Saturday, December 24, 2005

Season Greetings!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!

Eating, drinking, visiting and taking loads of pics!

Our plans for the day are simple....a meal, CSI (3rd season on DVD), simple and no chaos! All our family lives states away and our friend, yes only one, is a sheriffs deputy and has got to work too, we usually run him a plate up to the SD.... Well of course after The Old Man gets home from work, which should be between 7 am and 1pm....Poor bloke had to work tonight, but then again he works 7 days a week...We already gave the offspring their Yule giftie, last week...$50.00 bucks each, cold hard cash...thats what I'm talking about!

My list did pretty good...I have a few items left to make...but have a few days to get them in the mail....

I now find myself with a problem, however. I want to make a stole or shawl out of Lino Brand Mohair Blend (I think its discontinued) there 3 balls and each ball weighs 4.5 ozs. I am having trouble finding an appropriate pattern...Any and all suggestions would so rock!

Have a wonderful day and remember don't be a dumbass and drink and drive...


Blogger Marvie said...

Go over to Dot's site and check out her new stole. Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I'm working on it right now in RH Symphony and it's looking great! I've used less than one ball of yarn so far and I'm just over half way through the project. Granted I dunno how your yarn compares, never even touched it ;) But it's the best suggestion I have lol.

Happy Holidays =)

2:57 AM  
Blogger Deneen said...

I have made two of these, one with Moonlight Mohair for myself and one using Moda Dea Dream (?).

Both I used a Q-hook and did the initial starting chain a tad longer. Both were done in less than a day.

The original pattern calls for two balls of Mohair 220 yards each. I didn't do the big fringe on the side cause I didn't have enough mohair, but did do a funky fringe all the way around the mohair one.

This is super easy and comes out great!

PS-what does your husband do that he works 7 days a week???? (No, I am not asking for another blog contest, just nosy)

5:11 AM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Thanx a ton ladies!

Marvie the yarn is called Lion Brand was then renamed imagine...which is now discontinued...I googled like a mad woman looking for that brand/make so I would know the "weight", 4, 5, 6, ya know?

Deneen The Old Man is a Manager in the Circulation dept at our closest city's newpaper...great job....5-6 hours a night usually but the trade off is 7 days a week.

He soon will be a pencil pusher of sorts as of the first week of January he will be a district manager....meaning the area the paper delivers too is divided into sections, some hunderds of miles large, some city blocks..there are 6 districts...he will get one of those that he will run, hiring, firing, and making contracts. Its a perfect job for him...His fave part is going out and driving a route and seeing how he can improve on it , like cutting off miles, or reworking it so its an easier flow with easier directions...sounds silly I guess to some but he loves it and I love that he loves it..
Salary plus per diem can't beat that...
Just think, he was a chef for 13 years...what a change!

11:57 AM  

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