downtown area and so they pass those along to local artist. And get this if I were to suggest a "fest" type idea...let's say fibre arts fest (weavers, spinners, crocheters, knitters, dyers, etc) ....then I could get a $1000.00 grant for myself! At first I thought she must be hitting up everyone, but she wasn''d she know I was artsy? Oh and the memebership is a very small $25! How could I NOT sign up!?

So here's the deal...I don't post all my creations for two reasons, 1) I figure who wants to see them? and 2) I haven't found the confidence. I do get paid for some stuff I do but somehow it's different someone knowing about it and wanting it and then pushing it off on others, even to see....BUT I decided from now on I am showing whatever it might be (painting, writing, sewing, etc), who cares if others like it, hell I might not even like it...

Life is grand, now to learn to allow it to be more often.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh, Lawdy!

Well I couldn't resist I had to say something to the meany in that one thread that sent me over the edge....

This is what I said incase it gets deleted:

I said I was done in this thread but feel I should defend myself and then I will truly be done, I hope....

Eurolyons I havent a clue why you think I was speaking to you directly I wasn't...

My point is that even here in this forum we have had threads where people have given their opinions on certain pubications. In some of these threads it has been said " that project is ugly, I won't be making it"...or "I didn't buy that magazine due to the God awful projects"...or better yet, "I dont know who is designing these things but I don;t like fun fur it's just plain ugly and over done"...

I do not like the meanspiritedness any more than you say you do but to act as one hasnt made the same comment to themselves is others is contradictory.

As for the perfect remark....I stand by what I can any of you "shocked" and upset by that blog act as if you never ever had a mean thought....

Go ahead and challege me or what I said.....but I challege you to improve your reading comprehension, perhaps if you had taken the time to read my post in totallity as well as Summerysmiles you would understand what I was saying.

An opinion is nothing more than a personal thought and JUDGEMENT you have come to......

And in closing perhaps this should be read about photos, unless you PROTECT your photos once they are posted on a public domain...anyone and everyone will and can "take" them and use them how they see fit...May not be right but it happens....I am a photographer and protect my photos, that I plan on using professionally, if posted in a public area, meaning the net.

Good day to you!

This place has turned so blood thirsty and self righeous.....what happened to being a grown-up and using our grey matter?

And this is the thread

And I realized in order to get a reply from my swap buddy I have to leave PM enabled, then off, once she replies....also I cant "follow" the friggin Valerie thread if I aint signed in!!! DAMN IT!

Oh well hopefully I get a reply ASAP.....and do I really need to read the Val thread? that was easy!!!!

Hiatus Everlastus?

Don't ask me about the title it just sounded Latin.

Okay I know I "threatened" to do this before but now it's a go.

(Threatened, like who would notice?)

I am on hiatus from C'ville.....I will complete the stole swap and enjoy the silent auction, thankful I need only post once or twice for these two events. I will not be posting or browsing post. Nor will I be answering Pms. If you wish to contact me please email me.

For those at DoD I will see you there...honestly other than Swapna at C'ville I cant say I will miss anyone else from there, thats not at Dod. And luckily I have Swapna on Google Chat.

What prompted me is it seems as of late its becoming more and more like Alice in Wonderland over there....People faking their deaths, good one you friggin lunatic!, People who call themselve Christains but seem to take great pleasure in women being raped, saying she asked for it, and lets not forget another someone who calls herself a Christian complaining, being judgmental, and using "idle words" all to often, look it up it's a biblical term. She sees fit to bash minorities as well as gays.....I am a minority, I am neither hetero nor homosexual.....I figure you love who you love....this is not a statement of Bi-sexuallity, I do loves me some sexy men.....for those with an open mind you will know what I mean.

I don't envy Donna, Tiffany or Julie....their jobs are getting tougher and tougher, seems everyone is overly senitive or overly "rightous"...Kudos to you ladies, you rock! This goes for the Mods as well.

Life is good people....and I don't want to waste any of my presicous friendship forming moments on people that will like me only if I conform to their ideas...

For the record, Donna the reason you can't get pregnant is you and your husband are too fucking fat to bump uglies.

This is my blog I can say what I damn well please.

If you find me mean....leave, don't come back....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling Like A Dick.....

Yeah...that's me! Okay potty minds I mean a private dick, a detective....think Bogey, remember when dick was a good word?

Ummm yeah and I sorta feel like a regular old dick too....can girls be called dicks?

Anywho.....I have been on a low....highs/lows...highs, good..lows, bad!

But some recent delevopements over at the Ville got my mojo flowing! I love me some detective work and now I got me some!!! Okay so I still have a shit load of projects sitting here to do, some are paying jobs people!!!! And then I have many upon many packages for friends here....I have got to mail them!!!
Anyway back to the detective work....the long and short of it is....a liar, a gang of dick-ish women (you know who you are!) and the uncovering of the BS! How fun! Anywho, here's to finding the truth! *Raises dt. pepsi can in the air*

The other dickish (the bad dick) part is this.....not mailing those damned packages.....and finding out only just NOW Deneen has been in the hospital....not been reading blogs I am afraid! One failure I never wanted to achieve is being a lousy friend even via the net....and lately I have been doing that leaps and bounds....Not just been neglectful of Deneen either..but several more people....I have no excuse other than I just have been out of sorts....not good enough I know! Fingers crossed I may actually be able to leave the house this weekend for more than a quick grocery store run.....The Offspring have asked to go to a Foward Fest put on by The Art Council...I really got to psyche up for getting out there...I can do it...can't I?

Be well.....

Edited to add my horoscope for the day....interesting , no?

You'll be torn now -- between keeping yourself absolutely, one hundred percent silent, and letting absolutely everything you know be known. What a decision. The culprits behind your dilemma, of course, are conversational Mercury and all-or-nothing Pluto, who've settled together in your house of communication, working together with the solar eclipse, the mother of all astrological energies, urging you to make a decision. Once you've made it, don't waffle. Let the rest of the world play games. You're above that. Right?

HAHA...above what again?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Howdy Stranger

Okay first, put down your stones and clubs...I know I said I was gonna send pressies/packages out as soon as I got to the city (during the open hours of the post)....well I haven't made it yet....

Things are so whack here.....I swear if I could take a vacation even via a coma at this point I would......SIGH...I know woe is me...boohoo!

Long and short my craft room nay my and hubby's craft shop (read: two br, one bathroom, huge woodshop build on, mobile home, completely refurbished)is now being packed away...all my walls of yarn and fabric and painting stuff to be tucked away or dropped at goodwill as I have no where else to house it. I am looking into having a "cottage" looking shop built nearer the main house but it's costly. Anyway I am sad and pissed and even more than that I feel guilty and a shit for feeling sad and pissed. I know I am a selfish ass.....But on the up side my grandmother is moving in to it so she will be close....I really have missed her since she moved to Colorado, she is after all my mama, she raised me so she is even if she didnt push me out. Shes a fairly healthy independent 72 year old. Infact she is in Vegas partying like it's 1999 as I type this. I just hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

I am also working on that book list.....meaning today I am making the list with links to read about them and once they are claimed I will register them with bookcrossing and then mail them out. HA, yea when next I get to the city. Geeez, I sound like Blimpy with his friggin "I will gladly pay you on Tuesday"....

Thus is my recent new life path as a slug....I am pushing many deadlines with this new slug routine.I have a baby quilt I was trying to get over to Beth for the friggin silent auction....ummmmm it's cut and sitting on the sewing table. I have a gourd ready to be painted....sitting beside my bed, no paint no nothing, but it *is* ready. And I signed up for that damned stole swap over at the 'Ville, cuz I am just so smart like that....and now can find not one pattern that pulls me in, wait that is a lie I found one but the yarn would cost over $100.This is gonna sound mean but I can't see sending a $100-$200 item to someone I don't know. Mean? Oh well thems the facts of my truth. If it were to be a gift for a friend or family member, not a problem at all. Yea, once again I am a selfish as...sigh!

On to good not so whine stuff.....Last night we had to go to one side of the city and we happened upon a petition signing thingy for Kinky Friedman....he is so friggin funny, gotta love a jewish cowboy, anywho I went over to sign the petition and there was a dude sitting at the table wearing a crocheted hat...made of wool ease, I asked him who crocheted his hat for him and he said one of the radio personality ladies did for a fund raiser they have yearly. She makes them he buys them. I said cool I make those...he said I will be here next Saturday all day bring me some of your hats please I really need more....HELLO! A radio dude wants a hat plushe works for the Kinky Friendman for governor campaign. I read his books, I eat his salsa, I totally got a groovy luv for him for his animal rescue ranch in Austin, so why not vote for him?

So here is to hoping I get all done this coming week I need to plus get to the post before I need a loan to mail this shit...LOL

Deneen, Jane and a special someone you are in my thoughts...

Be well y'all and if you are interested in the free books list just drop me an email at simplewitchery at gmail dot com....will be sent in the order of the emails received....Thanx!