Friday, October 07, 2005

Blessings Abound

Well we are back! I have a novel to share!

Our overnighter turned into 5 nights! OY! Let's just say, I know my way around one of Houston's landmarks VERY VERY well! All went well, I think, and we haven't to return to H town until the 19th! Yippie! So thanx to those who prayed, vibed, meditated and sent warm fuzzies! It helped mucho! Blessing number one, by far the biggest!

I have loads of pics to share....
I will post them tomorrow or later today, rather. I got home and had packages out the hoooha! Me loves me some packages!

First, my friends Priscilla, sent me these fabulous beads and a GORGEOUS amulet bag!
Second, I got my box of yarny goodness from Rodney! HELLO! Can we say get busy mama?
The brown boucle I ordered is exactly what I was looking for. Its a very light cotton boucle probably appr. the size of #3 thread! The chenille is a sw, fabu! He even included two samples balls!(Yikes that reads weird, gutterminds)
Next I received a package of cotton elite by Lily in a granny smith apple green from Toni over at Stitch'n girl! (will post link later) She is destashing and has/d wonderous deals on higher end yarn! I got my booty for $7.00, 4 skeins of it, yeah baby!
Then, I got my CAT package from Patricia over at Crochetlist! OMG She sent a box from Herrschnerrs. In it was, 9, 3 oz skeins of caron simply soft in navy, 2, 6 oz skeins of caron simply soft in kelly green and a size H hook, and a free stole pattern to boot! All this gifted to me for chatting with fellow crocheters one night!
And lastly, but not least! Lynlee who was my secret pal, sent me the most kind and "listening" gift ever! What I mean by listening is she took what I say to heart and gave things that mean something to me! Weeping all friggin day! I feel like Im in a kleenex commerical or hallmark or some such rot! Hurry someone share their International House cup of coffee with me! Is that the name of the stuff that comes in the little tins with flavors like swiss chocolate?
Anyway she had a box full of great things! A fabulous purse with lining! Perfect colors for ME!!!! A pendant! Candles and a Goddess soap! Lana yarn for felting, lustersheen in a super cool verigated!Trendsetters eyelash-y type yarn in a yummy brown! A yarn cutter pendant! She also sent my two offsprings a fab gifts a little diddy purse with a belt and pendant, one for each! And a super warm notecard! But the best was a hardback copy of Pippi Longstockings! Think back folks.....remember when I was waxing poetic about PL and what having that book meant to me as a child and saying I lost it over the years somewhere? Well PL is with me again thanx to Lynlee! Come on talk about great SP! Oh crap, I know I am forgetting something! She had the box so full of goodly stuff!Oh well I will post the pics in the morrow and all will see the generous-ness of Miss Lynlee! Can you imagine the brain power it took for her to be my SP? She had to be Lynlee and then SP and the moderator....all the while faking me out! Okay so Im a dim bulb but still! LOL Thank you Lynlee you are da bomb! Hey how often do you get a 30 something calling you "da bomb" LOL....I will stop crying now I promise! All kinds of blessings above!Who knew they came in a box?

Okay I miss Swapna and Kimberly, whos has them? Return them please, no questions asked! You may leave them at the front desk or drop them in the over night slot! Please do not rewind!


Blogger ladylinoleum said...

Wow! You made out like a bandit!

7:11 PM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

I'm so glad you like the beads and amulet bag.
You are so lucky to get all that yarn. I think I got yarn
If you can keep your butt out of H you will be having happy fingers crocheting all that yarn.

1:14 AM  
Blogger MrsFife said...

Sniff! I'm so happy someone misses me! Sniff!

Anyway, I can't wait to see all the pictures when you have them up. cheers on getting back safely!

2:06 AM  
Blogger Lynlee said...

I'm so glad you liked it! Now you know why I said I was so friggin' scared I would out myself (I actually ended up with you as my SP b/c I outed myself to my first one and someone else was nice enough to swap with me - or hell, maybe you just scared her away. *wink*).

I meant to send instructions for the girls' belts. They can be used either for a belt or to tie around their heads and keep their hair back (can't think of the proper term for "head belts" right now - kinda like a headband, but way cooler, imo.).

6:15 PM  

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