Friday, February 03, 2006


Warning: Mini rant!!!

So I joined the Hat-A-Long over at C'ville....yep I am THAT stupid. Thinking it would be fun to make one of my fave things with a group of people that seemingly enjoyed hats as much as I do... Yeah, I knew better.

I have always assumed my typed word was invisible to the eye of the general public...only a certain special and dare I say, blessed few can read my typing....

So having whined sufficently let me sum it all up for ya.....I posted here about a neat thing that I thought would be wonderful for the Hat-A-Long....the reason I brought this topic up in the thread is there was much banter back and forth about what to do with the stellar amount of 52 hats. Now seems the group only want to donate to BIG charities....Warm Up America, whatever...which is grand and all however thousands of folks already donate to those....Anyhoo guess I just don't get it...did they have to go along with my idea? Hell NO...would I have appreciated some props or feedback...HELL YES...selfish of me? Yes probably..Whiney of me...oh yes indeed....I love being in the back ground but I also want to be acknowledge when and if I choose to speak. So I am done wallowing in self pity now....SIGH. People and their fucking rose coloured glasses...

Jo, ISO means in search of and the pea crisp or a wonderful snack food...yummy.

The Old Man brought me home a yummy snack the other day....They are called Soy Crisp, by Quaker. Yeah I know sounds , ummmm, like caca but they were so yummy...totally rocked my sox for that crispity crunchity fix I need on occassion. I only tried the white cheddar flavour but looks like they have BBQ. Hey 8Ball, my OMs chihuahua, loved 'em too....Yes dogs DO eat out of cat boxes...maybe I shoulda not used her as a referrence.

Crochet wise....I completed another doily and itching to start my next but am obligated, per me, to make a shawl for my Aunty who really is like a mama to me in many ways. She spends most her time on planes with her job...coast to coast and then running her district of 3-4 states (Tx, NM, LA, and I think OK) thought a shawl might be a good thing. I also fell flat off the "no buying yarn diet" and bought 6 skeins of fishermen coloured wool ease for a project I have been dreaming of for a while....At least it has a purpose. I wanted something other than anything with wool in it...but frankly all the fishermen acrylic looked and felt like crap....

Foodie Friday will be posted by days end.

Let's secret pals for me...although I was tempted...but really I sucked at it and if I want to send someone something I just will...

Still working on that "artsy" thingy I discussed a while back....It shouldn't be complicated but...wording and is it full of lead and other concerns flood my two working brain cells....

Final thought...sometimes I wish I weren't agood witch....a word here , some energy there....sadly I would rejoice in my "sticking it to 'em"....TMI?


Blogger Wendy said...

Hmmm...I think you need a hug. My mini advice for you today, (take it or leave it) is to step away from the 'puter and go lose yourself in something fun.

3:57 PM  
Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

fuck 'em... you know .. that is all i can say .. ppl get wrapped up in their idea of making a difference and fail to see there are other ways to do it..

i prefer to give to smaller places simply because they ARE overlooked so much .. and you can have a more personal exchange.. i think they are losing out on a good opportunity ..

ps.. have had those bad witch thoughts myself lately

5:11 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

I feel your pain. When I do a charity thing, I choose my own charity to whom I am donating to, always a smaller, local group too. It's one of the reasons I don't sign up for the charity things on C'Ville-I want to control where my stuff goes.

I didn't do SP thing either, can be disappointing is all I will say.

Foodie Friday will be back. I have a recipe, just not a good day for me today.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

I just said to hubby this afternoon that I wished I was a bad witch so I could hex a person he and I don't like very much. LOL
Your choice of charities did give me something to think about.

9:44 PM  

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