Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Bone To Pick

Well in fear of losing potential online buddies...I've got to rant a bit!
After going in search of a charity for the people in the Appalachians...I seem to have blown a socket!
Where are all the Pagan ran charities? HELLO...fellow pagans, whats up guys????
Why are there no pagan crocheters webrings?
Why are there no pagan crochet patterns for free or sell?
Back to the Appalachian folks....I want to be do something for these folks...I searched and found not one non-denominational charity! NOT ONE...sigh!!!
A recent post by a fellow crocheter and blogger got me to thinking about doing more for the community as a whole....Community meaning the good old USA....
Why are folks scared or in dislike of pagans? And why the heck do pagans not declare themselves and join together for charities? I mean broad charities not grassroots...(I dont mean enviromental either)

Well I'm done pitching a fit just shocked and wanna do something and dont know what......
I do know I will not NOT send something ,due to it being Christian ran... least someone is doing something! * not opposed to Christian ran but would much rather converting not be the primary ideal of giving*

I dont see a prob coming up with a subtle way to band together to do something....sorta like a charity chain! Maybe I just didnt get the pagan memo(s)...

If anyone can point me to a non-denominational Appalachian Charity I would be so thankful....And if any of you crocheting pagan brothers or sisters out there want to give an opinion on a webring please do it!

Please click the link above to learn more about religious tolerance...just click the title and you'll get there!
Brightest blessings!

Forgive my rambling, when emotional, one must find the pieces that fit together, sorta like a puzzle..stick them together and figure out what the heck Im saying LOL...Not sorry for what I said or meaning behind it just that its not easy to follow!


Blogger DAWN said...

Thanks, Cordelia for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a great comment. I hate to have to get up on my soapbox, but sometimes ya gotta. I don't have a charity for you but I feel your sentiment. I'm not big on the whole "Christianity" bit--to much hypocracy. Good luck in your search though!

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you start a Pagan Charity Webring? It's easy to rant-- hard to do something about the issue.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this. No you dont see pagan,wicca crochet groups or any kind of charity. This is why I had started the hats for the homeless because I am not a christian and it seems that all of the charities are christian run based. You should start a web ring.. :)
Blessings be

6:59 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

there are several pagan crocheters at c'ville --- i bet ya'll could get something going! i second the idea of starting your own webring.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

I hear ya... Our local Wiccan Temple donates to the food banks and has recently started a highway cleanup but that isn't much fun for us crafty types...

9:36 AM  
Blogger goldi said...

I'm in agreement, if there's none out there, why not start your own? As the now tired-cliche goes, "if you build it, they will come", lol! Heck, I'd be interested in joining, and I'm not pagan (don't ascribe to any particular religion, not into the "organized" kind of stuff). I could do some ranting of my own regarding the religious bit, but I'll keep my mouth shut. For now.

7:33 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Thanx for the response y'all....I am thinking on a pagan charity web ring with the pledge of one charity project per 2 months...or a charity a month something along those lines....
I hate to exclude anyone but want it to be pagan friendly as well as welcoming to open minded folks from other faiths.... Make sense?
it'd be nice if it could be just People For lables!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I would join a ring that was people for people. I have a problem being labeled a christian, I don't like what it has become. The my way or the highway to hell mentality. My daughter is a pagen and I ascribe to no group. Agnostic? I don't know. Don't put a lable on me and fit this round peg into your square hole!.
Thanks for coming and leaving a comment, my daughter is a talented photographer, I have a few more to get good shots of and post.
Amelia was almost Cordealia, but got named after Amelia Earhardt a fellow Kansan

4:38 AM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

I like people for peole too...And as far as kiddo names....I have an Emily for Emily Bronte of course and an Amy for the baby sister in Little Women....Im a reader can ya tell?? LOL and of course my name is from King lear and a spin off of Cerridwen..gotta love the Welsh!

11:56 AM  
Anonymous annn51 said...

Just a thought.
Maybe it's the Christian that has charity naturally in their hearts, And pagans do not think along these heart felt lines for others, a trait of being pagan (pagan means-without God in their heart). A pagan tends to be self-centered, selfish.

Just a thought, no offense meant.

4:50 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Actually not to sound creepy or disrespectful but all in all I find it works about the same on both sides....Pagans in general are not self centered anymore than Christians. Its about equal. As far as pagan meaning, no god...thats is severly false...Infact most pagans follow a deity, thusly God by many names... Buddhist are pagan and some of the most giving loving people you'll meant. And please take no offence to this but Chiristain with the very veiw that seeped from your mouth are what makes keeps the wheels of hatred spinning..Again no offence. Perhaps religous tolerance and the teachings of Jesus, which Christianity is SUPPOSE to be about would serve many so called Christians better than their "Im right you're wrong attitudes." Life is no life unless you serve fellow man (meaning the world as a whole)... this is my motto and I'm a pagan, what have you done for man other than look down upon them?
I pray, I cry and I feel I do what I can...sometimes not near enough.. are we that different? I guess we are in the very fact that one mind and heart is open and the other demands you name and follow the same your God...
I refuse to hide my faith I refuse to not live in my truth, the truth that makes me whole and giving and loving...if this things aren't "Godly' then what is? BTW I am a Ordained Minister...Peace and Bright Blessings,
Rev. Cordelia Yeomans

5:27 PM  
Anonymous ruhappytoseeme said...

wow, christtians have it in their hearts to give and no one else? or is it just not pagans? I was wondering Ann51 if you have read anything that craftycritters has in her blogs? selfish? And if pagans didnt think about these heartfelt things then why did she put in her blog that she was wondering about it? Apparently she IS thinking of heartfelt things. sighs, reminds me of the movie head of state, there was one line that BUGGED me to no end, the man running for president kept saying God bless america and no one else... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh that bugged me to no end let me tell you. I really am not sure what a pagan is, I do know what wiccan is and I do not like when people just lump wiccans as just witches, not loving God ,and or as a cult etc, wiccans are all for mother earth and love and peace and people make them sound so evil (some not all) and from what I have been reading in your blog craftycritters you are the same, a loving person, who loves the world, and everything in it! I too do not like when people classify others in a sence of your a christian, your a althiest, oh your gay so you must not be a christian (or what ever label they put on people) It saddens me to see people separating by religion, race, beliefs, sexual preferance, etc. We are ALL humans, we all love, we all hurt, (ok maybe not the sociopaths, I am talking people in general). I would love to learn more about pagans and what it means, if you ever have the time my emails I love all people who do not judge others, I dont care what they are (oh and as long as they dont hurt children or animals and no I am not a vegetarian, I just dont like people abusing animals) I dont get along with hypocrytes very well, but if a person is kind and doesnt judge a book by its cover and gets to know the inside of people then they are ok with me :) oh and just so everyone knows, I am a hetrosexual woman, who believes in God and doesnt believe God is just ``one`` way, I believe God loves everyone who loves others, respects others and I dont believe God is any ``one `` way. He is what we believe him (her?) to be. As long as we are kind, loveing, and try to do good things and not evil things (like hurting children, or even adults physically/mentally etc) or animals and do not judge people just cause they have different beliefs then them, then the higher up they believe in (wether you call this entity God, Budda, or whatever you call this) then you are a good person and you will have a good life and whatever happens after life will be happy and enriched with the same qualitys you believe in in this world.

oh and btw, I dont usually read blogs often (cept a few friends who are ferret lovers, I so enjoy reading about animals, of all kinds, and maybe the reasoning behind this is because animals have no prefrence, they love anyone who loves them, no matter their sex, religion, race, or anything else) but I have so enjoyed reading your blogs, I find them to be very humorouse and caring!(im very sorry if my spelling is bad) I have enjoyed finding your blog (thru gpf) and if I didnt have to get to bed I think I would read every single one :) And I am not a crocheter (sp?) but I really enjoyed the readings (especially about your animals hehehe too cute!) thanks for letting me into a part of your life :)

10:52 PM  

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