Friday, May 06, 2005

Amy's Birthday

In honor of Amy's birthday, the youngest offspring, she is 12 years old on this Cinco De Mayo..... I will share with you an Amy story.
Amy know parts of the body in clinical terms well because we do talk in medical terms it seems.... day while grocery shopping Amy runs over to the freezer section which is up close to the registers. I hear "Mom, Mom...." turn to look at her as does all the other folks waiting in line.
She then yells " Mom can we have VULVA for dinner tonight?"...Ummmm ahhhhhh!
What do ya say? I mean she was dead serious. People were looking at me expecting an answer....
I called back "No not tonight...maybe another night." Thinking that if I play it off it wouldnt be so embarrassing.
Of course when we get to the van I say "Amy, please tell me what a vulva is?" She explains its a frozen whole meal you put in a skillet. I said "Are you sure you don't mean Viola'?"
She says "Oh yes thats it VIOLA....then whats a vulva?"
I kinda gave her a look that was saying think about it....she sat there for about 5 minutes thinking.... you could see the little hamster wheel spinning. I heard a gasp looked back and there she sat gap mouthed red as a beet....Apparently she figured out where she knew vulva from....


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