Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birffdays and Crafting

Your Birthdate: October 11
Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you something of a dreamer and an idealist.
You work well with people because you know how to use persuasion rather than force.
There is a strong spiritual side to your nature, and you may have intuitive qualities inherent in your make up, too.

You are very aware and sensitive, though often temperamental.
Although you have a good mind and you are very analytical, you may not be comfortable in the business world.
You are definitely creative and this influence tends to make you more of a dreamer than a doer.

I took this quiz thingy and found it rather interesting and pretty damn accurate! HELLO... aren't all libra like this!?

On to the crafting bit.... I have began my bag/purse for the bag along! And since I couldn't find a pattern I really fell in love with I am winging it! I hope to have it done tomorrow!

I have been dreaming alot about crochet lately...used to dream of painting.... I love to paint although it looks all very elementary. I use oils or acrylics.... although oil and I don't get on well at all! I also dreamed often of yard art.... no,not those wood cut out things but like bits and pieces of old bikes and machines etc!

In my crochet dreams I dream of beta fishes ,as of late....I can see them in the water swimming, beautiful ,brilliant colors and fins flowing very slow and hypnotizingly through the water. The fish is large like a Koi....MASSIVE even.... and it holds its fin out to me so I can feel the detail. I've dreamth(ed) this four times in as many nights. I've yet to learn the meaning, if it has very well could mean I need more Omega 3 fats in my diet! Who knows! What the hell does a beta fish have to do with crochet, you ask? Damned if I know except that the fish tells me to buy burgundy colored thread! So it is a crochet dream, I think? Does the fish want a bookmark, don't think so. Does the fish want a shawl? Not it.... I also sketched the beta... so we will see what happens.

Where's Freud when ya need him?

I'm so stoked about Autumn secret pals....I wonder if I can keep me secret? I am already looking for cool things to send! And I must admit I am a bit stressed over getting someone who might not share the same idea of cool as I do....
For instance for the last X-mas exchange at work, before I retired (yea I retired at 31 so what?), I gave a really cool book, it was called "After the Funeral", it was about odd things people did with corpses! Not anything ummm well perv-ish just odd, like glass coffins used as a dining table with the dead person in it... you know, that sorta thing! Apparently it was not as a great as a gift as I thought!

I am still trying to restrain me from joining that bloody square swap...I hate joining squares so why am I wanting to join the swap? It's not logical!!! Im not joining, I just can't! But I wanna....logical schmogical! Oh well the deadline will come soon enough! Plz hurry deadline!


Blogger DAWN said...

Wish I had an idea about the betta. But it sounds intriging. I'm a little nervous about the Secret Pals, too; only my reason is because the only time I did it. . . it was a let down. Not much action from my pal. I on the other hand had a blast contacting my pal and sending stuff to Germany;) Squares, squares, how many squares. That is the question.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Hmmm....fishies telling you *Squares are fun* to buy thread. Freud would probably say that its all about *you like to make sqaures* repressed desire, so he probably would not help you out a lot *you need to make squares* here! :)

Bonne chance *squares are your friends* on the bag/purse - I'm not sure if I could just wing it!

(subliminal white washing included in *you must join square swap* this post for free)


10:43 AM  

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