Saturday, October 15, 2005

eBay is Satan

So like I don't have even yarnage, pattern booklets, and other crap....eBay taunts me, "Come see what's newly listed, ya know ya wanna" and " Look this seller takes money order and s&h is like almost nothing".....Has anyone else heard these same voices?

Anyhow I have been a loon scouring the pages of eBays yarniness and patternness....and I have fallen into the buy-it-before-it's-gone-and-you'll-never-see-it-again gap.....I now share with you the fruit of my eBay lust....

Leek Chenille
Pesto Chenille
Mahogany Chenille
Navy Chenille
Redwood Chenille
More Booklets
Yarn Lot

That is my written confession thus far! The first booklets listed I had to have due to that rocking doily pattern! The chenille will soon have siblings here as I am buying a ton for several projects that will take a ton of yarnage-yardage. So those are for projects already in mind, they have a purpose. The second set of booklets I HAD to have, indeed I had to fight a fellow bidder to get them, all because of that crazy blue baby dress....I don't even KNOW any tiny humans! UGH! And lastly and possibly the most sad...I had to get that mixed lot of yarn only because I wanted to feel the deep olive green on top of the pile. I won't be able to stay away from eBay until I have all the chenille I need for my few projects....but hopefully I can keep it down to 20 bucks a week.....thats my self imposed allowance! BTW that lot of chenille I got for $20.74 total!

Okay my fave feel good movie as of yesterday is Beauty Shop! HOLY HELL, isn't Queen Latifah sexah! I can't wait to watch it again.

I have pics of made things to show you all later. Yep I actually craft and crochet etc! I just dont post every item I make only a few....Sorta felt as if I'm asking for validation or praise.....Odd, I know, but hey, I over think everything! Roll wit it! People will think I never actually crochet LOL.....

I sent my falling yarn package was 25 bucks to ship it! I gotta remember to say USA only next round of swaps....I keep getting overseas folks...not that I mind but I need a postal break for a bit, lol! $25.00 is alot of eBay! hehe I hope Mimicat likes her booty!

Also I sent my secret pal's package out....I won't be doing sp's anymore. I just am not entertaining enough I guess....I do want to say SPs is a two way street, it takes two to make it work. If I sent an e-mail or cards with questions and never got a reply but saw that they were opened.....why bother going to the forum and making a point of saying you feel neglected by me? Live and learn I more sps for me....On the other hand I was treated royaly by my secret to me pal...which totally rocks!

I am currently working on Yule boxes.....I think I will need a hand transplant LOL!

Lynlee eat something! DAMN IT! Don't make me come feed you....(insert evil bat pounding the hand smiley)


Blogger Kimberly said...

I hear those evil voices constantly! I really have to work hard not to bid on things...especially since all that I bid on is shipped to my folks....I have enough crap there already! :) Some great additions there to your recent acquisitions! As an overseas C'ville member I understand - I feel so bad when I sign up for swaps because folks will have to send it here - I try to use my US address when possible!

12:41 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

I bought two cones of chenille off of Rodney this week too *blush*. I also bought a cone of another yarn off of someone else. I need more chenille like a hole in the head, but they were colors I didn't have and I did have a project in mind. I now own about 10 different colors of chenille.

BTW, I gave up on the guessing your occupation. I "researched" it and came up blank. Thanks for keeping me up nights!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

Eat? I can't eat! I have to crochet! Someone moved the Holidays up by, like, 3 months or some shit.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

I totally blame you for showing me where to find the famous Rodney on ebay :) I bought several cones of chenille, and I'm stalking the postman, waiting for their arrival.

Also, the days are getting cooler here in VA, and I wore my funky scarf today! The reeeallly funky one ;) Everyone loved it!

3:34 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Yes, I really loved the yarn swap package Cordelia! I know the postage is huge, I'm having a hard time myself sending out packages, such that I really weigh them at home before I go to the P.O. and I must confess I limit it to only 1000grams.
I know you must be generous to be able to send here, you are a real Crochetville Fairy!

11:52 PM  

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