Saturday, April 23, 2005

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This purse was suppose to be a trimmed pair of jeans, but as you see that didn't happen. The little pouch in the corner is a rune bag, yes another one LOL.

I am knitting mentally challenged....I can not knit. I got this little kit with needles and a booklets and even some lovely soft cotton yarn. I felt so acomplished cuz I got the yarn on the needles!!! But after that I lost it...I need a knitting book for beginners written in blonde. I can't understand why the knitting section of my brain does not function. I can crochet, sew, paint, and other crap, WHY CAN I NOT KNIT!!!!???

Well I'll keep trying surely before I bite it I will catch on....Maybe.


Blogger funny said...

Give yourself time and remember start off slow and small.I have a book here i'll find it and it might help you a bit better.good luck and remember the only things in life you can't do are those that you don't try.

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