Monday, September 12, 2005


Okay here is my list....Noted beside if its been done or what not...

Write pattern for Heart and Sole barefoot sandal
Write pattern for Scarf
Write pattern for Flurry Cap PATTERN

Finish bolero
Finish Scarf
Finish felted bag *ran out of yarn...sigh! Hope to get more tomorrow.
Finish baby bonnet (may write pattern depending on finished product)

Secret project to start and finish!DONE

Now here is what I had last time I didn't complete for various reasons:

Granny square afghan...not enough blocks but Im gonna do something with it
Steph (The Niece's purse) line it and add button

Another flurry cap made during pattern writing process! Yippie! Pics on pattern link above!

Signing off with hugs to Kimberly for retuning from her journey and to Swapna for listening , or reading?, to me rattle and that awesome job of irish crochet she did for Kathy's pattern. Holy Moley! And hug to Lynlee, what a sweet woman she is, the strength to do what she does for couples wanting babies! How cool are you girl?


Blogger Lynlee said...

*blush* Thanks!

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