Tuesday, July 12, 2005

X-mas in July Rocks!

I got some evelopes full of x-mas-y goodness! I tell ya it feels great to get good stuff in the mail!!!! I got some skull beads, a lovely celtic knot charm, a nice x-mas card, and some pet food coupons! And from another Elf, I got, Dean Koontz's book Sole Survivor.

I do wonder why some people get things but never post about them even over in C'ville! Granted stuff happens and you can't get to the pc, however a quick acknowledgement a package was received would be great. Just so the giver knows it got there, you know? Most givers don't reveal who they are so a thank you post to a fairy stitch mother let's them know it got there. Anyhoo enough being bossy!

I am so all about C'ville...... sad ain't it? I have signed up for the doily swap, which by the way is driving me slightly more insane, I made yet another doily and this one has been deemed "not good enough" so on to yet another! I don't want to show them for fear the receiver might see them. And either be repulsed and beg for a different partner or see a great one posted and I send her a crap-o-lah one!
I also have signed up for the Autumn Secret Pals... Holy Crap Batman I'm so excited about this one! I also am tempted to do the random square swap but my hardly used wisdom has kicked in and told me to "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Nelly".
I also have jumped in on the Ufo-a-long and the bag-a-long, needless to say I still have 4 ufos and although I've made several handbags not the one I want to make for the bag-a-long. I am so tempeted to do the Snowflakes in July along and Amigurumi-Along (damned if I can pronounce it), but alas a I'm gonna spread myself too thin, and trust me honey thats the only kinda thin I've gotten close to in a long time, if I continue signing up for stuff!

If you get a chance run on over to Swapna's Blog she has a great poll going about commenting on blogs and what this action should be named!
The poll is on her side bar....come on ya know ya wanna! One quick little clickypoo of your mouse!

I do need to take a sec to thank those ladies that allow me to stalk, errr , ahhh I mean, visit their blogs....I look forward to my daily doses of them....okay so I'm sheltered, I'm a hermit, I don't get out much, alright already! A girl's gotta have a social life, even if it's not in real time! You can see the links to a few on my sidebar. I really got to tidy that up , eh?

But you might want to swing by Super Eggplant and Stitchin Girl both blogs are worth a visit, these two women are hilarious and interesting.... it's the wicked senses of humour that drug me in, scouts honor!

Edit: I have done some tidying on the sidebar! Woohoo! More to do but tis a start~


Blogger Kimberly said...

I second the notion that folks should at least acknowledge the receipt of something! I am usually worried about the postal system eating my packages and never spitting them out, so a nice little - I got something in the mail relieves a lot of stress...and lets me send a new package out to stress about!

C'ville is indeed a great place - I'm also getting involved in way too many things! My bosses are starting to look at me strangely...I run out of here as soon as possible these days instead of being here until 9, 10 even 11 at night!

Aww come on - at least do the Snowflakes...the Snowflakes are only for one week....can always use them to decorate your christmas pressies in December.... :)

7:30 AM  
Blogger Deneen said...

I third the notion (is their such a thing) that people should acknowledge receiving a gift. Post a thank you in the threads set up, send a free e-card, send an e-mal for gawd's sake. It aggravates me to no end that I had to make "thank yous mandatory" on the Christmas in July Wish List, I just don't get it.

If you don't hear from the person you sent it to and you PM'd, I would post something on C'ville in the thread about people who don't post thank you's. I've seen it done before on there, it seems harsh, but it seems to work wonders when people suddenly "remember" they received something.

Hugs to you sweetie!

6:41 AM  

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