Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yeah Mimi!!!

Well my Booger Joe monster somehow missed out on, I think I sent the wrong link or something....and as crestfallen as I felt, I was tickled to see Emily's monster there, and not only there, but the very first one!!!!
She was so excited to see her creation on someone elses site. She started planning May's project the minute we read the theme! Nice when you see your kiddo excited about something, you know?

This may seem weird(as its only the two of us) but Funny and I are gonna swap 12 inch crochet squares....It is gonna be fun with just us BUT if anyone is interesting email me and we will get ya in on our deal-ee-o....Any color,any yarn, any size hook, any stitch as long as it reaches at least but not more than 12 inches square. We are planning on making 12(squares) for ourselves and 12 (squares) for eachother to then stitch together a 4 square by 6 square afghan. What a grand way to use scraps from the stash.

I've been doing extremely basic crochet projects as of late, and am itching to get back to more in depth projects. So after some clutter is cleared away I will search for a really interesting and challenging project.
Just have been on a mission to use up my low end yarns. Not that they are substandard but I am ready to move on to big girl yarns. And most I have a skein or two left of so small simple projects are allowing my stash to dwindle with the hopes of buying more yarn at a later date.

Well I'm off to glare at my pile of yarns and see who wants to be next on my list......


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