Friday, April 22, 2005

Being Crafty SUX

It does....yes it does....nanana booboo you can't tell me different. I know I live it day after day. Here is why it sux; everyday just doing everyday crappy mundane crap I see things that NEED tweeking or get an idea I want to run with..Oh but thats wonderful you say, NA-AH no it ain't. I have a table of projects yet to be completed and I am already dreaming of more. Like at 4:30 am yesterday I am laying in bed, I was trying to read Edgar Alan Poe AGAIN, looking up at my ceiling and eyeballing that awful glass light fixture thingy. You know those ones that are sorta plate looking with things that look similar to wheat on them and the wheat bits are clear and the rest is frosted? Yes thoooooooooooose. Well as I am looking at the friggin thing I started thinking, I know dangerous, shhh Im telling a story, I can do this and that and at each idea up to about the 5th one I poopooed the ideas, and then like a light busting through clouds it hit me....I am gonna cover that plate thingy with tissue paper and glue it in funky bits and glue a snap to the twist hold on thing and on that snap I will add the other half of the snap on a crimson rose and little bits of black ribbon....Oh yes,yes thats it!!! I mean it will go with our bedroom and I should be excited right? Well I haven't the items to do the project ,YET...but I will and in doing this project I will even more behind on my project I keep putting off. Sometimes I wish there were two of me, but if there were I would find me interesting and only sit and talk to me and drink coffee with me and alas nothing would get done thus defeating the purpose. If I drink coffee with me does that mean double the caffine?


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Keep at it you will eventually get it all to come together and then you will sail on smooth waters.This is what I started just a couple days ago,but it is working so far.I have taken my unfinished crafty projects and put them in a line sorta,if there is one I can do while I'm surfing the web its by my computer,but I set aside 1 hour and work on the craft first in line until it is done,and then move on.I started with my simpilar ones first.Good luck and you can do it,if I can I know you can.

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