Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling Like A Dick.....

Yeah...that's me! Okay potty minds I mean a private dick, a detective....think Bogey, remember when dick was a good word?

Ummm yeah and I sorta feel like a regular old dick too....can girls be called dicks?

Anywho.....I have been on a low....highs/lows...highs, good..lows, bad!

But some recent delevopements over at the Ville got my mojo flowing! I love me some detective work and now I got me some!!! Okay so I still have a shit load of projects sitting here to do, some are paying jobs people!!!! And then I have many upon many packages for friends here....I have got to mail them!!!
Anyway back to the detective work....the long and short of it is....a liar, a gang of dick-ish women (you know who you are!) and the uncovering of the BS! How fun! Anywho, here's to finding the truth! *Raises dt. pepsi can in the air*

The other dickish (the bad dick) part is this.....not mailing those damned packages.....and finding out only just NOW Deneen has been in the hospital....not been reading blogs I am afraid! One failure I never wanted to achieve is being a lousy friend even via the net....and lately I have been doing that leaps and bounds....Not just been neglectful of Deneen either..but several more people....I have no excuse other than I just have been out of sorts....not good enough I know! Fingers crossed I may actually be able to leave the house this weekend for more than a quick grocery store run.....The Offspring have asked to go to a Foward Fest put on by The Art Council...I really got to psyche up for getting out there...I can do it...can't I?

Be well.....

Edited to add my horoscope for the day....interesting , no?

You'll be torn now -- between keeping yourself absolutely, one hundred percent silent, and letting absolutely everything you know be known. What a decision. The culprits behind your dilemma, of course, are conversational Mercury and all-or-nothing Pluto, who've settled together in your house of communication, working together with the solar eclipse, the mother of all astrological energies, urging you to make a decision. Once you've made it, don't waffle. Let the rest of the world play games. You're above that. Right?

HAHA...above what again?


Blogger Deneen said...

DO NOT beat yourself up over anything with me woman-I mean it.

As for being a dick-I did that with two members last year and I have to tell you, it took over my days til I could prove they were scammers, but damn felt good afterwards. I immediately got that "bad vibe" feeling I get when I know something is off. One of them I let go a few weeks, but then another member PM'd me with a kinda complaint question about the same person, I was off like a rocket!

I must get caught up on all the drama-I hate not knowing, even if I don't know the person.


6:39 AM  
Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

hmm bad friend. .i think not!

out of sorts is in my book a really good reason for things to be as theyare ..

contacting police and sheriff i as we speak.. will keep every one posted..

8:46 AM  

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