Sunday, September 04, 2005

Musings and Wonderment

I love Blue October...perhaps one of my favorite bands of all time. I guess I've followed them for 5-6 years...then all the sudden when I say Blue October more people seemed to know who they are in recent days because they were on the American Pie Wedding movie soundtrack.... But anyway if you get a chance check them out, especially the first cd, History For Sale...loaded with songs of dealing with mental illness, I know, don't sound lovely but if you ever have had a mental illness , it seems like someone knows what the hell you are feeling, felt and living....Anyway I can remember standing at The Metro, a club, on Austins famous 6th street for hours just to see Justin and his very primal sounds in song...I'd stand at the edge of the stage and cry...sometimes jump.

I was going through my books, I have a load of books. Last year The Old Man and I wanted to open a bookstore. We did the building search, decided that we wanted to be in the town where the Oldest attends school. We asked around about how people would feel about a book store....this is the response we got "Why'd anyone want a book store, we read enough in school , my free time I watch rassling (wrestling)!" Anyway we decided to go ahead with it, and offer a cyber cafe' as well, four pcs, dsl connection, no biggy. But it would allow us to be a family and work together.Well the loan didnt go through due to the location after we purchased TONS of books..So now I am sorting through them....making a shelf for us to keep and read and the rest I am giving away..Sorta sad about them leaving, but really what good is it to have thousands of books that I will never read?

Why the fuck aren't the closed down military bases being use to house the displaced people in New Orleans and Mississippi and elsewhere? HUH? WHY? I know to damned logical, there are toilets, beds, medical clinics and or hospitals, kitchens...No Bush or political bashing please....Not a fan but it gets old. Just amazed that these buildings arent being use.....

Does anything taste better than a nice hot chai tea?

I got my Interweave Knit Crochet likes! But don't know that I will be making anything out of it!

Why do people think that who they know makes them have value?

The Old Man declined the promotion.....YIPPIE!!! I knew there was a reason I loved him. I had no idea he had done so....Until a few days ago I said "so have you decided on that position" and he told me he turned them down a few days before! Sure it meant more money and insurance, but is that worth the trade off to not being a family?


Blogger Lynlee said...

"Does anything taste better than a nice hot chai tea?"


7:58 AM  
Blogger DAWN said...

See, some things are more important than money. Glad your husband is so intelligent. I can't wait to find the Interweaves mag around here. Like you I probably won't make a thing, I just love to look/see.
*I began and ended with the word "see"-HA*

9:30 AM  

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