Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And Then....

So I have a new home now.....check it out.

I really like the option for wordpress....I like the catagories and the ease at which to add links. Still working on adding some of you guys plus the webrings.

I need to say one thing then moving on to my new digs, my new outlook and hopefully my new tude.

First, I do not feel too awfully bad about any mean things I have said, I know I should but I don't. I can't take them away anyway, they aready have life and either hurt someone or pissed them off or both.

I do find I don't like me much lately....never had a problem with being honest, still don't, but now I am just down right mean when it comes to pointing out someones, what I believe, to be their wrongs or their cruelty.

Now the way I figure it is, find the old me who was upfront but not so vile or keep on keeping on with this mean bitch I am toting around. Those that have been with me since I have started blogging will have noticed the change as of late. So whats the root of my slipping over to the darkside....being unhappy someplace but hating to leave because I might lose the couple of firendships I have developed there. Solution? Getting the hell out of Dodge. Does this mean no snarky comments? Hell no....but I need to work on my delievery of said snarkiness! LOL

Anyway hoping for a fresh new blog life and online life....dumping the garbage and moving on.....

This is in no way condemming those that are a bit more bitchy than even I...you know who ya are...LOL, I likes ya the way ya are. This in no way apologizes for those few creeps over at the place I left, it's was becoming anti- everything....and although I havent brought this up before but it was a tad...ummmm how do I say this, "Americans Only"...Diversity rocks folks....the internet has countries? Whodda thunk it?

The whole downfall was dirty pool....

*Dusting myself off*....now lets get on with weird observations, odd news stories, social commentary, talk of family and critters and oh yeah, creation! And I miss Dawn , she's way above my bitchiness...maybe I can lull her back now LOL, a girl can dream.

Now where's Swapna? LOL I need a dry humour, editor friend....

Perhaps I am drunk and will awaken and wonder who the heck typed this....you think?


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