Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Round The Net

In all the time I live online I on occassion run across something that others might find interesting....

So just wanted to share a few finds with ya....

I have yet to dye any yarns...however, that doesn't stop me from looking and putting yarn dying on my "to-do" list. So you can imagine my information overload and the fires of "wanna do" being stoked when I saw this site. The Peruvian Tweeds are totally yarngasmic...I found that link on StitchinGirl, which, I read daily.

I ran across this over at would so do vulgar things if I thought it would get me THAT shawl....however once I laid my eyes upon the said shawl...I am again feeling the need to get my boo-tay in gear and learn to knit! I may have to hire this one out...Cuz I need it NOW! Also going on over at Elann's is a knitting design contest thingy....Yes, I know they sorta , or it seems, they sorta are looking down their noses at crochet...But still anyone who can knit should give it a go....we are talking $200....think of the yarn you could buy! On the design contest page is the back view of the shawl I am lusting after.

OT, but ya know I wish that people would/could put their fave colours or smells or sizes somewhere on their wishlist. It would make things so much easier. Often time I have wanted to send something but unsure of size, colour choices, etc. Yes I *could* ask them, but then that takes the fun out of sending things sneaky like. I don't think its being picky or demanding by making sure you get what you truly want....Yes, its the giving that counts but I for one would feel better about sending something if I knew it would actually be used. I sent a number of scarves and hats to family and friends and feel obligated to say, if ya don't want to use it please donate it to a local chairty of your choice, please do not let it go to waste for fear of hurting my feelings if you don't want to hang onto it...Would much rather it be used than tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

Deneen, I hope you are well....same to you Jane and Jo. Swapna you never visit anymore, what's up? LOL Dawn and Kimberly, hey and neither Lynlee show their faces anymore...HMMMM...Damn you Beth! I have been reading labels all friggin morning after your latest blog post! OMG, I haven't even really slept yet! Okay roll call, is it role call or roll call? anyhoo it's done...if I left you off don't feel bad just means you got in under radar THIS time...muhahahaha, hey what the hell does that even mean? Looks like it's way past time for me to go night-night! Be well....


Blogger MrsFife said...

Oye, don't you read your PMs, lady? I axed you an important question. And how am I supposued to "visit" when you're never around or invisible when around? *Snort*

Oh, and send me the yarn and the needles, and I'll do that shawl for you (it might help me master circular knitting)

8:35 AM  
Blogger Kari said...

omg that shawl is gorgeous!

hmmm, what kinda vulgar things?

8:54 AM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

I love that shawl too, I think I am up for some knitting now.
It seems I keep missing you when your on.

9:02 AM  
Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

that shawl IS nice .. now i need to learn how to knit "holes" in my stuff .. hehe..

and yeah i am evil.. but damn a girl has to do what a girl has to do ..

i am a label reader usually but this was my one luxury and by god i had to give it up .. ugh!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

I could while away the hours, purlin' with da circ'lars, droppin stitches left and right, And my head, I'd be scrachin' While tryin' to read the pattern, As I tried to learn to knit!

Bad, I know. But its late, I'm tired, and I can't knit worth a darn so I can't help you on the scarf...wish I could!

Oh! My labels are in French or Flemish and they don't put nutritional info on do they all manage to stay skinny over here????

5:10 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Okay Swapna I WILL send the supplies.....the hunt is on for DK weight something with very little or no wool.

I do read my I awake when I read them thats something different all together!

Kari...vulgar can mean things that even the Vivid video girls might be shocked at, LOL..

Priscilla I keep missing you too..and I havent signed onto AOL in ages...I am bad, sorry!

Beth I think that shawl might be worth learning to "knit holes" in your stuff!

Kimberly, I really got to learn to knit...I swear i am so drawn to it...but for some reason my knitting comprehension is nil and void....Where it's at?

I am probably overthingking it as usual and just making it harder than it has to be!

9:57 AM  
Blogger DAWN said...

I don't always show my face, but I do peep through the cracks;)

2:05 PM  
Blogger craftsbyjo said...

I got this catalog today called Patternworks (
and in it was all kinds of yarn, some are rather pricey--the most expensive one is called Helen's Lace for only a nere $52.00 a skein!!! Cordi, you are safe though, its 50% silk and 50% merino wool!! I almost had cardiac arrest when I saw the price!!

9:01 PM  

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