Thursday, June 23, 2005

WIPs and chains...

It seems my WIPs are growing in number....odd for someone with ocd and creativity balance one another? hmmm...
Anyhoo, today I have one finish Michelles purse! She, btw, has sent me a lovely envelope full of love and crafty goodness, I'll post a pic later AFTER I finish her purse!

Goal: Michelle's Ute Purse....
ETA: June 23 2005

Although this purse is my only goal for today, I do have a few more WIPs I would love to complete is a tiny list:

One granny square baby blanket--completion rounds
Steph's Poncho-- More length and seam together add edging
8Balls dress-- Button to add, weave in loose ends
Steph's Purse--Add lining and the "s"

Short list eh? Then why is it like pulling eye teeth to get me to complete them!

Also to my "to-do" list, the LYS would like me to make some sewn hook and needle cases....Im thinking just two of each to see if they go over... She wants totes I migh make two of those!

Hope to post a pic of Michelle's Ute Purse and the goodies she sent this evening!


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