Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well here is a list of my UFOS, well make that partial list. I'll be jotting more to add today. But here are these to get ya started on your journey of bafflement. I'll make a note of what I finished or discarded or whatever.

15 bag tidies ( elastic in, just need seams up back) 7 done
3 doggy bandanas ( just needs snaps) 2 done
1 Fleece rag quilt ( just needs to be put together) paritally done
1 Pair of jeans ( just needs trim at bottom) turned into purse see pic below
1 twin size afghan ( just needs stitching together and border)
1 crocheted rune bag ( just needs cord and beading) done see in pic with jean purse.
1 Scarf ( just needs fringe added) done
3 wooden chickens (to be painted and glued together) cant find them, musta flew away
1 crocheted pillow ( needs backing only) cant do..not pleased with results, gifting to friend to see if she can fix it.

Anyway thats the list...okay great I'm typing in italic and don't know how to fix it. No end tags..oh well!! I'll work on an updated list to post in the next couple of days along with pics of the finished stuff....
These are just my unfinished projects. This is not even including my gotta start and make projects plus the random ideas bouncing around in my head and on bits of paper. On desktop I keep a running list of "to makes" on notepad. Its growing and none are being made. I really need to get focused. I keep tell me that and I'm not getting anywhere..I never listen to me.
Okay enough whining..hopefully the potty will let me loose long enough tomorrow to do a few things. Excuses , excuses....
I am wondering....should I add personal type family stories to this blog. I realize me and my family might be the only ones reading, maybe a few friends. But it might be a nice way to pass on funny crap the kids do.....if indeed anyone reads please let me know what ya think....and be warned I don't tell those "Kathy Lee" type stories...Well I might hmmmmmm Im over thinking that.......Anyway let me know and if I hear nothing then I'll do what I damn well please!


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