Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wasting Time

Well here at sit at the PC....doing nothing. Yea well okay I guess Im making a blog entry...

I have tons to do....yule boxes, plus the guessing game gifts, plus cleaning my craft room, plus etc and further more and yada yada....

Sigh....but my booty refuses to get in motion....I'm a slug....I think I must be getting ready for my next life...I will indeed be a slug....Crap I hope some twerp of a frenchman dont eat me....oh that was gross on so many levels...Anywho....

I used my bag that Lynlee made and sent me....I must say it took a beating...poor thing....I had two PBs in there as well as my portable cd player, wallet, a ball of unopened #10 thread, my hook case, and a pattern so rocks!

So I need opinions....again I'm probably over thinking..BUT here's the deal-i-o...
I have some buddies I want to send gift-age too....BUT honestly I dont know what type of doo-dads they'd like. So I was thinking I would send an email to the blessed few...LMAO, just kidding....and in the e-mail I would ask silly things like fave color, you wear shawls? Ponchos? Scarves?....scent faves get the crux, a'ight! So you think thats something that can be done without making someone feel on the spot...and does it reek of "I dont know you very well"....Worry one they may think they are obligated to send me something, which is the very very very last thing I want to happen. Worry two what if they have mentioned these things before and I have forgotten, geez then I come off as not really reading or listening to them. Well none-the-less tell me what you think, please.

Reading: Shadows by John Saul and something by Voltier

Listening to: Petra Berger, yea its opera so what

Working on: Long sleeve shrug, scarves, bolero from HELL, scrunchies, and purse

Swaps: Falling yarn, purse, scrunchy

Excited about: The November round of Holiday gifting, and e-mails for peeps. I was tickled to get a chatty e-mail from Lynlee....Does she not rock!? I likes me some chatty e-mails even though I dont really know how to be chatty back.

Waiting on in the mail: Bernat disco yarn, latest eBay purchases, falling yarn goodies, purse for swap, and anything but bills, and sale ads YUCK!

And where the hell is our boob button....I am so down with joining a web ring for REAL women who arent afraid to be real....cellulite, whiskers, tilted boobage, saggy ass, whatevah!

Be watching for a new poll.....Im thinking its about time, after Yule to start that book blog....YAY!


Blogger Deneen said...

Jeez, you could do a poll/survey like you thought of or you could start a meme and send it to people who would answer it on their blog.

As for the boob button, what a great idea-a pair of lopsided titties, some cellulite on the thighs, a chin hair, it's all there, damn I wish I knew how to make a button~

1:24 PM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

Glad you like the bag! I love the colors so it almost wanted to be my bag but at the last minute it put its foot down and demanded to be yours. lol

I think the meme idea is a good one (providing you are thinking about sending to bloggers). Otherwise, my idea was - tell these people you are considering doing a craft fair (or someone you know is??) and then ask them their feelings about ponchos and what colors they would be most likely to purchase (so you/your friend can make the most popular items).

But I don't think even a plain email is tacky. I would rather someone ask and give me something I like then something I don't but feel obligated to use/wear b/c they took the time to make it. Does that make sense?

email- you would get more prompt replies if you didn't go to my bulk folder. Again, Damned Yahoo.

Yeah! Where is our boobie button!??! I wonder if we could commission one of the ladies at the 'Ville to do it? MAybe stalk the "blog" section and see who makes buttons for other and after checking their blogs determine which of them would be least likely to be scared of us???

1:54 PM  
Blogger Marvie said...

Hey check out the get to know you threads (assuming the folks you refer to are 'Villers), might take some digging but you might find the answers there... or start a new questions thread. Otherwise the meme/email get to know you kinda thing is a great idea.

I don't know how to make buttons either, but a boob button would be cool *g*

word verification for today is, adhalvga, cool huh? lol

2:44 AM  
Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Send an email and ask lots of questions. I don't think anyone would mind. Ya can't keep it all filed away in your steel trap forever. Sometimes a refresher is a good thing.

2:45 PM  

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