Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Well I didn't complete my list! Failure, well maybe but I did what I could. I didn't finish the purse for Steph, well because it sucked.... If I weren't to be totally eaten up with guilt, I'd toss it out! So its still on the shelf looking at me taunting me....its true! The afghan I was set to finish was lacking three squares. So I tucked in ends, put them away and now I feel guilt over then....I seem to be running on a high level of guilt! Please , dont take advantage of my guilt ridden self...

Above in the picture you will find some of my doneness....ooooooo, ahhhhhhh!
From left to right, a simple thin orange scarf (it's so nice and squishy), next is a scarp scarf, looks like one of those coconut candies called neopolitan, that scarf is so tacky but I like it, next is a filet bookmark, you can't tell because of what I have it laid on but there are little diamond shapes in it, next is a heart bookmark, and then my pink baby blanket that was on my list.

So how did all of you do on the challenge?

I now am stomped as to what project to work on next! I have been playing with thread, working on a top secret thingy....you know FBI stuff....but after I got 80% done I'm lost now! I have great plans but my hands dont mind what my brain tells it!

I know, I have many WIM so I guess I need to see where my hook takes me!

Has anyone felt that got the cold shoulder from someone online? Yet you haven't a clue as to why? Maybe my perceptions is off..I dunno! Overthinking it probably! Here's the deal, I made some squares for a comfortghan request. Well I sent them along and when it had been two weeks asked if the squares made it safely and heard nothing in return. But I did happen to pop into notice photos of all the squares, lo and behold there's the little squares I made in the photo...so they did get there. Wasn't wanting gratitude just a quick "got them" note or something.... I must be to anal. Ignore my whining...I guess I was raised to be courteous and it baffles me that some aren't...and sadly even though I try not to, sometimes I take it personal, even though the likelihood of that is remote. Gosh, I hope its remote! And all though I hang out at Crochetville that doesn't mean its about someone there..LOL, I do have an aol and several yahoo crochet groups!

Do you know I can't find sports weight cotton yarn in my area!!!! I used to buy Southmaid 8, but its no longer made....I do have one tiny ball of cotton ease. Any suggestions?

Hotmail was down for my from Friday until Monday afternoon...not sure why but its back! A big shout out to my friend Joe Marquez in Spain for trying to get me into my mail!!! Ladies he is, 33, single and he is a computer dude! Need I say more!

Off to make more UFOS for the next UFO-a-thon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big shout back to you.
Greetings from Spain ladies as CC said I´m available :)

5:54 AM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

"Ladies he is, 33, single and he is a computer dude!"

I could use one of those around my place!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Whoa! Back up - 33, single and living in Europe??? Hello - I'm Kimberly! :-D

Cordelia...I must admit that I failed miserablly with my challenge....failed I tell you! I did finish the three squares for my 63 squares. And thats about it...unless you count the 5 (yup, 5) books I read between Saturday afternoon and Sunday night! *sigh* I'll do better with the next challenge! Promise! I just need to start some smaller projects so they are easier to finish once they become UFOs and WIPs! lol

11:20 AM  

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