Monday, November 28, 2005


I am so friggin pissed off........Hmmmm how should I say this?
Okay so let me just put it out there if it rubs someone(s) the wrong way, oh well!!

I am running a swap over at C' I get this PM that one of the participants needs the address of her partner again as she sent the package (TWICE BEFORE) with the info she had which was only name and city, state and zip WHICH ISNT SO....No street, she says....Ummmmmmm I'm anal and very very accurate with this type of shit......The sender says she sent the package TWICE with just the info it came back TWICE and she needs the street address(HUH?)....So I just sent the COMPLETE address once again....only to go over to c'ville to browse new post and run over and check out the scrunchy swap thread to see that the sendee (one receiving from the sender above) has posted her partner had trouble sending her package as she didnt get accurate info....If I received an addy, as the sending partner, with just a name and city I woulda asked the person [who was in charge] who sent it "YO, WHERE ITS AT? GIMME THE FULL INFO PLZ!"

I know I gave it I KNOW I DID, as I copied and pasted from ORIGINAL Pms or addresses from participants, plus I have it c/p to note pad.....if full or no info was there I PMed right away to get it!!!! I am so pissed.....I felt as if I was doing a fairly good job running this small swap....I have no idea why I'm so mad but I am and had hoped to run another....I had ideas already.....Oh yea I've been having fun with it and thinking of new swaps up until NOW......Granted I very well coulda made a mistake, after all I am human, contrary too popular belief.BUT GEEZ to then post I didnt send the right info? Maybe I'm being overly senstive on this subject....SIGH! I HAVE OCD I CHECK AND RECHECK AND CHECK AGAIN...


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oy.....Me Hands!!!

Below you will find my list of GOTTA DOS. I doubt I will post except to update my list. If ya want, refer back to this post for updates and linkages and/or pictures.

Scarves: 10 (update 11/26 ~ 8...11/27 ~ 7)
Shawls: 5/6 (update 11/26 ~ 4/5)
Slippers: 2
Shrugs: 1/2
cases: 3 (update 11/26 ~ 0)
caps: 1/3
ponchos: 2/3 (update 11/26 ~ 1/2)
purses: 2/4 (update 11/26 ~ 0/2)
Quilts: 3/6
Blankets: 2
Doilies: 4*
Misc jewelry

The fractional looking numbers aren't fractions....The number in front of the / is what I must get done asap. The number after the / is the number I would like to get done before Yule. The number with the astrisk is something I really wanna do but not gonna bust my arse over. The number(s) after the ~ are what I have LEFT to do. Note these are things that have been ordered or requested, only a few are gifts for Yule and a couple of birthdays....I think I will go drink myself silly now.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble, Gobble You Turkeys!!!

Okay, well not everyone is a turkey but if you are one and realize it, ain't life so much more fun?

Ummmm, unless you're a real life fowlish type turkey then you're probably tap dancing in the oven in a few hours.....

It's been a while since I posted so this will be long winded, no doubt.


Gifts in the mail
Holiday wishlist giving time over at C'ville

Well wishing:
Hoping Lynlee is doing alright, thinking of ya daily!

Recent Projects:
Too many to name....My list seems to grow daily! Tomorrow I will post a ongoing working list of projects needed before Yule begins.

Wanna go dos:
See Harry Potsmoker aka Potter, the kid's think it's funny to call him potsmoker...ahhh the little thrills in life!
Go see Rent...PLEASE don't let the eldest offspring start singing at the top of her lungs during the showing!

Recent thrills:
Closed my bank thrilling is this you ask? Pretty damned thrilling! I hate banking... I pay cash for everything anyway, just had it cuz I might need it....We made the decision to close it after our little home town bank was bought out by Citibank....It's surprising how much freedom there is in not being tied down to an financial institution. We still have a savings account just not checking. I know you think I'm crazy, okay crazier than normal, but really I like things SIMPLE.

Also The Old Man was made District Manager at his job....and remember back a few months ago he turned them down for this very position due to less family time? Well seems he can work from home and only put in very few actual office hours!!!! How cool is that? They heard his desire to be a dad/om and still wanted him!!!! His promotion should be announced after Turkey Day, prehaps the following week...unless anything squirrely happens and he backs out then its good to go!!! This means insurance and a pay increase plus per diem! WOOT! All I can see is more yarn! HAHA shhhhh dont tell. I guess he will tell them something definite at the final meeting...

Recent disppointments:
The eldest offspring is a drama geek....and she lost her bid for one act play for UIL...she was so disappointed...But she is to be in a musical in a month or two...hopefully this will ease her sadness...Either the musical will or I will have to buy her a giant poster of Cabaret...she is a Liza freak. She even wants Sally Bowels hair....Ooops, rambling!

And finally decisions:
We have a 53 arce farm...with fence and cross fencing as well as a barn and many corral type fences. We raised goats until two years ago when wild dogs killed the whole herd, almost, save 4 we gave to someone to protect them from becoming munchie treats. Anyhoo I have decided that this place needs to work for me and not the other way round....I am now on a mission to find angora bunnies, some alpacas and renew my herb garden and gourds. The Old Man and I want solar power and to make this a true homestead......We have been mapping out plans and it may take a year or two on somethings....but the ball is rolling and we gotta try. As soon as time allows we will set up a site to sell some of our product we usually sell from home....well actually we rarely sell but barter, but thess improvements take money not goods for goods so as much as I dislike to we will try and sell some of our items we hand make here. This is by no means a plea for anyone too look or purchase our goods just talking out loud, k? Last year we made near $400.00 from our gourds, unpainted , granted this sounds like a minute amount but they take no work and that was one small patch of land and about 12 plants! So these small amounts here and there add up.....our herbs always do well....and culling out livestock adds to the pot...
HOLY CRAP we sound so little house LOL oh well! Anyway we gotta give it a go and try hard....worse that could happen is we fail....there are worse things like never trying at all....

Anyway to all have a safe and filling trukey day.....celebrate everyday as if it were Thanksgiving....and wear elastic banded pants people! And dont be a dumbass and drink and drive....

Friday, November 11, 2005


So, I finished my purse for the purse tote swap at C'ville...and it sucks big giant piles of steaming crap!

I haven't enough time to make another...sigh!

Lynlee, Deneen and Priscilla your boxes should go out at least by Monday.

I haven't gotten to read any blogs as of late...I got to play catch up.

I think I'll go eat a worm.....*deep self pitying sigh*

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm alive, sorta...and just checking in.

Things I am working on:
Test pattern (still) Bear with me Fran, PLZ!
Scarves and hats for yule gifts
this and that

Before I ran off, I leave you with a promise of a pic of the yarn package that the very kind Cristin at C'ville sent me and a response to a mass meme thingy from Kimberly.
Here is a screenshot of my desktop...ignore the mess!