Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stephs poncho

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This is a poncho I am making for my niece Stephanie. I love this little shell stitch. I wanted a closer mesh as she lives in Colorado and even in summer the evenings are chilly.

I am winging this pattern and can't wait to finish and see the end result. I am trimming it in black. The yarn is a sport weight in aran fleck and black. I am so glad I am getting the crocheting section of my brain going again!

I actually got to go to a REAL yarn shop. Don't laugh Walmart and Joanns are the closest to a yarn shop we have in the area. I must say I spotted some persimmon colored silk yarn I got to get...I am thinking tank top or something.

The owner of the shop even teaches knitting and crochet classes and when my offspring go on their vacation, I'm gonna go take a few. Knitting has such lovely patterns! I got to learn....I think Joe is gonna take some with me too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Things and Stuff

I have no pics to post today...I don't think...hmmmm...the mind is always the first to go.

I've been craft surfing the web for days... yes I did get up on occassion to potty, get a drink, and go gaze at the bed, but so many sites so little time...
In this surfing frenzy many sites have been bookmarked for future use. These sites include, shops, patterns, blogs, blogs and more blogs!

I finished the crochet bit of Steph's, the niece, purse. All I have left to do is add the liner, a nice pink button and I can't decide wether to add a S or a flower for decoration.
8balls dress still needs a button and some snaps...
Why do I get to the finishline, only to stand toe to toe with the line and not cross?

My latest crochet adventure is yet to be named, I am totally stumped. I have 16 ozs of a cream colored sw with flecks of black and coffee and a 5 oz thing of sw black....I usually don't have trouble making something even if I have no plan, but this time.....I see it as a shrug, no maybe a tank, ummm nope maybe a throw, hmmm maybe a poncho?, see what I mean....I am trying to use my stash up and this poor pile of yarn needs to take shape folks...any suggestions or input would be loverly!

I used to make my own designs and rarely go by a pattern, but after years of not crocheting that part of my brain is rusty. Time to oil it!!!

I am compiling list, yes I am a list maker...list of list in fact...sad ain't it?
I'll share some later....might be interesting to someone other than me, lol!

I'm loving Crochetville BTW....please run over and join if you get a chance. I read WAY more than I post but there is so much info, loads of talented women and man (maybe) men? I dunno only seen that cutie Drew running around over there!

Off to interrogate my unprojected yarn pile.....

Monday, May 16, 2005

Jumped The Gun....

Well it seems I jumped the gun on the thing. I was sad because Booger Joe wasn't there, well yesterday he along with other monsters were there....poor Webmistress was working hard trying to get almost 150 monsters up, so it took a while.

I joined far it's really nice. I've only posted in the introductions but I have been reading a lot of thread there. It's funny I have been reading blogs for a while and to run across someone you read in someplace other than their blog is sorta strange....hmmm can't really describe it.

Hopefully something will be done tomorrow to post, a list or projects or something, anything would do.....

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yeah Mimi!!!

Well my Booger Joe monster somehow missed out on, I think I sent the wrong link or something....and as crestfallen as I felt, I was tickled to see Emily's monster there, and not only there, but the very first one!!!!
She was so excited to see her creation on someone elses site. She started planning May's project the minute we read the theme! Nice when you see your kiddo excited about something, you know?

This may seem weird(as its only the two of us) but Funny and I are gonna swap 12 inch crochet squares....It is gonna be fun with just us BUT if anyone is interesting email me and we will get ya in on our deal-ee-o....Any color,any yarn, any size hook, any stitch as long as it reaches at least but not more than 12 inches square. We are planning on making 12(squares) for ourselves and 12 (squares) for eachother to then stitch together a 4 square by 6 square afghan. What a grand way to use scraps from the stash.

I've been doing extremely basic crochet projects as of late, and am itching to get back to more in depth projects. So after some clutter is cleared away I will search for a really interesting and challenging project.
Just have been on a mission to use up my low end yarns. Not that they are substandard but I am ready to move on to big girl yarns. And most I have a skein or two left of so small simple projects are allowing my stash to dwindle with the hopes of buying more yarn at a later date.

Well I'm off to glare at my pile of yarns and see who wants to be next on my list......

Thursday, May 12, 2005

First Harvest

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This is our first harvest from our gardens. We were so excited. Well still are. The cabbage weighed around 5 pounds if not a tad more and the carrots are fat things. Tonight for dinner we are trying the cabbage, only a third however, couldn't eat all that at once.......LOL! The carrots will fit into tomorrows meal....yippie can't wait!

I also started and completed a scarf today, made of mango eyelash yarn...Being new to eyelash thread I used one skein for it and although it's a nice length for a child it's not suitable for an adult.  So I've learned my lesson with the amount I need. I can tell ya, it worked up so quickly. Took me about 30-45 minutes while doing other things. I'll post a pic of it once I get a few more things done, put them all together!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Awwww Winter....

Well winter is over but I made this loverly scarf. Granted it is summery here in Texas. We are already wearing tanks and shorts.

This scarf is made from Lion Brand Homespun which I LOVE...can't wait to find some on sale.

I finally broke down and bought some of that eyelash yarn...cuz it was 2.00 a skein or else I wouldn't have bothered with it. Hope I can make some really great scarves for the Yule season. I am thinking of setting up a seperate blog with items that I want to sell or barter. Let me know what ya think, assuming anyone but Funny reads LOL....If ya get a chance go over and visit Funny on her blog, she has nifty tips for crafty things and saving money. Ahhhh, frugality rocks!

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Friday, May 06, 2005

And The Babbling Goes On....

Here I sit, haven't been to sleep yet....why? I dunno! Damn insomnia.
Anyway sitting and crocheting gives me loads of time to think, which in itself is a frightful thought.
So in the spirit of rambling thoughts and sleep deprivation I give you tales from my crumbling mind.
I have doing many things in the hours since I posted before. One is reading the news online. We don't watch tv and so our news comes from the local paper and online sorces. I'm reading all the crap going on in the world and I gotta tell ya it's sorta a crappy and scary place. So how can someone be cheerful about life when its full of crap...I know we must look for the good in everything. Yes, been there done that...But don't it just make you heart sick to read how people treat one another and somehow it's all justified? I'm sick of politics, I'm sick of I'm right -your wrong attitudes, I'm sick of people hurting their children, the very people that they have sworn to some higher power to love for all time. I'm sick over people right here in the USA dying of hunger and no one caring. I'm sick of childern being allowed to be cruel to one another and its written off as kids being kids. I'm sick of being sick....
Baffling news story: Precious Does mom has been hauled into the police station for murdering her baby. Rightly so, good...However the headlines read :Precious Doe's mother charged with Decapitation. Now if you take the time to read the story, it says that the moms husband has also been charged as he is the one believed to have killed and beheaded that baby.
Ummmm so its all media hype....somehow its just more shocking that the mom did it....So nothing can be taken at face value.
Okay Im sick of this topic I just had to rant a bit....
I have gone and broken out of my comfort zone....yes ladies and gents, I have chopped off all my hair....I must say its rather sassy and vampy! Much easier to care for. I diggin it! YEAH BABY YEAH!
I have almost totally finished 8balls dress....just need to tie off lose ends and add a button and maybe some snaps. Okay 8ball is my husbands bad ass chihuahua. We sport gay pride in our home as 8ball is lesbian. I kid you not. Anyone thats been around animals can tell you some creatures have a definite sexuallity. Anyway 8balls is also a clothes horse, no not cutesy crap. But she does love sweat shirts, preferrable grey and leather coats sometimes denim. So the point is 8ball now has a dress with ruffly skirt . She already hates it , why oh why cant see be an ultra femme lesbian?
The same yarn I made 8balls dress from is unending...I can not use the crap up! I used it for a bit of a rose, I used it for 8balls dress, and now it takes life as a purse/tote thingy for my niece Steph. I am gonna add a pink flower to it. and apink button closure. and line it with something pinky. Steph loves her some pink. Oh and I forgot to mention the unending yarn is a crimson color. Its acrylic.
I am sorta sick of red heart acrylic yarn...the feel is yucky poo poo.... Love red heart products just icky on the acrylic. It's just that I have some stashed and hate to get rid of it so I'm trying to find simple useful projects for it. I can't wait to make room for a little diff yarn... something creamy feeling. I want to make some wintery hats and scarves for my northern relatives.

Amy's Birthday

In honor of Amy's birthday, the youngest offspring, she is 12 years old on this Cinco De Mayo..... I will share with you an Amy story.
Amy know parts of the body in clinical terms well because we do talk in medical terms it seems.... day while grocery shopping Amy runs over to the freezer section which is up close to the registers. I hear "Mom, Mom...." turn to look at her as does all the other folks waiting in line.
She then yells " Mom can we have VULVA for dinner tonight?"...Ummmm ahhhhhh!
What do ya say? I mean she was dead serious. People were looking at me expecting an answer....
I called back "No not tonight...maybe another night." Thinking that if I play it off it wouldnt be so embarrassing.
Of course when we get to the van I say "Amy, please tell me what a vulva is?" She explains its a frozen whole meal you put in a skillet. I said "Are you sure you don't mean Viola'?"
She says "Oh yes thats it VIOLA....then whats a vulva?"
I kinda gave her a look that was saying think about it....she sat there for about 5 minutes thinking.... you could see the little hamster wheel spinning. I heard a gasp looked back and there she sat gap mouthed red as a beet....Apparently she figured out where she knew vulva from....

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hmmmm Interesting.......

Okay so I'm a lame-o.... I took one of those frooey quizzes. I do find it interesting the type of yarn I seem to be....Needless to say Im often called a bitch and have been told I have rather sharp thorns. So having said that, hold your suspense no longer....

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
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Well here is a list of my UFOS, well make that partial list. I'll be jotting more to add today. But here are these to get ya started on your journey of bafflement. I'll make a note of what I finished or discarded or whatever.

15 bag tidies ( elastic in, just need seams up back) 7 done
3 doggy bandanas ( just needs snaps) 2 done
1 Fleece rag quilt ( just needs to be put together) paritally done
1 Pair of jeans ( just needs trim at bottom) turned into purse see pic below
1 twin size afghan ( just needs stitching together and border)
1 crocheted rune bag ( just needs cord and beading) done see in pic with jean purse.
1 Scarf ( just needs fringe added) done
3 wooden chickens (to be painted and glued together) cant find them, musta flew away
1 crocheted pillow ( needs backing only) cant do..not pleased with results, gifting to friend to see if she can fix it.

Anyway thats the list...okay great I'm typing in italic and don't know how to fix it. No end tags..oh well!! I'll work on an updated list to post in the next couple of days along with pics of the finished stuff....
These are just my unfinished projects. This is not even including my gotta start and make projects plus the random ideas bouncing around in my head and on bits of paper. On desktop I keep a running list of "to makes" on notepad. Its growing and none are being made. I really need to get focused. I keep tell me that and I'm not getting anywhere..I never listen to me.
Okay enough whining..hopefully the potty will let me loose long enough tomorrow to do a few things. Excuses , excuses....
I am wondering....should I add personal type family stories to this blog. I realize me and my family might be the only ones reading, maybe a few friends. But it might be a nice way to pass on funny crap the kids do.....if indeed anyone reads please let me know what ya think....and be warned I don't tell those "Kathy Lee" type stories...Well I might hmmmmmm Im over thinking that.......Anyway let me know and if I hear nothing then I'll do what I damn well please!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have been craft neglectful for a few days. Why you ask? Cuz I'm so damned tired. I don't know why..Just yuck feeling. And now I have guilt over not at least taking time to do some sort of artsy thing. But I have been dreaming about crafting and arts....I guess every creative person does. Gosh, that was sorta weird calling myself "creative"...well I just can't think of another word.
Anyway further on down the down side. My oldest daughter and I have come to the conclusion that 70's-ish ties are not to be found. We found a couple of sorta 70-ish but at 1.50 each that was to steep for what we want to do with them and the amount we need. Also our hunt for those floral pillow cases and sheets from the 70's has also been a no go. Where the hell have people put those things?
And on a good note, I am so glad that Emily, the oldest offspring, has seem to be bitten by the sewing bug. She got a sewing machine for her birthday and has yet to use it. But she did purchase a couple of patterns for skirts and tops, to try her hand at it.
I still have a bunch of UFOS...and need to update on my list. While trying to complete those I had on my list I found others. So now I believe my list is even longer than before and I have completed many. Tomorrow I hope to post my list and update on occassion. I also want to post a pic of all I finished since the first list was drafted. Just so I can see that it CAN be done.
I found an old doll pattern unopened at a garage sale a few months ago and I'm itching to give it a go. I have an idea to make them more faerie like rather than cutesy toddler. But its all in my dark, vacant mind, so it's a work in progress...well it's yet to be see the work side.
I went to look at fabric, like I need more , right? , anyway this summer season is full of bright colors, pinks, oranges, purples, yellows,etc....
How that heck do I work those into my wardrobe? LOL
Well I hope to get over whatever this bug thing is I have or come out of this slump, I really need to get back into doing stuff....I miss it and it is my therapy, much much cheaper than an shrink. And let me tell ya the shrink could put 8 or more children through college on what I would have to pay for "care"....