Friday, June 10, 2005

Yarn and Rambling

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You see before you some strays I picked up! They needed a home, trust me it was for their (the yarns) benefit. I did well though these were on sale or clearanced items! The big honking ball is Joanns Rainbow Sensation $6.00, the boucle of course from Joanns, the eyelash is also from Joanns it was on sale for $3. and some change, the beyond is made by Southwest Trading Company and I got it from the LYS, yes we finally have one!! for $3.50 and finally the black Frenzy is from Wal-mart $3.00 on clearance.

I do have plans for all these I promise, they have a good home with loads of relatives!!!

Alrighty on with the rambling.....I joined two web rings please eyeball them, join if ya will....not real sure why I felt the need to join but I did and think I like it! See you even get a nifty button!!!

Ute's purse is now being made in black...a request from my friend Michelle in California. She makes italian charms, custom no we have made a barter, a custom made keyring for her special ordered black Ute Purse!! Not to shabby, I get a keyring for hubby with a wedding pic, a skull pic, our names and a pic of our furry boy child Wolfgang who is a miniature schnauzer. Sadly, atesting to what a wonderful parent I am.....::::rolls eyes:::: I didnt have a pic of the girls to send Michelle..why you ask, well because I have none on pc and I do not know how to work my new scanner/printer/fax machine....

And bringing this blabbering to an end....I have added pics to my Flickr account of my craft room and all its messiness! Here is the link....

Please let me know I am not the only one with this craft room chaos!!! Plz, anyone! BTW...its coming together slowly but surely! Will take after pics soon!


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