Sunday, June 12, 2005

Holy Crap Batman!!

Well what can be said about today, Sunday? Just about anything I guess...some people choose this day to relax, do a crossword, go worship somewhere, clean house, you know normal Sunday activities....
But not me, oh no, I must be different, Sunday is the day of self inflicting mental anguish. I bought a scale, a nice loverly bathroom scale in yuckolah white, (it was cheap, I'm frugal)...
The said torture device was 15 bucks at target...good deal, huh?
Anyhoo upon hitting the door home I ripped off the packaging adjusted the little dial thingy, made sure it was setting level...and hopped on...
After regaining a somewhat normal breathing pattern...I looked around to see who else might be humans, but that pesky dog crept this way, I shooed him, I know he would spread the word....If indeed he could speak in human, but I know he would find away to tell the hubby by pawing at the ground or barking X amount of times...poor furry bastard would be horse by the end, serves him right!
Im a vegetarian, I rarely eat fried foods but do partake of donuts on occassion, well because they friggn rock! I refuse to give up my occassional donut, so you know this means load of activity...hopping, jumping, running, and just doing basic stuff! What a slug I've become...sigh

On to craft things....the poncho for Steph I am working on is coming along's been my occassional work do to the heat I've been trying to use my bits and pieces for squares. Small project no hot, larger project big hot. See the math there?????

My craftroom cleaning is coming along! Yippie! Pretty soon I will be able to actully do stuff in there! You know, what it was intended for, weird concept, I know!

Well off to try and finish up some WIPs and dream up some to-dos!


Anonymous Alisha said...

You are too funny : )

7:04 PM  

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