Saturday, July 30, 2005

We're Back!

Well the weary travelers have returned. I think we all fell into bed and didn't move until 10AM.

I learned a few things yesterday, one: the road construction is still going on, two: one person I met yesterday totally pissed me off and he is very lucky to have both his big head and little head in their orginal places, three: afore mentioned person thinks vegetarians are illiterate hillbillies to poor to afford good food, namely meat and unless you can afford a nutritionalist and chef on staff stick to a "normal" diet. Had this dickhead known anything about vegetarianism he would know that even the biblical people ate a primarily veggie diet, meat was a festival food, usually only eaten after a sacrifice, and four: that another 3-6 months of returning to Houston is in our schedule now!ARRGGGH! Did I have to wish to go back again before I'd even left?

Anyway onto nicer things!!! We keep a gift box in the closet, the gift box is a rubbermaid box that we add handmade things and such too, for gifts throughout the year. Well the gift box is about half-full now! Yippie, I like to be ahead of the game!

Thanx to Lynlee and Dawn for the good vibes...You probably saved that pompous turd's life!


Blogger Lynlee said...

You're welcome... I think.

I did the vegitarian thing for 6 months. Lost tons of hair. Decided I liked meat better than being bald. I totally admire vegitarians, though. More power to ya!

And way to go on the gift box... I keep meaning to start one of those... Maybe some day!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Welcome back...sorry to hear about your run-in with the pompous turd.....and I'm sure that everyone he has met has dreamed of doing him in at some point in time!

What a great idea with the gift box!! I really should start on something like that!

4:16 AM  
Blogger DAWN said...

You go, Cordelia. Sometimes it is good to put people in there places. Otherwise, how would they know they are assholes?
I have tons of gifts (up in my head--that doesn't help in the real world, I know). Maybe you have inspired me. . .

8:31 AM  

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