Friday, February 03, 2006


With regards to my previous post....I feel fortunate that has been my biggest gripe all day....I take great pleasure that that was and is the only bullshit..drama...poor me shit going on...Sometimes I just feel raw and it shows...Noxema anyone? LOL

Also I lied....Foodie Friday may be posted tomorrow....

So like my grandmother, who is really my mama but thats neither here nor there called a few hours ago and we chatted....She's coming on to visit for a month and will be here Sunday or Monday...all the way from Colorado. I love my Nanny but thank the powers that be we got us a guest house....LOL Anyway we are just visiting and then she says "Oh by the way I got the girls (my offspring) some vibrators...GULP...HUH? Ahhhh, wow now that *is* progressive Nanny...I'm thinking but not saying....she's continuing to talk about the vibrators and I must admit I am sorta zoned out with all sorts of smart ass stuff building up in my pea picking brain to say. And then I hear her say all the girls (SIL,niece, and SIL's Mama) in the house have happy vibrating kitties now...AHHHHHH..GULP and GULP again. Okay so then I lost it, started laughing and couldnt stop. Mind you my grandmother although very hip in many ways and very much a free spirit again in many ways is the almost totally typical soft spoken, coy southern belle.....Needless to say she also got a case of the giggles. Bad, Nanny, bad. To clear up any questions....the kitties are plush and hold a vibrating thingy in them for you to sit behind you in a chair and stuff...very puritan.

Just sharing...:)


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