Monday, February 13, 2006

Quotable Me, Ponderments, Announcements, and Gratitude

I will start with the gratitude.....always a nice place to start!

First, I received a package from Natalie with some lovely Paton's Divine Yarn....I am working on a hush-hush project with the bits, piece and skeins folks have sent me. I appreciate it very much Natalie! Thanx!

Deneen also sent me a wonderful package with a crazy bohemian shawl and some of her buttah in it....I was totally wowed by this package....Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are really nice giving people out in the world...this was a big reminder....Thanx Deneen, you rock!

The last package I receive was from Yvonne....It had some t-shirts, a hardback book, ribbon, and dangley thingies that I know I will find something to do with! Thanx Yvonne! I hope you aint freezing way up there in MO....

Thanx to you all...

Quotable ponderments?

Why do people always say "Mr. and Mrs." and not "Mrs. and Mr."? Oh yes, I had forgotten, penis' before brains.

Catering to ones whining is like fanning the flames of a fire....

When one must count their value as to what material things they own, you have to wonder if their spirit has any value and at what cost will they sell their soul.


We have now had three dogs spayed this year!!! YAY!!! Three down, seven to go, to meet our years goal!

I sorta have been busy for a couple days working on a web site. I am so not diggin the template, however I am HTML impared so the easy web designer is the best I can do.
We hoped to launch a site by Spring 2006 and darn it time is flying by, isn't it?
Anyhoo we have the free service until the company receives our payment via snail mail for the premium service. Free don't look too bad as you can add shopping carts and such without upgrading. For a full year of premium service it's 40 buckaroos. When I owned a site a couple of years ago...I paid 10 bucks a month and rarely used any of my features. Enough blabbing....let me introduce The Magickal Acorn.

Have a great evening all!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Again...

Well if weirdness or odd ideas bothers you cast your eyes in another direction. Please, don't call a priest or demonologist.....I am fine, trust me, maybe.

I guess I should start by saying I have never ever felt I was born into the right time. This is not a "poor me- I don't fit in, boohoo"....indeed it's more of a wonderment. I have found as I have grown as a person and spiritual being this is so of quite a number of people, at least in the circles I sometimes run. I find the concept interesting and really and truly think it needs more investigation rather than being called silliness and brushed off.

I know, I can't be the only person in blogaritaville that feels this way.

I have had a past life reading half for fun and half to answer some dreams that have been with since I was a tot, perhaps born. The reading said that this birth is my first appearance on Earth since 1057 bc.....I however can't buy that. The reading also said I was a shaman type, male with a nomadic tribe in the what is now known as Nova Scotia. This reading did not answer my dreams questions....darn it all to the fiery pits of hell....

These dreams haunt me still and I wish I wouldn't close myself off from them when things get touchy {within the dreams} then I might be able to learn more so that I might investigate. I mean, crap, what's the internet for?

So,I know, I am rambling and probably not making much sense...but for some reason the dreams are becoming more frequent and taking a more of an emotional toll on me...I literally wake up sweating, crying and aching from the physical things "I" go through in this dream.

Tarot and runes...I won't tempt....for some reason I think I need to learn the meaning of the going ons myself with no interventions.

Please, know this isn't a plea for pity or what have you but a invitation to open discussion.

So, the main dream is this: I awaken within the dream to the smell of smoke....I have a long skirt on and shoes that make light tapping noises as I run. There are rushes under my feet on part of the halls. And in the rushes lay sleeping dogs. I can smell the flesh of some of the dogs burning and them yelping and whimpering...I run holding a long slip or dress in one hand and covering my mouth with the back of my other because I am gagging from the smells. I keep running and running but can't find my way out...then I wake up.

I have tried to look at this logically...HA, joke, I guess...but really let me pick it a bit apart for ya.....I was born in the year of the dog....maybe I am the burning dogs, who knows. I am not afriad of fire and rather am a pyro. I have an drive to save dogs, hence the animal rescue , now housing 15 dogs. When I was small this dream made me want to be a "dog doctor" I was two and held this desire until I was 17....So I wonder am I shaping the dream or it shaping me....and did something I saw when I was a tot burn itself into my cortex and I am reliving it again and again?

BTW, I am draw to SCA and enjoy many of the events. And when I am excited or sad...out of the blue since I was a anklebiter I have spoken with a Irish and Welsh accent.....Infact, the OM thought I was an Irish when we met, but I am German and Native American ethnically with a wee bit of Irish thats not enough to matter...

So was I born at the wrong time, or are these memories from a life past? I haven't a clue....Maybe I just have an overactive imagination....

Okay so I am probably madder than a who knows what but.....Ya know I take no meds, so it aint the drugs folks...LOL

Thoughts, idea, sharing are more than welcome.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Round The Net

In all the time I live online I on occassion run across something that others might find interesting....

So just wanted to share a few finds with ya....

I have yet to dye any yarns...however, that doesn't stop me from looking and putting yarn dying on my "to-do" list. So you can imagine my information overload and the fires of "wanna do" being stoked when I saw this site. The Peruvian Tweeds are totally yarngasmic...I found that link on StitchinGirl, which, I read daily.

I ran across this over at would so do vulgar things if I thought it would get me THAT shawl....however once I laid my eyes upon the said shawl...I am again feeling the need to get my boo-tay in gear and learn to knit! I may have to hire this one out...Cuz I need it NOW! Also going on over at Elann's is a knitting design contest thingy....Yes, I know they sorta , or it seems, they sorta are looking down their noses at crochet...But still anyone who can knit should give it a go....we are talking $200....think of the yarn you could buy! On the design contest page is the back view of the shawl I am lusting after.

OT, but ya know I wish that people would/could put their fave colours or smells or sizes somewhere on their wishlist. It would make things so much easier. Often time I have wanted to send something but unsure of size, colour choices, etc. Yes I *could* ask them, but then that takes the fun out of sending things sneaky like. I don't think its being picky or demanding by making sure you get what you truly want....Yes, its the giving that counts but I for one would feel better about sending something if I knew it would actually be used. I sent a number of scarves and hats to family and friends and feel obligated to say, if ya don't want to use it please donate it to a local chairty of your choice, please do not let it go to waste for fear of hurting my feelings if you don't want to hang onto it...Would much rather it be used than tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

Deneen, I hope you are well....same to you Jane and Jo. Swapna you never visit anymore, what's up? LOL Dawn and Kimberly, hey and neither Lynlee show their faces anymore...HMMMM...Damn you Beth! I have been reading labels all friggin morning after your latest blog post! OMG, I haven't even really slept yet! Okay roll call, is it role call or roll call? anyhoo it's done...if I left you off don't feel bad just means you got in under radar THIS time...muhahahaha, hey what the hell does that even mean? Looks like it's way past time for me to go night-night! Be well....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


So after visiting Kari's blog today and reading the latest hooplah going on in blogland........I got to thinking...HEY! No smartass comments people! Anyway I got to thinking like I said and I started wonder why I started on my road to blogging in the first place...What in the world made me say, "Lollie, exposing your feelings, words, random thoughts to the world (small or large), leaving yourself open for criticism and even scarier, at least in my point of view, possible friendships sounds like a hoot! Let's hang it all out there girl and see what, if anything happens!!!" Yeah I talk to me, so what? But like I was saying I was reflectin' and wonderin' as is my nature and do not recall even concidering what others might want to read. Frankly, who the friggin hell wants to read about my boring life and my sometimes illogical rants? So it started out as a way for me to talk to me....organize my thoughts and maybe gain insight in to things I felt or said at the time that might need more reflection later on.

Then when I told a online friend or two about my blog, they asked for the link, I gave it and I really enjoyed the feedback. I liked being able to say what I wanted or what I was feeling in my own words not prettied up and sugar coated and have them tell me what they thought or even better...not give an opinion but just be a noticible silent support...Nah, don't get me wrong, not a lot of weeping or poor me crap goes on but I think sometimes I have a weird view or a common view just one thats not often spoken of aloud.

So in my thinking back blogging was and is my medicine, my centre, my has been a way for me to be me, warts and all, and helped gain a knowledge of me thats has taken a long time to learn. Life is ever changing and that means we are not a constant being...we word can change how we feel about ourselve sometimes just for a moment sometimes for a lifetime...I am learning a self awareness that is a good self knowing...Blogging has allowed me to step out into the world in my own way. Not really being a social butterfly, this has become as much as my coffee table where friends and aquantiances can gather and leisurely sip coffee and visit...just like any livingroom in the world.

I don't think I should have to hide my thoughts, my feelings, my gifts or giving or try to be PC about every damn thing.... I am not here to cater to anyone but me....ME ME ME.....yeah, I said ME! If ya don't like what ya see move along.

Totally off topic but what does big old honking jewelry got to do with looks? Just curious...

Be well.....Exits singing The Offsprings...You Ain't The Boss Of Me!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Winners and Such

I got a few awful entries in my silly little contest....some a tad more horrid than the others....Okay so I only got three entries....HA! That's cool though...anyone familar with my pitiful excuse for contests know I try to give everybody who participates something....So thank you Deneen, Beth and Swapna.....I only was able to get my hands on 2 knit calendars so I will send those to the first two *D&B* who sent their find to me and then the third *S* I will send something, no fear!

Also Foodie Friday is once again delayed...yeah, I know, I suck. Still working on it.

Okay, not really into blogging today or the past few days but didn't want to leave anyone hanging about the horrid contest thingy.

Foodie Friday coming up soon, pics of FOs and an idea, think, mystery box....

Have a good one all....

Friday, February 03, 2006


With regards to my previous post....I feel fortunate that has been my biggest gripe all day....I take great pleasure that that was and is the only bullshit..drama...poor me shit going on...Sometimes I just feel raw and it shows...Noxema anyone? LOL

Also I lied....Foodie Friday may be posted tomorrow....

So like my grandmother, who is really my mama but thats neither here nor there called a few hours ago and we chatted....She's coming on to visit for a month and will be here Sunday or Monday...all the way from Colorado. I love my Nanny but thank the powers that be we got us a guest house....LOL Anyway we are just visiting and then she says "Oh by the way I got the girls (my offspring) some vibrators...GULP...HUH? Ahhhh, wow now that *is* progressive Nanny...I'm thinking but not saying....she's continuing to talk about the vibrators and I must admit I am sorta zoned out with all sorts of smart ass stuff building up in my pea picking brain to say. And then I hear her say all the girls (SIL,niece, and SIL's Mama) in the house have happy vibrating kitties now...AHHHHHH..GULP and GULP again. Okay so then I lost it, started laughing and couldnt stop. Mind you my grandmother although very hip in many ways and very much a free spirit again in many ways is the almost totally typical soft spoken, coy southern belle.....Needless to say she also got a case of the giggles. Bad, Nanny, bad. To clear up any questions....the kitties are plush and hold a vibrating thingy in them for you to sit behind you in a chair and stuff...very puritan.

Just sharing...:)


Warning: Mini rant!!!

So I joined the Hat-A-Long over at C'ville....yep I am THAT stupid. Thinking it would be fun to make one of my fave things with a group of people that seemingly enjoyed hats as much as I do... Yeah, I knew better.

I have always assumed my typed word was invisible to the eye of the general public...only a certain special and dare I say, blessed few can read my typing....

So having whined sufficently let me sum it all up for ya.....I posted here about a neat thing that I thought would be wonderful for the Hat-A-Long....the reason I brought this topic up in the thread is there was much banter back and forth about what to do with the stellar amount of 52 hats. Now seems the group only want to donate to BIG charities....Warm Up America, whatever...which is grand and all however thousands of folks already donate to those....Anyhoo guess I just don't get it...did they have to go along with my idea? Hell NO...would I have appreciated some props or feedback...HELL YES...selfish of me? Yes probably..Whiney of me...oh yes indeed....I love being in the back ground but I also want to be acknowledge when and if I choose to speak. So I am done wallowing in self pity now....SIGH. People and their fucking rose coloured glasses...

Jo, ISO means in search of and the pea crisp or a wonderful snack food...yummy.

The Old Man brought me home a yummy snack the other day....They are called Soy Crisp, by Quaker. Yeah I know sounds , ummmm, like caca but they were so yummy...totally rocked my sox for that crispity crunchity fix I need on occassion. I only tried the white cheddar flavour but looks like they have BBQ. Hey 8Ball, my OMs chihuahua, loved 'em too....Yes dogs DO eat out of cat boxes...maybe I shoulda not used her as a referrence.

Crochet wise....I completed another doily and itching to start my next but am obligated, per me, to make a shawl for my Aunty who really is like a mama to me in many ways. She spends most her time on planes with her job...coast to coast and then running her district of 3-4 states (Tx, NM, LA, and I think OK) thought a shawl might be a good thing. I also fell flat off the "no buying yarn diet" and bought 6 skeins of fishermen coloured wool ease for a project I have been dreaming of for a while....At least it has a purpose. I wanted something other than anything with wool in it...but frankly all the fishermen acrylic looked and felt like crap....

Foodie Friday will be posted by days end.

Let's secret pals for me...although I was tempted...but really I sucked at it and if I want to send someone something I just will...

Still working on that "artsy" thingy I discussed a while back....It shouldn't be complicated but...wording and is it full of lead and other concerns flood my two working brain cells....

Final thought...sometimes I wish I weren't agood witch....a word here , some energy there....sadly I would rejoice in my "sticking it to 'em"....TMI?