Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have been craft neglectful for a few days. Why you ask? Cuz I'm so damned tired. I don't know why..Just yuck feeling. And now I have guilt over not at least taking time to do some sort of artsy thing. But I have been dreaming about crafting and arts....I guess every creative person does. Gosh, that was sorta weird calling myself "creative"...well I just can't think of another word.
Anyway further on down the down side. My oldest daughter and I have come to the conclusion that 70's-ish ties are not to be found. We found a couple of sorta 70-ish but at 1.50 each that was to steep for what we want to do with them and the amount we need. Also our hunt for those floral pillow cases and sheets from the 70's has also been a no go. Where the hell have people put those things?
And on a good note, I am so glad that Emily, the oldest offspring, has seem to be bitten by the sewing bug. She got a sewing machine for her birthday and has yet to use it. But she did purchase a couple of patterns for skirts and tops, to try her hand at it.
I still have a bunch of UFOS...and need to update on my list. While trying to complete those I had on my list I found others. So now I believe my list is even longer than before and I have completed many. Tomorrow I hope to post my list and update on occassion. I also want to post a pic of all I finished since the first list was drafted. Just so I can see that it CAN be done.
I found an old doll pattern unopened at a garage sale a few months ago and I'm itching to give it a go. I have an idea to make them more faerie like rather than cutesy toddler. But its all in my dark, vacant mind, so it's a work in progress...well it's yet to be see the work side.
I went to look at fabric, like I need more , right? , anyway this summer season is full of bright colors, pinks, oranges, purples, yellows,etc....
How that heck do I work those into my wardrobe? LOL
Well I hope to get over whatever this bug thing is I have or come out of this slump, I really need to get back into doing stuff....I miss it and it is my therapy, much much cheaper than an shrink. And let me tell ya the shrink could put 8 or more children through college on what I would have to pay for "care"....


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