Sunday, December 25, 2005

Around The Net

I've been purging my bookmark list and thought I'd post some of the things I've found. Granted some are lame but ya never know what might catch your eye..

Eons ago I used to get this newletter called, well Contest Newsletter, I ordered it through Publishers Clearing House...I can no long find it, YET...but did find this not sure if you got to fill out a billion things but there it is... What was cool about CN was that they listed contest and sweepstakes going on with companies and the requirements...and it was really worth it, got a free roll of paper towels, a strawberry short cake dolly, a troll doll, film, plastic bags etc....the cool thing is I limited me to 3 entries and so 3 stamps was well worth the goodies....

Here is a link for free Catalogs.

Here is a free eBooks link.

Here are some free online courses.

Probably of interest only to me but, check this out.

Pagan business directory.

I signed up for this and really want to do this, however not sure enough in any of my skills (or lack of?) to go forward with it.

Here is a site I visit often.

Well thats the end of the tour me that isnt anywhere near all...


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