Friday, September 30, 2005

Don't Cry For Me Houston Texas....

The truth is I never left you.....Well at least it feels like I sorta leave for a minute and then I'll be damned if we aren't right back in downtown traffic in a blink of an eye!

We are off again! This time its an over nighter. Ugh! One good thing my grandmother is here so she is hanging out with the oldest while we trek to H Town.

So once again, good vibes, thoughts,prayer, all that good stuff....if you meditate take 5, to focus focus focus! Once again thank you so very very much!

Okay I notice I've been Angry Woman lately....that is so not becoming...what's up with that? For someone who is usually a passive until a sharp tongue or action is needed I sure am no likey, is all I got to say! This anger rut is sickening! So being the true libra I am , hehe, I will strive for balance, which is what I prefer! A little bitchin' and a little happy go lucky.....I can do that right?

I also had been feeling guilt because the blog is all about ME ME ME.....and you know I need to shake that feeling....this is my little arena. Do I feel like I need a me thing? Well yep sorta, not whining mind you but I'm Mama, Joe's Wife and someones daughter and this is where I get to be a different part of me. We all wear different hats during our lives, sometimes several at one time on any given day, and I like all my hats, but it's nice to have something seperate from that you know? I can talk about family, I can talk about crafting, I can bitch and moan a little no one is obligated to read it...Okay I havent had a full cup of coffee so I ramble....
All in all I just need to go with the flow!

Here is this weeks sigh, one reason I think I am or was so damned sad which comes out as anger. I tried adopting twice, each time the moms wanted the babies back within a few months.....both of my not homemade daughters were returned to their birth moms with a smile on my face and the mantra, "things happen for a reason"...although I was very hurt and angry and just plain sad. Mind you this was 13 and 12 years ago. I divorced and after my true hubby and I were together 2 years, not married yet however, we decided to go for it again, that it was worth the risk of heartache to go for it again. Well after paper work, etc, trying to decide if adoption or invitro was the way to go, (Psssst I cant homemake babies), time past we looked at pictures on and on....only to learn after falling in love with a few pics and stories, that we arent able to adopt. Lots of factors apparently. Who woulda known, I've done this twice before....geeeez. So this month we decide to push this time....for a sibling group....older kids hard to place, and now we have come to the realization, it aint happening. I think The Old Man had/s grown weary anyway and its time to move on....But knowing it logically and feeling it are two diff things....So this coming week I am learning the lesson of letting go and moving on.....
Yes yes I know I do not like kids very much...but remember I do love mine! Blood dont make a family folks trust me!

Alrighty so here's to all the good things in life and not dwelling on the parts that suck! Where's a beer mug when you need one?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Catching up

First a vent....I HATE Joanns rainbow sensation boucle''s a bitch to frog.
But it's so offs suck!

Secondly, I finally made an eBay yarn purchase. Vicki over at C'ville told me about a couple of folks she buys from over there at eBay. Let me tell ya if the yarn is scrummy yummy , I will be buying more for sure! CHEAP people CHEAP...and it's nice colors I can't find in my area. I got several cones including shipping it came out to just over $20.00. Yes, that is including shipping!
Let me show ya: Brown Boucle, chenille and chenille.

Here are the stores I checked out: Rodney's,Fiber Options, Foxe's Yarn Den.

So I hope it gets here I can fondle it!

I am working on a stole for my grandmother....I hope it comes out well!

Okay here's a major gripe.....I sent several MANY RAOKS.....I am whining so deal with it, out of the 12 I sent (this past month), 4 people acknowledged receiving anything. I can't take it personally as my name and return addy wasnt on any of the packages, but why the ever loving fuck can't people say I got a package from someone today.... I MEAN COME ON! I have a list of folks I have sent to in the past and they have posted they received something, so I think I will just give to these folks and not try to share the gifting with anyone else. We choose to live on a limited income and put family over money, so when I send something its a family project (we all get into it, gather things or in some way help out) and although it dont put us in a financial bind it is a bit of going out of our way. So now I'm done bitching and will stick to those I know appreciate it.

I have great pics to post, and a wonderful find to share with you all, but I'm in a bitchy mood apparently and want to be on the up swing when sharing.

Oh one last friend Mindie sent me the most fabulous tote! I will post a pic tomorrow....if I could talk her into selling these, trust me you all would purchase them. She is a fabulous, wonderous textile artist!

Well I'm out....

Sunday, September 25, 2005

And Then.......

We made it through Rita. Well actually, she never made it here. Not even one tiny drop of rain!!! Can you believe it?

I am so ready to see Corpse Bride!

Just a fast update! I have nothing crafty to report.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Badass Rita

Well folks, seems Rita might be coming for a visit. We were right in the eyes path but now its slightly to the east of us.

People are evacuating here, which is silly, but oh well, guess images of Katrina are still haunting them.

We went to pick up some extra batteries and water yesterday. None to be found. Lines at gas stations and people fighting. Just so damned stupid. We just shrugged and waited our 30-40 minutes in line and went home empty handed. But fear not being a girlscout until I was 31, I am always prepared. lol, for real I was, carried a card and everything.

We have a distiller that is on stand by and loads of batteries and food. Out in the boonies we are always prepared anyway.

We also have a plan "b', my grandmother can take my offspring westward tomorrow if it looks bad. Since we do animal rescue I can't leave, but once again don't know why anyone would. T-storms and a bit of wind at the most, no biggy.

On to nice yarny topics. I have flung myself to the fibre gods...I have indeed signed up for the fall yarn swap and the purse swap. I am a glutton for punishment, no doubt.

Where's Swapna?

Thanx for dragging me back from the brink of blog death Lynlee! Not sure what that means but it looks purdy typed out.

12 sent, 4 acknowledged.....all I'm saying.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Moving At Warp Speed

Okay, well more like at a snails pace, but still!

We are back and tired and I have made absolutely no progress...I think it's a bust this time, my precious list making! Fooey! Oh well I can still try I guess!

I did three sketches today, one is rattling around in my empty head taking shape and will be sketched soon. And I leafed through a new doily book.

Hobby Lobby was having a sale on hooks and books, 50% off! I got a gift of mulah from my grandfather, so it was nice to browse pick up a few things and know it was 50% off, hardly any guilt! I ended up getting a clover soft touch hook in size F, a doliy pattern book titled: Easy One-Day Doilies,Fun With Free-Form, How To Free-form Crochet, and a small doily book, can't recall the title. I think I will go back Saturday and get the painted doilies book and doilies with a twist. Can you tell I'm on a doily kick? Im not even froufrou but love the challenge a doily offers!

Recent dids:
Finished Dean Koontz, House of Thunder. On a scale of one to 10 I give it a five..woulda been higher but the end just really took away from the whole fabulous first part! UGGGGH!

Watched The Hithchikers Guide to The Galaxy...Loved it really did....All I can say is, when having tea with mice, beware!!!!

Also watched Shaun of The Dead....I loved it too, I haven't a clue why I was cackling so loud but I did...gotta love British humour!

Life Aquatic was first I was like, ummmmm , wtf did I just buy? The next thing you know I was snorting....I think it is so funny the way nothing phases these people....straight faced through the most emotional times!

Thanx to all for the good vibes, I promise I will try not to tap your feel good , thinking of you vibes to many more times!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Concrete Jungle

We are off to Houston again. This time it will be a mad dash. Four hours there, four hours back. Running to the Jr. High to get The Oldest Offspring and then on the road to the concrete jungle...I hate rushing almost as much as I hate waiting.

Sadly, I don't foresee us stopping at any places of crafty goodness!

I am revising my "c" day.....I'm giving me until Friday....and I checked, I can do that cuz I'm the boss of me!

Again any spare, thoughts, and good vibes would be much appreciated!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Okay here is my list....Noted beside if its been done or what not...

Write pattern for Heart and Sole barefoot sandal
Write pattern for Scarf
Write pattern for Flurry Cap PATTERN

Finish bolero
Finish Scarf
Finish felted bag *ran out of yarn...sigh! Hope to get more tomorrow.
Finish baby bonnet (may write pattern depending on finished product)

Secret project to start and finish!DONE

Now here is what I had last time I didn't complete for various reasons:

Granny square afghan...not enough blocks but Im gonna do something with it
Steph (The Niece's purse) line it and add button

Another flurry cap made during pattern writing process! Yippie! Pics on pattern link above!

Signing off with hugs to Kimberly for retuning from her journey and to Swapna for listening , or reading?, to me rattle and that awesome job of irish crochet she did for Kathy's pattern. Holy Moley! And hug to Lynlee, what a sweet woman she is, the strength to do what she does for couples wanting babies! How cool are you girl?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Todays the day.....

Today is "C" day folks....yep, today is Get CRAP Done Day, or for nicer people Crochet The Day Away Day!

Now to I put forth for your horrific entertainment, the joyful slave to yarn, ME!
Do I look like I am excited to get started? HUH? Do I? Yep what I thought! Can you drown yourself by drinking too much coffee?

Look at the wild eyed stare! YIKES! Gather your children and hide them! Call the X-files! I am a crocheting freak on a mission!

Friday, September 09, 2005

UFO time again.........sigh!

Alrighty well folks seems I have gotten in over my head again! YIKES!
I am posting a WIP/UFO list yet again in hopes I will actually do something. Last time I did this I got quite a bit done!
So without further ado here is the endless list:

Write pattern for Heart and Sole barefoot sandal
Write pattern for Scarf
Write pattern for Flurry Cap

Finish bolero
Finish Scarf
Finish felted bag
Finish baby bonnet (may write pattern depending on finished product)

Secret project to start and finish!

Now here is what I had last time I didn't complete for various reasons:

Granny square afghan...not enough blocks but Im gonna do something with it
Steph (The Niece's purse) line it and add button

Unlike before I will only be posting pics here rather than C'ville. So if you're dying to follow the drama peek in every once in a while! I am giving myself three days maybe four to complete these projects. I have other things I want to move on too and these projects are a lode stone.

Update: About the Pagan Charity Group I dumped that idea...I'm a human (or something akin to that) first, then pagan. No need to bring my beliefs into my giving...who cares long as somethings being done. I will let my walk speak for label!

Update : Book Club Blog...I'm warming on this idea! I have posted a poll on the sidebar about it! Helps give direction to the forming.

I have 200 gmail invites....who wants one?

Im in love with Earth Faire.....who has used them? Let me know about your service and products please!

Deb over at dudleyspinner is fabulous....let me tell ya, not only did she send me a gorgeous skein of handspun yarn... she emails with ideas and always replies to my questions....if you need unspun rovings please contact her....She is fabulous as are her goodies! BTW the skein she gave me was once a hat and I think it wants to be that again! Thanx Deb! Oh and she has fabu pics of a recent sheep/wooly fest thingy she attended! Go look, make haste!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

People Suck

Well most people....nuff said!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

uh huh

You rule. in 15 years, you won't be as known as you
are now, but most of the people that will know
you then will like you (or else I'll beat them
with a stick). You're nice to listen to.

What band from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow....lesser known than I am now....interesting as I'm almost off the grid now. Guess this means falling further into obscurity.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Here are a few finds....thought I'd pass them along.




Help Others



Hey PS...there is a new poll on the side bar! Vote your life depends on it..Not really but vote if ya get a chance!

Kiss Me, Baby!!

I'm no pro at being a mom, infact I am lacking in the department, crap I don't even like children per se...
I will kick anyones ass who harms a child but I don't care to be around small humans.
Okay yea, I'm a bitch, so what!
My offspring never had a mom who flopped in the floor playing with them or ran around at the park...we read even when they were toddlers we went to lectures etc..
When Emily, the eldest, was four she had some interaction with "real" children, she was amazed at them running around making loud burst of noise...she wiggled her small finger and looked up me with saucer sized eyes and when I bent to reach her whisper , she says "Is there something wrong with that child?"
Did I do harm to them, not sure...but they are very liberated...if they feel like dancing in Target, go for it....if they sing at the top of their lungs to HIM, go for it! Somehow they found their own balance....Maybe it was the live music festivals that made them free spirits...who knows...But I know I like to be around THESE two small humans.
Okay I've rambled and lost the meaning in this post! LOL

Now to the crux of this madness....
We made a trip to Wally World...YIKES, I know...but as the girls were walking in with their Dad they we greeted by girlfriends smooching at the store entrance...
No one flinched no one said a word! BRAVO...I gotta say I was very proud of them , but decided I would wait to see if they said someting. So having bought more shit than we needed we made our way back to our van, got in and took off for home.

The Old Man whispers "the girls saw some ladies kissing do we need to discuss it?" It's our rule we have open topics, nothing is off limits and discussed within reason. Not profain or over the top but explanatory. Apparently Emily heard his whisper and she said "SO!!"...The Old Man and I looked at eachother and grinned. He asked "why "SO" Emily? Explain why you said that." She said "well who cares if there were girls kissing, thats their business, beside at least they are being kind to one another". He said "did it make you uncomfortable"....she said "no, people loving eachother shouldnt be uncomfortable"...So then Amy was asked how she felt...She simply said.."Loves got nothing to do with if are you a boy or girl"

WOHOOO....Score one for offspring! Should this be a big deal...well no, but it is, sadly!!! The Old Man and I had such a euphoric feeling all evening! Living in the fundamentalist belt.....openness is almost unheard of.

BTW, we do jump in rain in walmart...and sing at the top of our lungs to "Queen"...all of us...So if you're ever in central Texas and see people with a rainbow of hair colors hopping in puddles and just acting plain nuts...stop and say "Hi"! Guess we all have reached our childhood together...who knows!


Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama.
Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time...
But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you.
You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Musings and Wonderment

I love Blue October...perhaps one of my favorite bands of all time. I guess I've followed them for 5-6 years...then all the sudden when I say Blue October more people seemed to know who they are in recent days because they were on the American Pie Wedding movie soundtrack.... But anyway if you get a chance check them out, especially the first cd, History For Sale...loaded with songs of dealing with mental illness, I know, don't sound lovely but if you ever have had a mental illness , it seems like someone knows what the hell you are feeling, felt and living....Anyway I can remember standing at The Metro, a club, on Austins famous 6th street for hours just to see Justin and his very primal sounds in song...I'd stand at the edge of the stage and cry...sometimes jump.

I was going through my books, I have a load of books. Last year The Old Man and I wanted to open a bookstore. We did the building search, decided that we wanted to be in the town where the Oldest attends school. We asked around about how people would feel about a book store....this is the response we got "Why'd anyone want a book store, we read enough in school , my free time I watch rassling (wrestling)!" Anyway we decided to go ahead with it, and offer a cyber cafe' as well, four pcs, dsl connection, no biggy. But it would allow us to be a family and work together.Well the loan didnt go through due to the location after we purchased TONS of books..So now I am sorting through them....making a shelf for us to keep and read and the rest I am giving away..Sorta sad about them leaving, but really what good is it to have thousands of books that I will never read?

Why the fuck aren't the closed down military bases being use to house the displaced people in New Orleans and Mississippi and elsewhere? HUH? WHY? I know to damned logical, there are toilets, beds, medical clinics and or hospitals, kitchens...No Bush or political bashing please....Not a fan but it gets old. Just amazed that these buildings arent being use.....

Does anything taste better than a nice hot chai tea?

I got my Interweave Knit Crochet likes! But don't know that I will be making anything out of it!

Why do people think that who they know makes them have value?

The Old Man declined the promotion.....YIPPIE!!! I knew there was a reason I loved him. I had no idea he had done so....Until a few days ago I said "so have you decided on that position" and he told me he turned them down a few days before! Sure it meant more money and insurance, but is that worth the trade off to not being a family?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Scrunchies and Munchies

I have these two things on my mind.....

I want to do a scrunchie swap....but over a C'ville all the dance cards look pretty full...Scrunchies are practical and can be cute and a rather cool accessory. When to pounce is the questions????

Food, I want some. I don't keep junk food on hand and am out of fruit...But I want to gnaw on something, what? I'm not sure!

I've been tossing around the idea of a book blog....I would like for it to be more intimate than a big group perhaps 6 people or 12 at the max.....I will keep searching for a day or two from already set up forums, etc, before I make up my mind.
But feel free to give me your opinions....

I didn't do really anything crafty today but I did groom two of my little guys....I clipped enough hair of these miniature schnauzers to make one other whole dog! Hopefully I will post pics tomorrow.

Still in search of texture-y fibres!!!Come on folks send me "finding what I need" vibes!