Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Things and Stuff

I have no pics to post today...I don't think...hmmmm...the mind is always the first to go.

I've been craft surfing the web for days... yes I did get up on occassion to potty, get a drink, and go gaze at the bed, but so many sites so little time...
In this surfing frenzy many sites have been bookmarked for future use. These sites include, shops, patterns, blogs, blogs and more blogs!

I finished the crochet bit of Steph's, the niece, purse. All I have left to do is add the liner, a nice pink button and I can't decide wether to add a S or a flower for decoration.
8balls dress still needs a button and some snaps...
Why do I get to the finishline, only to stand toe to toe with the line and not cross?

My latest crochet adventure is yet to be named, I am totally stumped. I have 16 ozs of a cream colored sw with flecks of black and coffee and a 5 oz thing of sw black....I usually don't have trouble making something even if I have no plan, but this time.....I see it as a shrug, no maybe a tank, ummm nope maybe a throw, hmmm maybe a poncho?, see what I mean....I am trying to use my stash up and this poor pile of yarn needs to take shape folks...any suggestions or input would be loverly!

I used to make my own designs and rarely go by a pattern, but after years of not crocheting that part of my brain is rusty. Time to oil it!!!

I am compiling list, yes I am a list maker...list of list in fact...sad ain't it?
I'll share some later....might be interesting to someone other than me, lol!

I'm loving Crochetville BTW....please run over and join if you get a chance. I read WAY more than I post but there is so much info, loads of talented women and man (maybe) men? I dunno only seen that cutie Drew running around over there!

Off to interrogate my unprojected yarn pile.....


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