Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Name That...ummm Business?

First, I want to say thank you to the wonderful people that sent me gifties for the Holiday season...Jane, Jo, Lynlee, Swapna, Vicki, and various anon. elfies....Thanx for all the goodies they are so much appreciated! I know some of you gave when you had very little to give and it is very touching and means a ton to me.

I am still sending out gifts both personal and of the elfie vareity. Something are on back order, can you believe that? Psst plus I am still making things! ARGHHH!
Who says it has to be there right on Dec. 25 th? HUH?

Okay for those that feel confident that they know me....I would love for you all to participate in a little game of sorts....E-mail me at Simplewitchery(at)gmail(dot)com with the name YOU think we (DH and I and the offspring) should name our new web site....Our old one was called Cozy Den....not really us per se but it was nice...
The site will sell items we hand make on our farm, window jewelry, birdhouse, Goddess art, rag quilts (very hippie not country-ish), homemade bath salts and milk bath and antler runes....Jewelry and other misc items...
So e-mail me and let me know what ya think....

Also photos have been added to my album, take a look!

Off too crochet more and complete of one of two quilts at the finishing line!


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