Sunday, January 01, 2006

Compilation of Crud!

Oodles to go over, grab a cuppa and let's getting banging shall we? Let me get the bitching and whining out of the way so I can get to the good stuff!!!

Things that make ya go WTF?

#1 Even after having it pointed out about the massive amount of whining and negative crap one post, they continue just the same...Even very dull subjects are turned into poor me....Such as: "Oh what a lovely project..I would love to make that but I can't afford it and my arm is only hanging by a thread, boohoo poor me, but lovely project!!"

#2 The horse is dead people, move on!

#3 Why can't I find Manamal on DVD? HUH? Is that too much to ask?


Why is it that several of my packages haven't got to where they were going, after I paid for priority or air mail? WEEKS AGO!

How come when I asked the LYS if they would be ordering or can they order Sirdar Yo-yo I was told it's too low end for them to carry. And then got the explanation that as a mainly knitter shop and catering to knitters that as a whole they choose to use better materials than crocheters as crochet is for minimal income people and knitter is for those with more means.... Why do I not hate knitters for this? I still am going to learn come hell or high water to knit...I rarely use red heart unless its something that will requires massive amounts of washing. I know I have trekked into the "high end" yarn this past year and will continue to do so. I however will never ever turn my nose up to those that knit or crochet and can only use the cheapest gotta do what ya gotta do. Off the soapbox, lol.

How come I continue to use wool and wool blends even though I break out in hives? Yes, I am allergic! LOL, what a hoot, huh?

Rib splitters:

My oldest offspring is not a twig and refers to herself as a "real girl" she's a size 13-14 junior. She most the time seems very comfortable in her own skin and on occassion cracks jokes about being "chunky". Well there is the set up, here is the crux: We were in Houston driving by a strip centre and Emily burst out laughing and saying " OMG, I am such a fat girl"...why you ask? As we passed the strip centre she saw a sign that said "24 hour Baking", ummmm only it wasn't 24 hour baking but banking....Okay well guess ya had to be was cute anyway, so there!!!

New plan/s:

I am trying to train myself on a schedule...I am very much a "going about willy nilly" person and must at least on some level make me mind. I have dedicated myself to 2 hours a day sewing or painting....and then as I am "lounging" crochet. I hope to keep this up during planting and harvesting and crawfish season.

I reworked a budget for our home resources! YAY!

More planting and canning this year.

Cool thing this week:

Em was wearing a hat I made at Joann's and one of the ladies who works there asked if I would make her one....I did and she gave me $15.00! HELLO! I just made it cuz she asked....didn't think much on mulah! I really don't think I undersold myself on this hat, took about an hour and used minimal yarn.

New crave:

Cinnabon has come out with cookies...holy hell they are so friggin good...I inhaled the box all by myself...not really but I might have if I wasn't sharing. HAHA!
Truly orgasmic!

Major upcoming purchases:


I ordered Erika Knights Simple Crochet...remember this is my own personal opinion, but it was horrid, just blah! Good thing I wasn't required to purchase it, I got to look it over first.


Cozy Crochet
So Simple Crochet
24 Hour Crochet Projects
Essential crochet
Fun and Funky Crochet
Bead Crochet

Will I keep them all? Probably not.

Accomplished today/overall:

Completed one blanket
made the body of a custom tote (gotta add the handles and embellishments)
made proto-type of mini Goddess doll

I can now start a project, complete it and move to the next guilt free! YAY! Really it was hard but so far so good!

Thank yous:

Kari, Swapna and Yvonne for e-mailing with business name ideas! I so appreciate it! I may put up a poll, who knows!

Okay, bringing this drivel to an end.......have a great one!

Oh one last request, if anyone knows of a reliable fair minded webpage designer let me know...I need something I can easily add images to...Danke!


Blogger Lynlee said...

There WILL be photos of Goddess dolly prototype, yes?

9:04 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Yes, ma'am! Working on it more this week..want to make huggables for little folks and tiny ones for more grown-up peeps..Working on modified clothing with pagan themes too for be'be's....know what I'm saying?

9:18 PM  
Blogger Deneen said...

Okay, now fill me in, which thread is the the arm hanging on and the person too poor?

Did the packages ever arrive?

Fill me in!

10:00 PM  
Blogger funny said...

You are amazing you can do so much in a little time and it looks great I look forward to seeing more of the neat items.I added some pics to my blog and am going to add some recipes and what have you.Keep crocheting girl its catching on.

10:38 PM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said... typing is horrid, just re-read my initial post!!!! Would you be surprised to know in real, I am a grammar and spelling nazi? Yeah, uh huh, for real....

Thus far Deneen one of my packages made it....only one out of gosh, many..some personal, some wishlist. I did send a new batch this week and got conformation on all of them...

Also there wasnt a literal arm hangin I used that as a jest, fill in the real ailment...dangles like an arm but you use it to walk...hint hint....just numerous post..someone will be proud of an item they made and then viola' it turns into a sugary sweet poor me post....covered in layers of praise for the maker of the afore mentioned project!

Yvonne, I am girl doing it ALL....I rarely get on instant messenger but I'm alive! I promise!

11:09 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Ok my dog's mom's grandpa just got hurt in a train wreck and I resent the remark about the dead horse because it was his favorite. *wicked evil grin*

9:56 AM  
Blogger CraftyCritter said...

hehe....thanx for the laugh Kari!

Ya know, I just realized...I am adding to the friggin vicious cycle of me whining about them just round and round....Yea, no one said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.

10:41 AM  

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