Saturday, July 30, 2005

We're Back!

Well the weary travelers have returned. I think we all fell into bed and didn't move until 10AM.

I learned a few things yesterday, one: the road construction is still going on, two: one person I met yesterday totally pissed me off and he is very lucky to have both his big head and little head in their orginal places, three: afore mentioned person thinks vegetarians are illiterate hillbillies to poor to afford good food, namely meat and unless you can afford a nutritionalist and chef on staff stick to a "normal" diet. Had this dickhead known anything about vegetarianism he would know that even the biblical people ate a primarily veggie diet, meat was a festival food, usually only eaten after a sacrifice, and four: that another 3-6 months of returning to Houston is in our schedule now!ARRGGGH! Did I have to wish to go back again before I'd even left?

Anyway onto nicer things!!! We keep a gift box in the closet, the gift box is a rubbermaid box that we add handmade things and such too, for gifts throughout the year. Well the gift box is about half-full now! Yippie, I like to be ahead of the game!

Thanx to Lynlee and Dawn for the good vibes...You probably saved that pompous turd's life!

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Off!

But I guess you all knew that...hehe!
No, I mean I'm off to the wonderful Medical Center in Houston Texas! Hoping to return tonight or in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Med Center again, its one of the best in the world.

Some of you people don't know , well because I never talked about it, but I was a science major in college at one point and took pre-med classes. I loved, loved, loved it! I even got invited to check out the genetics program at Baylor. But alas, no money and a spouse (now Ex)that refused to allow me to go! Can you believe I put up with that??? HELLO! After being told no Baylor, I changed my major to Sociology, Theological Sociology to be exact. Loved it too! Guess I just loved college, I dunno!

Anyhoo, the point is we are going to my old stomping grounds and I hope and pray to the powers that be that the road construction, that has been going on since my conception, is complete! I also hope we miss rush hour traffic, hey a girl can hope can she? If we are done with our required things in enough time I hope to take the girls over to the zoo...if not the zoo then something "Houston-y" to them. OMG....I want to go to Montrose area! Dagnabit!!! Well, I will just have to go back!

Anyway see ya when I get back, if ya feel like send us some good vibes, we just might need them!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

WOW...well maybe?

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.

You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.

You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences.

Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

Yes, another quiz...well I dont really have anything to report so I had to post something right? This is sorta accurate, btw! Odd huh?

I designed a new scarf, I can't wait to show it off! I also have written the pattern for the "Heart and Sole" barefoot sandals I made. I will post that shortly on the free pattern link!

I also have been on a search for an easy to use image gallery to post my handbags. I already have a flickr account and photobucket. Hmmm, the search continues!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whoddah thunk it....

You Are an Indie Rocker!

You are in it for the love of the music...
And you couldn't care less about being signed by a big label.
You're all about loving and supporting music - not commercial success.
You may not have the fame and glory, but you have complete control of your career.

I thought I would totally be loud and metal...I must be mellowing in my agedness!

The Results Are In.....

Which stitch drives you batty?

Picot 40 % (4 votes)

Popcorn 20 %(2 votes)

Cluster 0 %(0 votes)

Reverse single crochet 30 %(3 votes)

Other 10 %(1 votes)

Total votes 10
Well there ya have it folks! Picots suck followed by reverse single crochet...Hmmmm I sorta like that one LOL....
Look for a new poll on the side bar!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Well I didn't complete my list! Failure, well maybe but I did what I could. I didn't finish the purse for Steph, well because it sucked.... If I weren't to be totally eaten up with guilt, I'd toss it out! So its still on the shelf looking at me taunting me....its true! The afghan I was set to finish was lacking three squares. So I tucked in ends, put them away and now I feel guilt over then....I seem to be running on a high level of guilt! Please , dont take advantage of my guilt ridden self...

Above in the picture you will find some of my doneness....ooooooo, ahhhhhhh!
From left to right, a simple thin orange scarf (it's so nice and squishy), next is a scarp scarf, looks like one of those coconut candies called neopolitan, that scarf is so tacky but I like it, next is a filet bookmark, you can't tell because of what I have it laid on but there are little diamond shapes in it, next is a heart bookmark, and then my pink baby blanket that was on my list.

So how did all of you do on the challenge?

I now am stomped as to what project to work on next! I have been playing with thread, working on a top secret know FBI stuff....but after I got 80% done I'm lost now! I have great plans but my hands dont mind what my brain tells it!

I know, I have many WIM so I guess I need to see where my hook takes me!

Has anyone felt that got the cold shoulder from someone online? Yet you haven't a clue as to why? Maybe my perceptions is off..I dunno! Overthinking it probably! Here's the deal, I made some squares for a comfortghan request. Well I sent them along and when it had been two weeks asked if the squares made it safely and heard nothing in return. But I did happen to pop into notice photos of all the squares, lo and behold there's the little squares I made in the they did get there. Wasn't wanting gratitude just a quick "got them" note or something.... I must be to anal. Ignore my whining...I guess I was raised to be courteous and it baffles me that some aren't...and sadly even though I try not to, sometimes I take it personal, even though the likelihood of that is remote. Gosh, I hope its remote! And all though I hang out at Crochetville that doesn't mean its about someone there..LOL, I do have an aol and several yahoo crochet groups!

Do you know I can't find sports weight cotton yarn in my area!!!! I used to buy Southmaid 8, but its no longer made....I do have one tiny ball of cotton ease. Any suggestions?

Hotmail was down for my from Friday until Monday afternoon...not sure why but its back! A big shout out to my friend Joe Marquez in Spain for trying to get me into my mail!!! Ladies he is, 33, single and he is a computer dude! Need I say more!

Off to make more UFOS for the next UFO-a-thon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Challenge ~ List added

Here is the deal-i-oh...I am challenging all those who visit this blog to make this weekend July 22-25 a "Get your butt in a gear and finish your Ufos and WIPs-a-thon"...

Orange Simple Scarf~ DONE
Pink ganny square baby blanket~ DONE
Twin size granny sqaure afghan~ DONE (seems 3-12inch squares have gone missing. So I just tucked in ends and will be finding a new home for these guys, as I hadnt enough yarn to complete the project.
8ball dress~ DONE Show and tell
Stephs Purse~Line add button and "s"
Stephs poncho ~ DONE Show and Tell
Emily's cammo top~ DONE Show and tell

Who knows there may be more stuff lurking, I will add it if I find it! You know oddly I'm looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to add photos of the finished projects!

I really have got to do this...I want to move on to other things but starting to feel the guilt of "waste"...and truly it's a waste as it sits in baskets, bags, totes and is forgotten.

So who's with me? Come on girls and boys!!! One little weak, "I'm with ya Sistah" will do!

Random Thoughts!

Okay, I have a confession or two (few?) to make.

1. Right now I want coffee and a donut so bad I'm willing to do naughty things to Homer Simpson. DOH!!!!

2.I'm following the Autumn swap thread very closely....I see those that I know, well know as well as one can know someone online, having never talked via messenger, phone or other, and sadly I'm hoping I get one of them! I know, ain't it awful!? I mean, there is some comfort in reading them daily and getting a feel for them, you know? Is this bad of me?

3. I initally put up a creative commons notice on the free pattern page and removed it...I must admit I feel sorta crappy about putting it however I see the need to protect what you create or expand on. I read that "real" pattern writers find it hilarious that amateurs put copywrite notice. Were they not amateurs in the beginning? Now I wonder what I should do...I have more patterns I want to add, but....

4. I am concidering using my store I've owned for one whole year, yet never used, FINALLY, as I want solar power and frankly it cost a pretty penny. I never sell, always barter, but somehow I don't think I can trade an afghan for the house converted to solar power. I also paint and sew so it wouldn't be just crocheted items. Still waffling on this......

Okay enough confessing! There are 5 votes in the poll! Wohoo! Really thats neat , I didn't think anyone would vote!

I still have UFOs and WIPs I need to finish I am thinking of calling a halt to starting other works until I do these few items! Again, still in the thinking stages...

Haven't seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory as of yet. Do have the new Harry Potsmoker but the youngest is reading first, then the oldest offspring...I may get to wrestle DH for the right to read it before him...who knows?

Letting ya off the hook, if indeed I hooked ya..... with a couple of links!

Found this site, not joined as Im not really an entertainment junkie, however found it funny while browsing it: Snarkish

and lastly....did I hear sighs of relieve?.... Scott-o-rama

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh man!

Well I have become what my guidance counselor told me I was gonna be:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Monday, July 18, 2005


This is experimental bag...I must say although, it's funky I really like it! The blasted thing has oodles of ends to weave in tho...I still must line it and then it will be done! I think this may be the first of many funky bags.. I did learn a few things while making Gaia that I will carry over to the next ones.

Let me know what ya think!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birffdays and Crafting

Your Birthdate: October 11
Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you something of a dreamer and an idealist.
You work well with people because you know how to use persuasion rather than force.
There is a strong spiritual side to your nature, and you may have intuitive qualities inherent in your make up, too.

You are very aware and sensitive, though often temperamental.
Although you have a good mind and you are very analytical, you may not be comfortable in the business world.
You are definitely creative and this influence tends to make you more of a dreamer than a doer.

I took this quiz thingy and found it rather interesting and pretty damn accurate! HELLO... aren't all libra like this!?

On to the crafting bit.... I have began my bag/purse for the bag along! And since I couldn't find a pattern I really fell in love with I am winging it! I hope to have it done tomorrow!

I have been dreaming alot about crochet lately...used to dream of painting.... I love to paint although it looks all very elementary. I use oils or acrylics.... although oil and I don't get on well at all! I also dreamed often of yard art.... no,not those wood cut out things but like bits and pieces of old bikes and machines etc!

In my crochet dreams I dream of beta fishes ,as of late....I can see them in the water swimming, beautiful ,brilliant colors and fins flowing very slow and hypnotizingly through the water. The fish is large like a Koi....MASSIVE even.... and it holds its fin out to me so I can feel the detail. I've dreamth(ed) this four times in as many nights. I've yet to learn the meaning, if it has very well could mean I need more Omega 3 fats in my diet! Who knows! What the hell does a beta fish have to do with crochet, you ask? Damned if I know except that the fish tells me to buy burgundy colored thread! So it is a crochet dream, I think? Does the fish want a bookmark, don't think so. Does the fish want a shawl? Not it.... I also sketched the beta... so we will see what happens.

Where's Freud when ya need him?

I'm so stoked about Autumn secret pals....I wonder if I can keep me secret? I am already looking for cool things to send! And I must admit I am a bit stressed over getting someone who might not share the same idea of cool as I do....
For instance for the last X-mas exchange at work, before I retired (yea I retired at 31 so what?), I gave a really cool book, it was called "After the Funeral", it was about odd things people did with corpses! Not anything ummm well perv-ish just odd, like glass coffins used as a dining table with the dead person in it... you know, that sorta thing! Apparently it was not as a great as a gift as I thought!

I am still trying to restrain me from joining that bloody square swap...I hate joining squares so why am I wanting to join the swap? It's not logical!!! Im not joining, I just can't! But I wanna....logical schmogical! Oh well the deadline will come soon enough! Plz hurry deadline!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stuff and Links and Thangs

Hello and welcome aboard! I'm Cordelia and I will be your cruise director...On the right hand side you might notice a poll, please feel free to vote!

Okay well I never was a "Julie" fan so enough of that! Crap, showing my age again! And I have that crappy song in my head... Looooooooove Boat ......exciting and new.....come on your know the tune, you're humming aren't ya?......"Isaac, wheres my dt pepsi?"

Anyhoo there is an interesting thread over at C'ville....well its sorta boring unless you like tormenting poor souls, not that I enjoy it....much!
Here check it out: HUH?

My oldest offspring who ,I swear, I created all by myself...hmmm is that good or bad?, "Hi nice to meet ya, I'm an earthworm", she has a blog with her arty type stuff! Here's the link just incase you feel like stopping by: Mimi !

We finally got a bit of rain's been weeks folks! I honestly though about buying sponges and early in the morn, soaking up dew off the few blade of grass and ringing them into a pitcher....

I am having very strong urges to crochet baby things...umm nope, I'm spayed, not to worry, no buns in my oven! But I keep seeing the cutest items.....Of course, I wouldnt pick "baby colors" but still!

Okay, enough of my "not so entertaining entertainment"!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Belly Button? NOOO.....

Well looky over there.....See that sweet pink button with Craftycritter on it? Veronika from over at Crochetville made that button.....didn't she do great! Thanx Veronika you're super sweet!

Things I've only just learned this very day: Blogger has spell check... Ummmm, yes, I am natural blonde, I do indeed dye my hair black....need I go further?

I also learned no matter how thin you are, something just ain't right about your pubic bone peeking over your shorts! Honey, if you roll them down one more time I'll be able to tell if YOU dye your hair! Needless to say the husband had to manually close my mouth and drag me from staring....PEOPLE ,I'm liberal and I was taken aback! Honestly, I didn't know if I should have offered to buy her some ice cream and cookies , to get some hips to hold the shorts up as to not reveal her "special place"..or if I should smack her in her head and call her mama!

And lastly I learned that when run out of dt. pepsi , I am not a very nice person.... I know ::::GASP:::: 'Tis true! Aspartame is my addiction....sad I know..... I notice I pace when I run out and no matter how much yummy water I drink ,I still think of my dear ,dear dt. pepsi! Apparently, I've had the "no pepsi syndrome" before... bacause when the oldest asked what's for dinner, I gave her a look that chilled her to the core. Thank the powers that be there was Dad to "help", he whispered , "she's out of pepsi" and the child scurried off like a roach hit by light in the middle of a kitchen raid. So I have too options here, give up pepsi or make damn sure I never run out, again!
We did make a mad dash to H.E.B. to get some, well we needed puppy food too, so the hour long drive was justified. When I saw the dt. pepsi on the shelf my heart sped up...I think I may have even skipped down the isle to my beloved! I do know when I got my 12 pack in the cart, I did a very chilling rendition of Vivian Lee as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.... "As God as my witness, I shall never go pepsi free again".... Only a few people stared, I promise!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

X-mas in July Rocks!

I got some evelopes full of x-mas-y goodness! I tell ya it feels great to get good stuff in the mail!!!! I got some skull beads, a lovely celtic knot charm, a nice x-mas card, and some pet food coupons! And from another Elf, I got, Dean Koontz's book Sole Survivor.

I do wonder why some people get things but never post about them even over in C'ville! Granted stuff happens and you can't get to the pc, however a quick acknowledgement a package was received would be great. Just so the giver knows it got there, you know? Most givers don't reveal who they are so a thank you post to a fairy stitch mother let's them know it got there. Anyhoo enough being bossy!

I am so all about C'ville...... sad ain't it? I have signed up for the doily swap, which by the way is driving me slightly more insane, I made yet another doily and this one has been deemed "not good enough" so on to yet another! I don't want to show them for fear the receiver might see them. And either be repulsed and beg for a different partner or see a great one posted and I send her a crap-o-lah one!
I also have signed up for the Autumn Secret Pals... Holy Crap Batman I'm so excited about this one! I also am tempted to do the random square swap but my hardly used wisdom has kicked in and told me to "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Nelly".
I also have jumped in on the Ufo-a-long and the bag-a-long, needless to say I still have 4 ufos and although I've made several handbags not the one I want to make for the bag-a-long. I am so tempeted to do the Snowflakes in July along and Amigurumi-Along (damned if I can pronounce it), but alas a I'm gonna spread myself too thin, and trust me honey thats the only kinda thin I've gotten close to in a long time, if I continue signing up for stuff!

If you get a chance run on over to Swapna's Blog she has a great poll going about commenting on blogs and what this action should be named!
The poll is on her side bar....come on ya know ya wanna! One quick little clickypoo of your mouse!

I do need to take a sec to thank those ladies that allow me to stalk, errr , ahhh I mean, visit their blogs....I look forward to my daily doses of them....okay so I'm sheltered, I'm a hermit, I don't get out much, alright already! A girl's gotta have a social life, even if it's not in real time! You can see the links to a few on my sidebar. I really got to tidy that up , eh?

But you might want to swing by Super Eggplant and Stitchin Girl both blogs are worth a visit, these two women are hilarious and interesting.... it's the wicked senses of humour that drug me in, scouts honor!

Edit: I have done some tidying on the sidebar! Woohoo! More to do but tis a start~

Monday, July 11, 2005

Who are you?

Have you ever had one of those nights when your body was tired but your brain barreled ahead at 100 mph? On these nights you can veg out or reflect on your life so far....

Tonight is my night for reflection. Tonight is the night I wonder if my kids are going to be the great people I know they are when they are on their own.

I look at my oldest so damned smart its frightening, and I see that she's an oddball and although she wants to be herself, worried if its okay to be herself. I'm glad that although I see her struggle with what others want from her shes true to herself, quirks and all.

My youngest is very smart as well, but a totally different being than the oldest. She reads day and night, loves gadgets and very quiet. She also struggles, but her's is more of a struggle to be seen as a person rather than a girl in a wheelchair or with walking braces. I heard her once talking to her sister about when she's old enough to get married, will a man want a girl that can't walk? This was a question from an eleven year old.

I forget how fragile young beings can be. Not only their bodies but their hearts and spirits. What they find important may not be what we as adults find important, but think back when you were 12, what was in your mind and heart ,what were your worries?

So when I gaze at them when they are sleeping and I see the soft foreheads that bring to life them as infants, I wonder what I thought about when they were newborns, did I even think about when they were teenagers? No, I don't recall that. But I do recall wanting them to be happy and too feel loved and to be open, caring, giving people. Never had visions of them older, still don't.

In my reflecting and making an outline of my hopes for them, I remember a few years ago when the youngest was in public school, she would come home starving, although I had packed a lunch for her everyday. After months of her rushing home and gobbling up food I finally asked why she was so hungry. She looked at me had tears in her eyes and said " Mama please don't be mad, but I'm not eating my lunch."
Well the lunch kit was empty daily, so I asked where the food had gone, did she throw it away? She then said that a friend of hers a school never had anything to eat, no school lunch, no packed lunch, nothing. So at first Amy was sharing her lunch but the friend would gobble her half up before Amy was done with her half so pretty soon Amy would just give it all to her. Finally Amy asked her friend why she was so hungry all the time and was told the dad had lost his job and there was no food and he wouldn't let the mom go apply for assistance (or food dollars as the girl called them) because they weren't "trash".
So Amy happily gave her lunch to her friend everyday for months knowing that that meal was the only meal the friend would have that day.
I told Amy after learning of this that we would pack two lunches in one box for the two of them from now on. I asked why she didn't tell me because two lunches would have been pack long before, she said she promised she wouldn't tell. Simple. A promise kept for sake of friendship, a promise told for sake of a friend.

Having remembered that story from two years ago I have no doubts who these little people I am so fortunate to share my life with will be.... they may never be rich ,they may never see the world.... but they are going to be just who they are now, giving, loving and open people.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Mindless Faire Maid ?

K, so thats me and THE old man....on our handfasting day!!! WOOT WOOT! I really don't get overly personal blogging but felt like sharing!

Don't we look please? We were for the most part, I promise!

We hate having pics of ourselves taken, was one reason for the faces. And for me I wanted to wear black but per request from my mother in law who stated she never saw me in anything BUT black wished I'd wear white or ivory just this once. I hated it! I did however manage to offend many when once the ceremony was over and pictures done I ran put on a pair of black jeans, a black top with flames and black boots with flames... whispers about how inappropriate it was were heard..... LOL! I mean come on people we decorated with SKULLS, Joe (dh) sang Your My Sunshine, the punk rock cover! HELLO!

We had a punk rock/ metal band for entertainment! Much to everyones dismay!

All in all we had a great day except... we heard about how inappropriate we were the whole damned time! And it seemed making us more offensive was the fact we didnt serve beer, or liquor.... we don't drink so why buy it??? I didn't see them NOT eating the friggin shrimp and pastries I loving prepared!

I also wanted my brother in law to be my bridesmaid type person my MIL pitched a fit and told him under no circumstances. He was my bestfriend DAMN IT! Who says its gotta be a girl? Friggin conventional thinking!

It was fun, the food was great, we prepared it all ourselves. We paid for everything ourselves except the cake which is the castle looking thing to the right in the pic, it was a wedding gift.

And the clincher.....we didnt get to go on a honeymoon as we drove all the drunks home, BYOB sucks! Okay so we had been "honeymooning" already but thats not the point!

Guess this is a bitchin post hmmmm I dunno my intent was something different! Well it's out there , not deleting it...

I love my Joe... never believed in all that love crap before him! Okay thats as mushy as I get! Im still cynical....but gotta ride this great ride while it last!

Heres a link ot our vows: Scroll down about 1/3 of the way down..."Pagan Marriage Ceremony"

and in the spirit of "sharing" I leave you with a tid bit about me....

I'm a repressed writer, I have volumes of childrens stories and erotica and poems never seen by another and likely never will be...


This is Rasputin my hedgehog! Ain't he groovy? We got Rasputin the same day and from the same folks we got Dumpling the squirrel from.
He needed a bath so badly!!! I thought he had some awful skin disease...ummm nope it was just yuck and dry skin ,etc! He is a cool little dude.... he really likes to visit, all hedgehogs I knew before were little turds bordering on mean.... he gets on the bed and runs around and loves to try and wiggle under my booty for a nap! Okay, so he ain't too bright!!!! But we loves him!

On a more somber note.... my thoughts, positive, healing and love energies go to the folks in London...granted this isn't a new fad but this new happening is the freshest pain and sadness!

Too bad Utopia is just a dream!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Image hosted by

This is the first doily I've ever made! The only thing I made in thread before was some baby bibs. I will always love yarn but I got to admit I'm turning into a bit of a thready! It's so addictive and for me it's a challenge and that makes the completion of a project all the more sweet! I must say picot edging sucks..I've used it many times before and I am not growing fonder of it at all!

Image hosted by

A simple scarf made of Caron SimplySoft Brites and RedHearts Tiki....I try to keep fast to make but nice gifts on hand for the offsprings friends, etc. The Tiki is super fun added to plain yarn, dresses it up a bit. To bad its discontinued.

Image hosted by

From left to right; A thread bookmark..super fast to make, another quick gift item, then a slipper, yep there is only one. I thought I'd make them for my grandmother but after completing one and trying to walk around in the kitchen in it decide its CRAP...Don't want my grandmother flopping around in the floor like a flounder out of water. The slipper is well slippery! So it will have no mate, it's a nun slipper. Next is a glass cozy made of thread. Sadly I have no 8 oz glasses, so used a candle to "fill it out". I can see how it's functional for a glass though. Gonne make more for sure. Can ya tell I had a load of light blue thread , lol!!!

Image hosted by
 And this is what a Xmas in July looks like!!!! Thanx Crochetville Elf!!! You're sweet! I gotta play with those Crystalite Hooks....The chocolates are gone! The lip balm will be used daily!! And a wonderful granny square dishrag!!! And a Xmas card! hehe!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Bauble, Bauble ,Toil and Trouble...

Image hosted by
I made a few stitch markers or what should be some stitch markers....they look fairly accurate....I was on a roll making these puppies thinking I was gonna give them away. Now I am in doubt that they are good enough. Having never seen beaded stitch markers in real life....well I have nothing to compare them too. Yes, I've seen the ones online...but still it's not the same as holding and getting a general idea of weight, length etc. Oh, and there is a wee arm trinket I made while I had my play pretties out!

Sadly, I've loads to share but alas no batteries in my digicam.....So sit it must until I remember to purchase some.So hopefully tomorrow I can show the fiber madness.....

In closing....did you know that "bauble" also means: A mock scepter carried by a court jester...interesting, eh?