Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stuff and Links and Thangs

Hello and welcome aboard! I'm Cordelia and I will be your cruise director...On the right hand side you might notice a poll, please feel free to vote!

Okay well I never was a "Julie" fan so enough of that! Crap, showing my age again! And I have that crappy song in my head... Looooooooove Boat ......exciting and new.....come on your know the tune, you're humming aren't ya?......"Isaac, wheres my dt pepsi?"

Anyhoo there is an interesting thread over at C'ville....well its sorta boring unless you like tormenting poor souls, not that I enjoy it....much!
Here check it out: HUH?

My oldest offspring who ,I swear, I created all by myself...hmmm is that good or bad?, "Hi nice to meet ya, I'm an earthworm", she has a blog with her arty type stuff! Here's the link just incase you feel like stopping by: Mimi !

We finally got a bit of rain's been weeks folks! I honestly though about buying sponges and early in the morn, soaking up dew off the few blade of grass and ringing them into a pitcher....

I am having very strong urges to crochet baby things...umm nope, I'm spayed, not to worry, no buns in my oven! But I keep seeing the cutest items.....Of course, I wouldnt pick "baby colors" but still!

Okay, enough of my "not so entertaining entertainment"!!!


Blogger Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I know there are patterns for crochet socks in some of my old crochet world magazines. So you don't have to learn to knit to make socks! I do think knitted socks would be more comfy though, not as big bumps in knitting. I like knit fabric, but like to crochet better, probably because I have these fantastic wooden hooks, I just love using them.

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