Friday, June 17, 2005

EVIL.....Look what Joanns made me buy

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Looky what Joanns made me buy......that place is evil!!!! I was so excited and Im going back tomorrow...too, ummmmm just see whats left, yeah thats all, not purchase anything! Well the TLC(the colored yarn) was $1.00 a skein, the redheart sports weight was 50 cents a skein, and the lovely sugar and cream 4 oz balls were 75 friggin cents!!!!! I got two hooks for 50 cents each. And with my wonderful 50% off one item coupon got that 99 granny squares ended up being $4.98.... SWEETTTTTTTT! There was a ton more clearance yarn  but I limited me to not go over 30 bucks and I DIDN'T!!!

Guess I better get to hookin'!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehee..JoAnn made you buy it?!! very nice yarns..99 granny squares sounds like FUN!!
Love the blogging..

12:44 AM  

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