Thursday, December 01, 2005


Okay back to my list...SIGH!

Scarves: 12 (update 11/26 ~8...11/27 ~7...12/1 ~6...12/6 ~4...12/11 ~5...12/12 ~4...12/15 ~3)
Shawls: 5/6 (update 11/26 ~ 4/5...12/12 ~ 3/4....)
Slippers: 2
Shrugs: 2/3***
cases: 3 (update 11/26 ~0....DONE)
caps: 1/3 (update 12/13~ 0/2...)
ponchos: 2/3 (update 11/26 ~ 1/2..12/1~0/1)
purses: 2/4 (update 11/26 ~ 0/2)
Quilts: 3/6
Blankets: 2
Doilies: 4*
Misc jewelry

The fractional looking numbers aren't fractions....The number in front of the / is what I must get done asap. The number after the / is the number I would like to get done before Yule. The number with the astrisk is something I really wanna do but not gonna bust my arse over. The number(s) after the ~ are what I have LEFT to do. Note these are things that have been ordered or requested, only a few are gifts for Yule and a couple of birthdays....UPDATE: I finished one shrug....its too small for the now its going to my little offspring.

1 Shrug


Blogger funny said...

You sure are working hard that is alot to do.Good luck and I hope you are able to get it all done.I like your blog something new all the time.Yvonne

10:16 PM  

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