Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Name That...ummm Business?

First, I want to say thank you to the wonderful people that sent me gifties for the Holiday season...Jane, Jo, Lynlee, Swapna, Vicki, and various anon. elfies....Thanx for all the goodies they are so much appreciated! I know some of you gave when you had very little to give and it is very touching and means a ton to me.

I am still sending out gifts both personal and of the elfie vareity. Something are on back order, can you believe that? Psst plus I am still making things! ARGHHH!
Who says it has to be there right on Dec. 25 th? HUH?

Okay for those that feel confident that they know me....I would love for you all to participate in a little game of sorts....E-mail me at Simplewitchery(at)gmail(dot)com with the name YOU think we (DH and I and the offspring) should name our new web site....Our old one was called Cozy Den....not really us per se but it was nice...
The site will sell items we hand make on our farm, window jewelry, birdhouse, Goddess art, rag quilts (very hippie not country-ish), homemade bath salts and milk bath and antler runes....Jewelry and other misc items...
So e-mail me and let me know what ya think....

Also photos have been added to my album, take a look!

Off too crochet more and complete of one of two quilts at the finishing line!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Around The Net

I've been purging my bookmark list and thought I'd post some of the things I've found. Granted some are lame but ya never know what might catch your eye..

Eons ago I used to get this newletter called, well Contest Newsletter, I ordered it through Publishers Clearing House...I can no long find it, YET...but did find this not sure if you got to fill out a billion things but there it is... What was cool about CN was that they listed contest and sweepstakes going on with companies and the requirements...and it was really worth it, got a free roll of paper towels, a strawberry short cake dolly, a troll doll, film, plastic bags etc....the cool thing is I limited me to 3 entries and so 3 stamps was well worth the goodies....

Here is a link for free Catalogs.

Here is a free eBooks link.

Here are some free online courses.

Probably of interest only to me but, check this out.

Pagan business directory.

I signed up for this and really want to do this, however not sure enough in any of my skills (or lack of?) to go forward with it.

Here is a site I visit often.

Well thats the end of the tour today...trust me that isnt anywhere near all...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Season Greetings!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!

Eating, drinking, visiting and taking loads of pics!

Our plans for the day are simple....a meal, CSI (3rd season on DVD), simple and no chaos! All our family lives states away and our friend, yes only one, is a sheriffs deputy and has got to work too, we usually run him a plate up to the SD.... Well of course after The Old Man gets home from work, which should be between 7 am and 1pm....Poor bloke had to work tonight, but then again he works 7 days a week...We already gave the offspring their Yule giftie, last week...$50.00 bucks each, cold hard cash...thats what I'm talking about!

My list did pretty good...I have a few items left to make...but have a few days to get them in the mail....

I now find myself with a problem, however. I want to make a stole or shawl out of Lino Brand Mohair Blend (I think its discontinued) there 3 balls and each ball weighs 4.5 ozs. I am having trouble finding an appropriate pattern...Any and all suggestions would so rock!

Have a wonderful day and remember don't be a dumbass and drink and drive...

Friday, December 23, 2005


So I've gotten a few emails in recent months asking an assortment of questions...sometimes I reply, sometimes I don't, not because I don't want to but because I'm lazy....HA, honesty, gotta love it!

Question number one: Why do you have so many things listed on your Amazon wishlist and do really expect people to buy you these things?

Answer: I have so many things listed because I am a greedy bitch and I like crap. And no, I do NOT expect anyone to purchase all or any of those things for me. But I have found it's easier to have a wishlist link to point friends and family to if and when they feel like gifting me anything. And it also allows me a place to make myself a list and remove things as I purchase them for myself. Please note that we are a family of 4 humans, or something akin to humans and that list is stuff we all have chosen.

Question two: How come you have kids if you don't like kids? Does this mean you don't like/love your kids?

Answer: It's called sex, unprotected sex and thirteen years of marriage to the spawn of Satan. Long story short, I am infertile...out of 5 pregnancies and 6 children I have two living, the last two hung around, decided that old uterus wasnt such a bad place I guess: Wrong or right I fell into the "whats wrong with you can't you have a kid trap"....Do I hate children, NO, do I like the time they consume and the care they require NO....I love mine and can never ever think of living without them however I know that although I am a functional mother I am not mama material for small humans. And for those that remember my adoption dilemia not long ago, I still dont want to be a babies mama per se, but I am comfortable being a mama to older children and feel thats where my strength lies. So a few less kids with no stablity out of the foster care system seemed like a good idea to me...I can so do the teen mama thing. Okay onward.....Please no one say you're sorry...things happen, and for good reason...

question three:
Why dont you post all the things you make?

Why should I? LOL...I make something daliy. I am like a cat I do what I want when I damn well please...sometimes I feel like posting my art/crap other times I, don't..simple, eh?

Question four:
Why do you cuss so much?

Cause sometimes ya just gotta say fuck...'nuff said!

I think thats it for today....keep the questions coming peeps...gives me somethign to mull over!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Years End

As the end of the year approaches, almost all humans sit back and reflect on the year past....hopefully wind up loose ends, etc... Make new goals and plans for the year to come....So in the spirit of all posted above......

This year on my blog I am almost sure I spoke of plans and wanna dos... So to wind up loose ends:

There will be No pagan chairity group.....

My welsh lessons are NOT....still looking for cds and the true desire...I wanna but it just aint happening.

Things that are happening:

crocheting like a mad woman

practicing my pattern writing skills

Got a crochet pattern accepted for publication

Made promises that I kept (ie: to friends, to family and to organizations)

Closed my old website, to start anew

Goals for this coming year (thus far):

Open a new web site

Be proud of what I create even if it don't FIT into the norm and gain the abilty to accept compliments that are on a very personal level

Not be afraid to take the first step toward friendship even if it comes to nothing

To try to go to a crochet meet up and not panic at the door....

Things Im grateful for:

A home

Each day with my children

That I cant have more offspring

Friends, especially those that take me as I am warts and all

BLOGS, gotta love outlets

Discovering "good" yarn

Books that take you on journeys

Doggy kisses

There ya have it....


So Beth now is burning at the stake, you mean heifer, how dare you speak the truth!?
Ya know for people that love drama C'ville is THE place to be.... think about the cast of characters they have....The mean upstart, the martyr (heaven knows no other family in American or the world for that matter has to live that life or one much much worse), we have a whole big ass chorus imbeciles, assuming that evey topic thats posted is about THEM....very defensive when no one has even indicated anything they may have posted!!

I am avoiding posting in THE thread of the moment....I wanna really, really bad...but really does it matter? It's a no win situation. People love "Woe-is-me"...they LOVE it, getting all up in it and wallowing around like a bunch of flithy pigs....The balance is tilted now in the favor of poor mes....

That break is looking very, very nice right about...

Let's see over the past month I have sent many, many X_mas wishlist things, no reply at all, Raoks, no replies at all...AGAIN! Yet I see these people running around posting....One item getting lost in the mail, yep thats logical, two, uh huh, plausible, 10 or more I doubt it....

BTW this is my last angry post about C'ville....sadly I used love the place, for real, would run over to see what was up first thing in the morning , well morning to me which is noonish, HA. If something is making me this worked up one of two things need to happen, I leave at least for a while or I adjust my thinking and just accept that these "poor mes" now have the run of the board...

I rarely share myself even in my blog....My life is mine until I share it one on one with those I have built a trust with, you few know who you are, and it takes me time to open up....even with those I feel a connection. I blink off the radar on occassion, some know where I am at these times, and sometimes ya don't...
I know, I know we all do things differently, we all handle emotions in our own way, but let me tell ya when the mundane parts of ones life is as heavy with drama as some of these people I would be scared to move from the chair! Wonder how they would handle a real crisis....

I close this post with this: For some people its a struggle to get out of bed everyday, there are some people that are faced with the death of their child every fucking day, there are some people that have never had a "home" until their thirty's, there are some people that live in chronic pain, there are people that give and give and everyone only wants more and it wears them down until death is more welcoming than life....there are people that can't go too town without the fear of panic attacks......there are people that their social life and only friendships are those they have online....as shitty as these things are for some people they smile every fucking day, they laugh every fucking day, cause as shitty as things are they know it could be so much worse....

Blessed Winter Solstice, Yule , Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Non-Holiday for you friendly neighbourhood Atheist....

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper....
You come across as having a twisted creative mind
and a liking for the dark. You are dark and
mysterious. You also have a very strong moral
outlook on life and are quite smart. Probably
a good person with a wild side or a wild person
with a good side. Either way. You can be
entertaining without using substances either.

Which rockstar are you like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmmm, odd, seems we have the same haircut! Amazing!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Recently I've been browsing Amazon...I heart Amazon, although the shipping prices confuse the ever-loving crap out of me! And I came across something perfect for Lady Lino....Check this out!

I also tried those Snow Pea Crisp Beth and Deneen are always on about, haha always, addicts....let me tell ya YUMMY! I ate the whole friggin bag, all by myself! Hey for a buck sixty-nine I see me buying many many more bags! Hurry, grocery shopping day hurry and get here! The same company also make shrimp flavored crisp! However, I got to share my fave chippy type snack, they are made of taro root...Very yummy, you can purchase taro chips by themselves or a mixed bag with nice crunchy sweet potato chips and beet chips... YUMMY~

Ya know what I would love to see... a crochet book review club....really, think about it. A group of crocheters, say 10-12 review crochet books by reading, checking availablity of the yarn or reasonable subs, and the ease of which a pattern is made. Sound nutty? Or is there something dedicated just for that purpose?

So I'm thinking I might need a break from C'ville....I notice a ton of "poor me" post as of late and frankly they are making me sick....If I see one more "I'm having a bad day" post I think I'll puke...Ya know if I posted everytime I have a shitty day or someone blinked wrong in my direction, I'd be posting all day! GGGEEEEZ!
I'll see this swap through then take a break...Ive avoided joining swaps for this very reason...

This will also allow me time to get my site up and going. Plus Empress Busy Bee, gosh I dont even know her real name!, Anywhoo she made some awesome buttns for the "Lopsided Boobie Club" I kid ya not....She did it for nothing! Cool huh? I will post them tomorrow after I get the blog up for it.

Hey whens X-mas wishlist officially over?

Some Yule gifties went out yesterday...more to follow this weekend!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Rally 'round sisters of the hook....kindred spirits of yarn....please send very strong "hold your tongue" vibes my way....serious. I feel the need to speak my mind and it won't be nice if that happens.

I leave you this thought...Lying is as much etched in somes souls as giving and care in the souls of others....Lying my not be a mark against morality but its a offense against humankind....

Gifting and generousity spill over with births, deaths, and unions...some take advantage of these giving times.

Sigh, I'm done...putting away my soapbox!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Unlike the previous listage...this is what I have left to do.

Scarves: 2
Shawls: 4
Slippers: 2
Shrugs: 3
caps: 2
ponchos: 1
purses: 1
Quilts: 2
Blankets: 2
Doilies: 4
Misc jewelry

Will I get it all done.....NOPE...am I gonna try, YEP! Go me Go me!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Hmmmmmm, mysterious?

So I got to thinking...yes, I know dangerous ground eh? But after taking that quiz blog thingy about me orbs I thought why not show my REAL eyeballs....Do they look alluring and mysterious? Ahem, yes you may type...be kind, I am old and notice the little twinkle in them pupils? That's insanity....don't mess with insanity. Seen Kill Bill, that's all I'm saying!

Couple notes: I have made a bit of progress on my to do list. I also want to apologize for my whining a few post back, probably some stupid female crap caused it, who knows....but I will try to keep myself in check and be my old cynical self! HUZZAH!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Misc. Fun

Your 2005 Song Is

Beverly Hills by Weezer

"My automobile is a piece of crap
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me"

You breezed through 2005 in your own funky style!

Your Eyes Should Be Violet

Your eyes reflect: Mystery and allure

What's hidden behind your eyes: A quiet passion

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Parting is such sweet sorrow....

Speaking ones mind, even if the words are laced with kindness and nothing mean spirited is said....sometimes causes one to lose what they believe to be friends.

I wanna cry but ya know I don't know if I am more sad about the fact of losing them or the fact that I allowed myself to believe in a friendship that apparently wasnt real...

Wanna know something? Even though this person and I have a total different paths in life and in faith and now its apparent they would never be able to see or defend me or my faith...I would still fight and die for their right to follow a God I dont believe in....Yea, yea, sounds dramatic but very much the truth.

Peace and open heart to all...Im out for a bit..

Things and Stuff

Listening too: AB Quintanilla & Kumbia Kings
Reading: Meditations and teachings of Buddah
Grateful for: Life in general
Eating/drinking: Diet pepsi laced with massives amounts of aspartame
Concerns: Friends who are ill
Material Desire: a kick ass commerical stove and oven
Non-material desire: eloquence
Disappointments: my weight, gained like you wouldnt believe...damn steroids, didnt notice until I tried on some of my corsets...yea I am a corset loving fool would wear them daily if I could....gotta get things in hand

On to other things! Lynlee posted an interactive meme on her blog...I have no intention of "doing you" but here are her thoughts on me as promised:
Here is a quote of part of her post:

Meme de Interactive
1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2) I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3) I'll pick a flavor/color of jello to wrestle with you in.
4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7) I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.
And here are her answers for me:


1. You have animals. Lots of animals. And yarn.
2. Children's Totem Chant by Spiral Rhythm - cuz, it's just so you.
3. Cherry. Make that Black Cherry.
4. We've only shared a few private things - and I won't repeat them here.
5. On the 'Ville, readin' your blog, then going to the bead shop and thinking, "OMG - I HAVE to make that for Cordi!" Caught me totally off guard.
6. Packrat? hehe
7. You read a lot... So if you had to recommend 3 books for me to read - what would they be?

Well that's all folks, I will get back to ya Lynlee on the reads...only three means me thinking LOL....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Censorship? I think not!

Well...just to ruffle a few feathers, cuz ya know thats what I live for...Not really, but anyhoo...

Seems several folks are upset about prayer request being nixed over at a forum I live,I mean, visit...

I think what people are failing to realize is that the prayer request may start as "Pray for me or Keep me in your thoughts" but it rapidly turns into a preaching session. Do the prayer request bother me on a whole, nope...does it bother me that it turns into "Jesus will provide, leave it too Him" Well yea but only because the forum as a whole is very diverse and not all participants are Christians. Why not leave it at , "I will keep you in my thoughts, etc" We have Christians, Hindus, Buddahist, Pagans, Jews and on and on...which indeed makes the forum a magickal place....However as these few folks seem to be having a hard time dealing with what they think is a "new" rule, which it isn't, I can't help but wonder how THEY would react if the other religions voiced their prayer request in the name of their Deity?....Wonder how asking everyone to pray or preform a ceremony to The Goddess would go over, or to Ganesh or prehaps fast in the name of Buddah...

Do I pray? Yep! Do I meditate? Yep! Do I keep those in need close to my heart and their name on my lips? YES....But it's one thing to request comfort and another to preach.....

All and all this will not be resolved easily...I feel for the moderator that was brave enough to say something.....

People get a clue....The world is becoming more diverse and thankfully so....Look around not everyone prays to Jesus or God..but their heart and feeling behind their very own prayers/meditations in the name of whoever is not any less important or well-meaning....

If one is to share their beliefs then thusly they should be open to hearing and accepting others beliefs...but sadly this doesn't happen...While many demand they be the majority they refuse to "tolerate" others choice of faith...Again you have to wonder if the very people upset would be equally upset over someone "Thanking Allah"..... SIGH... Ya also gotta wonder if they'd be so pissed if a thread asking for prayers in the name of The Goddess were closed...or would they rally 'round and cheer?

Edited to add: It has been mentioned that those offended by prayer request should avoid the threads...and I did and have always avoided posting in them. I did read a few so that I too could keep those ill or in need of support in my thoughts. Also I was never ever offened by prayer request...I think the above post clearly states my personal objections. Allow them or not, no worries to me personally, but now I wonder will this topic ever die over at the forum? In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ye Gods Of Abundance!

So heres the dealio.....Does anyone really care?, Probably not...oh well! I gotta talk about it outloud.

I am SO friggin far behind. I got a few more orders and now am further behind than I wanted to be...whos fault is this you ask? Well mine of course. One, I can turn no one away...and two I'm tickled people actually want something I create and three....first time customers, gotta snag 'em and keep 'em interested don't I? and lastly I'm saving for my angora bunnies....so me likes the money! Why, oh why, can't they barter me bunnies for my work....saves a step ya know?

Here is my plea....family and friends if you are on my Yule list...your giftage will be late......does this mean you mean less than money...HELL NO...does this mean I know you are all very understanding and would never begrudge me the opportunity to sell things to reach my goal of a total working farm? (Been taking guilt lessons...did it work?)

I'm still plucking away fear ye not and nice lovely homemade goodies will arrive at your door step by Yule or shortly after...SIGH!

Im editting my list..if youve been following it there are some changes...its the post below.

Lynlee, hope you're well...did anyting come in the mail woman? I am so far behind on blogs....OY!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Okay back to my list...SIGH!

Scarves: 12 (update 11/26 ~8...11/27 ~7...12/1 ~6...12/6 ~4...12/11 ~5...12/12 ~4...12/15 ~3)
Shawls: 5/6 (update 11/26 ~ 4/5...12/12 ~ 3/4....)
Slippers: 2
Shrugs: 2/3***
cases: 3 (update 11/26 ~0....DONE)
caps: 1/3 (update 12/13~ 0/2...)
ponchos: 2/3 (update 11/26 ~ 1/2..12/1~0/1)
purses: 2/4 (update 11/26 ~ 0/2)
Quilts: 3/6
Blankets: 2
Doilies: 4*
Misc jewelry

The fractional looking numbers aren't fractions....The number in front of the / is what I must get done asap. The number after the / is the number I would like to get done before Yule. The number with the astrisk is something I really wanna do but not gonna bust my arse over. The number(s) after the ~ are what I have LEFT to do. Note these are things that have been ordered or requested, only a few are gifts for Yule and a couple of birthdays....UPDATE: I finished one shrug....its too small for the intended...so now its going to my little offspring.

1 Shrug