Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stephs poncho

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This is a poncho I am making for my niece Stephanie. I love this little shell stitch. I wanted a closer mesh as she lives in Colorado and even in summer the evenings are chilly.

I am winging this pattern and can't wait to finish and see the end result. I am trimming it in black. The yarn is a sport weight in aran fleck and black. I am so glad I am getting the crocheting section of my brain going again!

I actually got to go to a REAL yarn shop. Don't laugh Walmart and Joanns are the closest to a yarn shop we have in the area. I must say I spotted some persimmon colored silk yarn I got to get...I am thinking tank top or something.

The owner of the shop even teaches knitting and crochet classes and when my offspring go on their vacation, I'm gonna go take a few. Knitting has such lovely patterns! I got to learn....I think Joe is gonna take some with me too.


Blogger Evelyns little corner said...

Thanks for your help hope this works
your poncho is pretty

7:57 AM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Thanks Evelyn,
I hope to finish it soon.....I am almost there but started spring cleaning...YUCK!
Glad to see it worked!

6:11 PM  

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