Friday, May 06, 2005

And The Babbling Goes On....

Here I sit, haven't been to sleep yet....why? I dunno! Damn insomnia.
Anyway sitting and crocheting gives me loads of time to think, which in itself is a frightful thought.
So in the spirit of rambling thoughts and sleep deprivation I give you tales from my crumbling mind.
I have doing many things in the hours since I posted before. One is reading the news online. We don't watch tv and so our news comes from the local paper and online sorces. I'm reading all the crap going on in the world and I gotta tell ya it's sorta a crappy and scary place. So how can someone be cheerful about life when its full of crap...I know we must look for the good in everything. Yes, been there done that...But don't it just make you heart sick to read how people treat one another and somehow it's all justified? I'm sick of politics, I'm sick of I'm right -your wrong attitudes, I'm sick of people hurting their children, the very people that they have sworn to some higher power to love for all time. I'm sick over people right here in the USA dying of hunger and no one caring. I'm sick of childern being allowed to be cruel to one another and its written off as kids being kids. I'm sick of being sick....
Baffling news story: Precious Does mom has been hauled into the police station for murdering her baby. Rightly so, good...However the headlines read :Precious Doe's mother charged with Decapitation. Now if you take the time to read the story, it says that the moms husband has also been charged as he is the one believed to have killed and beheaded that baby.
Ummmm so its all media hype....somehow its just more shocking that the mom did it....So nothing can be taken at face value.
Okay Im sick of this topic I just had to rant a bit....
I have gone and broken out of my comfort zone....yes ladies and gents, I have chopped off all my hair....I must say its rather sassy and vampy! Much easier to care for. I diggin it! YEAH BABY YEAH!
I have almost totally finished 8balls dress....just need to tie off lose ends and add a button and maybe some snaps. Okay 8ball is my husbands bad ass chihuahua. We sport gay pride in our home as 8ball is lesbian. I kid you not. Anyone thats been around animals can tell you some creatures have a definite sexuallity. Anyway 8balls is also a clothes horse, no not cutesy crap. But she does love sweat shirts, preferrable grey and leather coats sometimes denim. So the point is 8ball now has a dress with ruffly skirt . She already hates it , why oh why cant see be an ultra femme lesbian?
The same yarn I made 8balls dress from is unending...I can not use the crap up! I used it for a bit of a rose, I used it for 8balls dress, and now it takes life as a purse/tote thingy for my niece Steph. I am gonna add a pink flower to it. and apink button closure. and line it with something pinky. Steph loves her some pink. Oh and I forgot to mention the unending yarn is a crimson color. Its acrylic.
I am sorta sick of red heart acrylic yarn...the feel is yucky poo poo.... Love red heart products just icky on the acrylic. It's just that I have some stashed and hate to get rid of it so I'm trying to find simple useful projects for it. I can't wait to make room for a little diff yarn... something creamy feeling. I want to make some wintery hats and scarves for my northern relatives.


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I agree with you about the way the world is,and I'll give you a hint I think it will take a higher power to fix all the wrong,but thats for another day.Glad to hear you almost have 8balls dress done.I wish I had as many of my crafts finished as you do.Keep up the good work we all can learn something from you.

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