Saturday, April 23, 2005

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This purse was suppose to be a trimmed pair of jeans, but as you see that didn't happen. The little pouch in the corner is a rune bag, yes another one LOL.

I am knitting mentally challenged....I can not knit. I got this little kit with needles and a booklets and even some lovely soft cotton yarn. I felt so acomplished cuz I got the yarn on the needles!!! But after that I lost it...I need a knitting book for beginners written in blonde. I can't understand why the knitting section of my brain does not function. I can crochet, sew, paint, and other crap, WHY CAN I NOT KNIT!!!!???

Well I'll keep trying surely before I bite it I will catch on....Maybe.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Being Crafty SUX

It does....yes it does....nanana booboo you can't tell me different. I know I live it day after day. Here is why it sux; everyday just doing everyday crappy mundane crap I see things that NEED tweeking or get an idea I want to run with..Oh but thats wonderful you say, NA-AH no it ain't. I have a table of projects yet to be completed and I am already dreaming of more. Like at 4:30 am yesterday I am laying in bed, I was trying to read Edgar Alan Poe AGAIN, looking up at my ceiling and eyeballing that awful glass light fixture thingy. You know those ones that are sorta plate looking with things that look similar to wheat on them and the wheat bits are clear and the rest is frosted? Yes thoooooooooooose. Well as I am looking at the friggin thing I started thinking, I know dangerous, shhh Im telling a story, I can do this and that and at each idea up to about the 5th one I poopooed the ideas, and then like a light busting through clouds it hit me....I am gonna cover that plate thingy with tissue paper and glue it in funky bits and glue a snap to the twist hold on thing and on that snap I will add the other half of the snap on a crimson rose and little bits of black ribbon....Oh yes,yes thats it!!! I mean it will go with our bedroom and I should be excited right? Well I haven't the items to do the project ,YET...but I will and in doing this project I will even more behind on my project I keep putting off. Sometimes I wish there were two of me, but if there were I would find me interesting and only sit and talk to me and drink coffee with me and alas nothing would get done thus defeating the purpose. If I drink coffee with me does that mean double the caffine?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tye Dye Rag Quilt

I gotta say I love rag quilts. They are super fast, easy and you don't have to be a seamtress. And with Batiks on the market the color combos are endless...The rag quilt in the picture was made in about 8 hours that includes cutting time. Its about twin size. I wanted to make stars on each block, but decided for a quick and easy X, from corner to corner. I have yet to make a flannel rag quilt but have one in the works that is Homespun blues with a blue flannel backing. I like the funkier colors myself, tye dye, and I have started a collection of skulls and skeleton fabrics for another one.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Booger Joe

This is Booger Joe my first softie ever. His mouth is a little crappy but the rest is pretty good for a first time!!! Well at least I think so, LOL. I made him for so it was for fun anyway, no need to be perfect. This month's theme is recycle monster action, so he is made of an old sweatshirt, bits of cotton (thats the colored curly type stuff on top) and stuffing from an old pillow. And buttons from various no longer used clothing items. I can't wait to try my hand at softie making again, hopefully with each attempt I will get a bit better! This may take some time, lol.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005


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This cat necklace was so fun to make...The cat bead is made of stone, but not sure what kind. The other beads are glass and clay. This is my first jewelry project in six or more years. I want to do more now, lol. I really am hankering to make some funky pins, for lapels and such but does anyone wear pins anymore???? Hmmmmm...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

100 % cotton rune bag.
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I decided to start this blog so I could journal my crafting. I think I am going to enjoy reviewing them. I make all different types of crafts. And enjoy learning new methods to further my crafting battiness...