Friday, September 09, 2005

UFO time again.........sigh!

Alrighty well folks seems I have gotten in over my head again! YIKES!
I am posting a WIP/UFO list yet again in hopes I will actually do something. Last time I did this I got quite a bit done!
So without further ado here is the endless list:

Write pattern for Heart and Sole barefoot sandal
Write pattern for Scarf
Write pattern for Flurry Cap

Finish bolero
Finish Scarf
Finish felted bag
Finish baby bonnet (may write pattern depending on finished product)

Secret project to start and finish!

Now here is what I had last time I didn't complete for various reasons:

Granny square afghan...not enough blocks but Im gonna do something with it
Steph (The Niece's purse) line it and add button

Unlike before I will only be posting pics here rather than C'ville. So if you're dying to follow the drama peek in every once in a while! I am giving myself three days maybe four to complete these projects. I have other things I want to move on too and these projects are a lode stone.

Update: About the Pagan Charity Group I dumped that idea...I'm a human (or something akin to that) first, then pagan. No need to bring my beliefs into my giving...who cares long as somethings being done. I will let my walk speak for label!

Update : Book Club Blog...I'm warming on this idea! I have posted a poll on the sidebar about it! Helps give direction to the forming.

I have 200 gmail invites....who wants one?

Im in love with Earth Faire.....who has used them? Let me know about your service and products please!

Deb over at dudleyspinner is fabulous....let me tell ya, not only did she send me a gorgeous skein of handspun yarn... she emails with ideas and always replies to my questions....if you need unspun rovings please contact her....She is fabulous as are her goodies! BTW the skein she gave me was once a hat and I think it wants to be that again! Thanx Deb! Oh and she has fabu pics of a recent sheep/wooly fest thingy she attended! Go look, make haste!


Blogger MrsFife said...

Where are the pictures of the yarn you received, please? I told you I wanted to see it!

6:12 AM  
Blogger MrsFife said...

What bright colours! And wouldn't it be a rather *large* hat?

6:31 AM  

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